InnoMaint Version 3.5.5

InnoMaint Version 3.5.5

Innomaint version 3.5.5
InnoMaint Version 3.5.5: Information-oriented new website for rewarding visitor experience
Launch of New Website
We are excited to announce the launch of Innomaint’s new website. The business community will now be able to find relevant information and solutions quickly as they browse through the website with a modern look and feel. It reflects our growth over the last five years from a humble beginning to where we stand now as a market leader with a global presence in 13 countries. The top 5 benefits for the business community are as under:
  • Ability to remit payment for subscriptions via the website with UPI support.
  • The information on the most popular and latest features that rock the market is visible prominently.
  • Landing pages unique to each service category and industry vertical with use cases, illustrative videos, FAQs.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface for a rewarding visitor experience.
  • Quick loading of website home page and landing pages with improved plug-ins.
Payment Gateway Integration
The online payment makes the onboarding processes quick and hassle-free, as it supports the broadest payment options range, close to 100. Enjoy the benefits of digitization right from the stage of subscription! Feel the top-notch performance of the checkout mechanism that adds charm to your onboarding experience. auto trial option auto free trial process Choose the plan that best suits the maintenance management goals of your organization and activate the account yourself. Choose the billing period and number of user accounts you wish to purchase from the pricing page.
Product Tour for Easier Navigation of Application
Upon completion of payment, new customers shall receive the workflow diagram and start-up kit in the welcome email. The system will walk trial and live users through a virtual product tour that will help you configure the application most easily. product tour
Auto Trial Option
Trial users need not request and wait for Admin to manually approve the request. They can just register and start using the application straight away without waiting for Admin approval. The default sample data and basic workflow for work order completion in trial version instills confidence and a fair idea of the functioning mechanism of InnoMaint application. If trial period is reaching its end, notification alert shall be provided to the user. The live version will have more capabilities. free trial page In ticket creation screen(web) we’ve provided a ‘+’ button over customer field to include a customer not in the list, for FSM flow. button to include a customer not in the list
Fully Accessible Dashboard via Mobile  
In Mobile APP we’ve made the Dashboard page as informative as that of its web counterpart. Now the user can view all widgets conveying valuable information on FTFR, MTBF, Pie & Bar charts etc from anywhere, in addition to the 52 week PPM calender view. key performance people indicatorsFTFRWork order comparisonbreakdown vs completed
How Digital Audits Contribute to the Success of Asset Maintenance

How Digital Audits Contribute to the Success of Asset Maintenance

How Digital Audits Contribute to the Success of Asset Maintenance 

Significance of Audit
An internal audit of the business operations carried out with reliable data will uncover details such as the history of equipment purchase, usage, breakdown, repairs, maintenance expenses, disposal, etc. A regular audit will showcase the importance of organized maintenance management and its substantial effect on impacting the production cycle and profit margins.

Role of a CMMS in simplifying audits
In this analysis phase, the company analyses current maintenance practices and explores ways and means to strategize its maintenance and utility operations for good performance with seamless production cycles. An internal audit can serve as a rehearsal for an external audit. A CMMS can speed up and simplify audits, recording the maintenance data on every transaction and task digitally in centralized cloud storage.

Digitization of Audits & Maintenance
The rush of day-to-day events of a business firm makes it difficult to store, gather, relate, preserve & verify the authenticity and integrity of the data. Unorganized approaches to maintenance, centered on heaps of papers & excel sheets, can complicate failure analysis defeating the purpose of conducting an audit – continuous process improvement. Many firms have started digitizing their maintenance and audit operations.

Why periodic audits?
The multifaceted nature of business operations & mounting pressures to contain service expenses necessitates periodic audits. A CMMS helps you establish a baseline or benchmark for performance and compare the performance on work orders between technicians. The above processes are important objectives of an internal audit. A good CMMS can make your audits stress-free. 

Enhanced transparency in operations
A well-performed audit enhances the traceability of assets, transparency in operations, and records interventions in maintenance. A CMMS fosters transparent culture as it maintains a complete history of work orders from procurement to disposal

Advantages of Digital Audits For long-range improvement, you require an in-depth audit to sustain the process improvements, plan training requirements and empower the line supervisors and maintenance managers with crystal clear visibility into the big picture of maintenance from the comfort of a hang-out spot, home, or while on the go. A modern CMMS like Innomaint can provide you with all the above-stated capabilities to rise over all the maintenance challenges and move you closer to successful audits. 

