UPSPL Integrated Services Pvt Ltd. is a 24×7 Facility and Utility maintenance company headquartered in Chennai with branches in all metro cities. It focuses exclusively on Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing(MEP) services, HVAC systems, Paint shops, Industry maintenance. It had been a 14 years journey for the company now with a direct staff strength of over 1700. I.T giants like Tech Mahindra and Cognizant praised the services of UPSPL.


Industry Facility and Utility maintenance
Location India
Founded 2018

Problem Statement

The service firm contemplated to automate House Keeping operations, AMC management, incident management, and Field technician KPI tracking. 

They wished to automate the execution of preventive maintenance with easy alerts to technicians, which was difficult using Excel sheets.

 The manual system was disorganized and highly susceptible to human errors. Not just that! The non-availability of information on demand was affecting overall productivity. 

Loopholes in communication and knowledge transfer among service engineers impacted the resolution speed of work orders. It dragged the process of providing maintenance reports to their clients. 

Tracking Key Performance Indicators of field technicians was difficult due to the lack of full-length transparency into their journey, work duration, and quality of work. Relevant KPIs that matter the most are essential for a service business to identify areas of improvement.


Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

Innomaint helped UPSPL automate their customer’s incident booking. Customers submitted service requests via Innomaint mobile app. The supervisors received the request and routed them through the system as work orders. 

 Innomaint’s bulk schedule upload feature helped them quickly migrate schedules from Excel sheets to the application speeding up the automation of Housekeeping schedules. The staff received mobile and in-app alerts whenever it was their turn for duty.

 Location tracking and Geo-Fencing option helped managers identify the service engineers near the concerned customer site and assign them to the work order for a quick arrival at customer premises. The performance report generated by our cloud-based application helped them easily track the ratio of completed vs all tickets for any chosen period.



Improved customer satisfaction owing to service transparency via mobile app.

Work assignment based on full view of the real-time workload of engineers

Easy workforce management with Dashboard KPI tracking 

Digitization of housekeeping activities paved the way for business growth and increased trust.

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