Pyeong Hwa Automotive(PHA) is a leading manufacturer of automobile door moving systems which form an integral part of vehicles. The key products it manufactures include latching systems, hinges, door products & power systems. PHA was looking for a solution to plan, schedule, organize, prioritize & carry out maintenance tasks in a better way with a good acumen.

The several decade old global company Pyeong Hwa Automotive(PHA) set up its branch in India at Chennai in 1997. Having foreseen the enormous potential in India to become one of the world’s top 5 automotive producing countries, the company grew steadfastly to achieve its present stature with an annual revenue in the range of billions. The company’s main plant at India spans across a vast aggregate area. PHA uses Innomaint for managing the entire maintenance realm of their business.

PyeongHwa Automotives India (P) Ltd.
Industry Automobile
Location India
Founded 1997

Problem Statement

With the rise of maintenance management needs the management felt the pain of tracking the entire maintenance sphere of the business based on the information in conventional files and excel sheets. These approaches proved to be unreliable, ineffective & tedious to follow up. It was then they availed the services of Innomaint to address the shortcomings of traditional methods and to provide the management with tools to measure the performance of individual technicians, gain a visibility of the big picture, gain instant access to data etc.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

We installed our Asset Management Software on their server as a perpetual license model. They subscribed for our Enterprise package offering support for unlimited users and full functionality. The technicians and factory staff adapted to Innomaint application pretty quick and found it easy to day-to-day use. Innomaint lifted all communication, location barriers in the form of mobile app, multimedia ticketing system. Features such as QR code scanning, GEO Location tracking along with AWS database hosting earned Innomaint the reputation of a safe & reliable solution provider.


The business data of company is now safe & secure with Innomaint application installed on their servers free from any accidental data loss. PHA now doesn’t fail to schedule planned maintenance at the right time. The automation makes the process well organized. Admin is able to view the scheduled tasks from a central 52 week PPM calendar. No more complex formalities in data access while ensuring the data is accessible only to relevant and right persons..

The manager is made well aware of the spare usage, spare levels in the inventory and have a mechanism to know the current workload of each technician before assigning them with tickets. The technicians are unable to give false statements regarding their location as they are continuously tracked. The reporting is made simple and quantified. Technicians are able to easily access solutions provided to similar issues for the asset, at hand. Such a reuse of knowledge of seniors help in quick resolution of issues apart from eliminating or minimizing training.

The maintenance big picture is depicted in a simple and striking manner in the form of graphs which makes it easy for managers to arrive at well justified and sound decisions. They are notified via messages whenever SLA definitions are violated keeping them in the loop of delayed tasks. They are able to set up reminders for tasks they tend to forget. For all these reasons PHA repose trust in the capabilities of Innomaint.

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