Instant report generation
Simplify audits by instantly bringing up reports requested by the auditor in just a few clicks. Generate comprehensive and versatile reports in a few minutes to arrive at data-driven decisions based on audit results. You auditor can have an eagle’s view on the entire spectrum of maintenance activities sitting comfortably in a chair. 

Fixed Asset Auditing
InnoMaint has recently launched a new feature, “Fixed Asset Auditing.” The workflow ensures that primary assets are in the locations indicated by the sensors for safety purposes. You can assess current asset value digitally by several prevailing depreciation calculation methods. The final audit report reveals ghosts assets, damaged and unusable ones, etc.

QR-code scanning 
Generate and associate unique QR-codes with each tangible asset owned by the organization. You can embed comprehensive asset information in QR codes and pull out this information together through an instant QR code mobile scan. You thereby ensure completeness, accuracy, and updation of information for audit

Embrace Digital Revolution Many enterprises have started foreseeing the benefits of digitization and digital audits. The popularity of digital transformation of businesses is on the rise. Embrace the change for a brighter tomorrow! 
How can CMMS Software Simplify Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry?

How can CMMS Software Simplify Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry?

How can CMMS Software Simplify Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry?

The role of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is constantly at the surge in various industries and areas. May it be the oil & gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, fleet & transport industry, or food industry, the roleplay of CMMS is inevitable. It renders efficacy and precision of operations in several fields, and some are stated below.

Significance of CMMS in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas manufacturing industries undergo a trivial trial and face several complexities. The demand for oil and gas is continuous, and it assists in fulfilling many consumer requirements like energy needs, cooking, transportation, and electricity generation. It is also a crucial part of the heating and cooling process. These products are also used as the raw materials for manufacturing fabrics, fertilizers, plastics and synthetic rubber.

The role of CMMS software in managing oil and gas industry operations is noteworthy. Oil and gas are a vital part of exports and imports as well. Many gas and oil suppliers are smoothly completing their operations with a computerized maintenance management system. This helps them deliver precise, timely and relevant data under a secured network.

Using this software also eliminates hurdles related to unscheduled equipment repairs, keeps track of safety and regulatory standards, and improves overall productivity. It also helps reduce costs and send quick responses in times of emergency.

What is the Role of CMMS?

CMMS collects all the maintenance data from any location and secures it under a centralized database. It helps quickly access the information through multiple channels like from a computer or any other mobile device.

Accessing CMMS also reduces unplanned downtime and other potential threats related to optimal production. It also streamlines all trivial tasks and processes effectively. Accessing important data and sharing real-time updates on orders or the warehouse is also possible under a single roof with CMMS.

Advantages of CMMS in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Work Order Management– Along with creating on-demand work orders, this software also helps organize sections for the users so that they can browse through and generate complete details on assignments and the work orders. This also includes equipment repair, service requests and preventative maintenance planning. There is also an inter-reliant functionality that helps the oil and gas industry to manage working with even the modern infrastructure businesses. Utilizing a CMMS solution helps in overall operations handling at the workplace.
  • Preventive and Planned Maintenance– The PM program helps in maximizing the lifespan of assets. Regular maintenance of plant equipment can also help reduce equipment failures or breakdowns. CMMS avoids unplanned interruptions that might show adverse effects on production goals and unforeseen costly repairs. It is an easy-to-use yet powerful application used in Oil & Gas industry in Saudi Arabia, pharmaceutical company in Germany, etc., that aids in managing and protecting assets.
  • Asset and Equipment Management– In the oil and gas industry, assets are a costly investment that could drain away your savings if not appropriately managed. The incorporation of CMMS helps in easy preventive maintenance and repair work related to every asset. It can track the assets and ensure that you can complete value for it by tracking its warranty data, schematics, operating manuals, insurance details and other documentation parts associated with it.
  • Safety– These days, there is very low tolerance when it comes to making mistakes with employee safety and accidents. Specifically, the oil and gas industry is more prone to this. CMMS software ensures a safe environment by coming up with excellent solutions to retain complete document safety. They also ensure that you have met the compliance standards appropriately.
  • Managing and Control Costs– CMMS also effectively manages the operations to optimize the inventory costs. It calculates and retains the specific budget for work order completion, equipment replacement, tracking of special projects, purchasing and spot purchases. In this manner, it surges up the life span of certain assets or equipment via automated maintenance solutions.
  • Labor Management– Time tracking is also a spectacular CMMS software functionality. It considers reporting, labor availability and costing related to work orders as a significant part of a successful business. CMMS includes work orders that gather all crucial information and several variables like labor hours, location of closest technician and the contacts of various parts and service-related vendors.
  • Spare Parts and Inventory Management– CMMS grants accurate records related to the inventory of the oil and gas industries and also helps in enhancing the real cost savings.
  • Dashboard and Reports– Reports, analytics and dashboards can amp up the performance metrics and help in preventive maintenance compliance. It helps in swiftly providing all the data handy for the users.
  • Mobile Access– Managers and officials of the oil and gas industry can access data through the CMMS Software on their laptops or mobile devices. They can check for the inventory parts and access manuals, warranties, and schematics properly. All of this leads to a cut down on costs and overall profitability in various areas.

