Oriana Specialty Hospital has a unique reputation in the Sharjah region for integrating high quality comprehensive healthcare services with hospitality services. The combo of medical and aesthetic services(5 star hotel) emphasizes the privacy and comfort of customers. The medical tourism experience provides highly personalized services leaving cherishable memories in visitors’ minds.


Industry Hospital
Location India

Problem Statement

Oriana Hospital has branches spread out across three different facilities. It sought an automated system to overcome the difficulties in managing its Bio-medical equipment and tracking the PPM activities on assets. It needed a system to log complaints instantly to prevent downtime.

The hospital wished to improve inventory stock control, centralize asset maintenance information, enhance decision-making, employ a predictive maintenance approach, and reduce energy usage.

The above said tasks were too complicated and laborious to be done using manual maintenance management centered on Excel sheets or pen/paper. So no wonder the management wished to reduce the manual paperwork and phone calls for the operational management.

The management believed InnoMaint Hospital Maintenance Management Software would provide them with greater organizational visibility and management capacity. They expected the automation system to handle hundreds of preventive maintenance schedules concurrently.

They wished the CMMS keep reminding their maintenance staff of their responsibilities, alerting them on upcoming or assigned tasks, and facilitating real-time communication between all parties involved in the operations.


Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint suggested its Enterprise Asset Management Software for the Hospital to manage its physical assets and bio-medical equipment in multiple locations via the InnoMaint Mobile app. The font-office admins and staff nurses or admin people instantly registered the maintenance complaints using the application with a simple QR code mobile scan. The app triggered instant notifications to the service engineers and helped automate all their PPM activities so that they leave no tasks.

InnoMaint EAM solution helps the designated personnel or maintenance workers submit huge volumes of maintenance requests in quick succession. The person who submits a service request gets periodic real-time updates on the progress of a work order missing no communication. The application lets maintenance managers define flexible PPM schedules with easily accessible work instructions as digital checklists. The checklists are so simple to be understood by everyone in the organization as they are illustrated with multimedia images and video wherever necessary.

The Asset Management solution helps various maintenance teams work in harmony and a well-coordinated manner to deliver sensible fixes. The system notifies the work requester of the completion of the work order. It helps generate detailed reports on all aspects of maintenance work and performance. The management restrained uncontrolled energy expenses with routine automation of monitoring tasks.



Streamlined equipment maintenance with peak reliability and availability.

Increased lifespan of medical equipment with consistently good performance

Hassle-free medical facilities with the perfect ambiance for healing

Centralized cloud-based system provided instant visibility into the status of thousands of assets.

Significant savings in electric power consumption

Eco-friendly operations with reduced carbon emissions

Hospital was able to track time and expenses for equipment maintenance precisely.

Accurate, reliable, and instant reports for best maintenance decisions.

Better decision on asset disposal or replacement.

Any technician new to the job could easily understand work instructions

How a field service company turned the tables on maintenance

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