Kian Joo Can Factory is the largest Asian manufacturer and distributor of metal cans that deliver freshness, marketing convenience, and security for food and consumer products. Its products have seen widespread usage to become an integral part of the daily life of Malaysians. The Company accomplished a new milestone when its Subsidiary, Box-Pak (Malaysia) Bhd ( got listed on the Main Market of Bursa Securities on 6 June 1996.
Kian Joo Can Factory
Industry Metal Cans Manufacturer
Location Malaysia

Problem Statement

KJCF Has three manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. Each used paper work orders to manage its assets, which are easy to lose. There was a pressing need to report breakdowns instantly and have reliable consolidated reports for all maintenance Activities.

Reactive maintenance was 3 to 9 times costlier than the planned and organized preventive maintenance. Not just that! The ineffective approach robbed much of the valuable production time! With the business growth, the company realized that reactive maintenance could not be the operating style as there were more schedules, assets, and spares to track. The full potential of available resources for maintenance was untapped. The firm decided to manage the assets in different plants by infusing a culture of preventive maintenance automation.


Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint offers the ability to manage the maintenance of multiple facilities from a mobile app via a centralized cloud server accessible from anywhere via the web or mobile round the clock. Maintenance supervisors streamlined and tracked maintenance via mobile. Assets and technicians could be easily swapped and moved across the facilities to make the maintenance process simple, smooth, secure, and efficient.

Whenever any staff in the manufacturing unit notices a defect in any equipment, they can easily submit a service request by simply scanning the QR code pasted on the asset. Instant registration of complaints ensured on-time resolution of defects so that the damage due to equipment malfunction was minimal and assets contributed to production to their fullest potential.

Key stakeholders like the Production manager, Inventory Manager, and Maintenance manager get email and in-app notifications on key updates so that their fingers were always on the pulse of the facility. Without physical presence, they are aware of the happenings.

All digital work orders were easily traceable via mobile. Maintenance managers can easily trace any work order based on date range, technician, asset, etc., by drilling down reports via the web application. It helped in the constant improvement of operations and correction of past mistakes. The management enforced a culture of proactive maintenance.

With the power of real-time data from Innomaint, the management gained transparency and crystal-clear visibility into the operations. Observing the improvement in results in a facility, in comparison to the previous paper-based traditional approach, the firm started using the software for other facilities too!



Effective tracking of assets in multiple locations.

On-time maintenance of facility equipment

Instant registration of complaints helps avert machine stoppages

Improvement in the entire asset life cycle

Shortened Mean Time To Repair(MTTR)

Prolonged Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF)


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