Winding Up

In short, the CMMS Software is a boon to the oil and gas industry. It could retain the regulatory compliance standards and various external or internal audits. Document repair history and safety compliance are the primary benefits that you can gain with this system.

Getting the best choices is possible when you search for the reputed CMMS vendor who streamlines expert product options to impact maintenance activities positively. Thus, the oil and gas industry could prevail a significant advantage by incorporating the CMMS into their framework!

5 Industries that Would Benefit from a CMMS System

5 Industries that Would Benefit from a CMMS System

5 Industries that Would Benefit from a CMMS System

Computerized maintenance management systems or a CMMS helps organizations track work orders, manage assets, and schedule maintenance. A CMMS system offers many benefits to various industries, including saving time and money, reducing costs, and improving health and safety. They also help to increase efficiency, reduce downtime and collect data. Here are five industries that would benefit from a CMMS system.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry faces various challenges such as machine breakdowns, high operation costs, loss of productive hours, and delayed or missed work orders. Other challenges include:

  •  Costly equipment purchases
  •  Lack of crucial performance data
  •  Low spare parts inventory
  •  Sudden shutdowns

There is a lot of wear and tear in the manufacturing industry, and parts and replacements are usually needed to complete orders. A CMMS system helps track the life cycle of assets to get maximum return on investment and increase the assets’ productivity and uptime. It also increases automation to enhance operational efficiency and ensure that the manufacturing operations run smoothly.

Other benefits of using a CMMMs system for manufacturing include:

  •  Scheduling preventive maintenance
  •  Recording real-time asset
  •  performance data
  •  Enhancing access to manufacturing data anywhere at any time

It also helps optimize spare parts and inventory management and monitor multiple sites from a central location.

Energy Industry

Energy plants like oil and power plants use heavy machinery and assets and depend on their reliability, uptime, and performance to make profits. Errors in maintenance and breakdown of the assets can lead to massive losses for the industry. A CMMS system can help maximize productivity and ensure that the operations run seamlessly.

CMMS software has numerous benefits for the energy industry, including document management, compliance, preventive maintenance, and condition monitoring. All the information is in a central location, and managers can easily access work orders and check spare parts’ availability and repair costs. The software also helps managers track asset maintenance and costs from a central location and receive automated maintenance reminders.

Federal State and Local Governments

Government organizations both at the state and local level need A CMMS system for maintenance management. They have many facilities and assets under their control, which can be daunting to manage. Managing these assets using manual methods can lead to inaccurate data management, increase operational costs and take a lot of time.

Using CMMS software like InnoMaint can help manage day-to-day maintenance operations. It is a cloud-based maintenance management software that government agencies can adopt to reduce downtime, extend equipment life, measure performance, and improve maintenance planning. Local governments can also use it to provide faster services and achieve organization visibility.


Recreational facilities such as sports stadiums and athletic clubs require CMMS software to manage all the equipment, courts, and facilities effectively. Managing all the assets manually can consume a lot of time and money and lead to many errors and downtime. A CMMS system can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime and predict equipment failures. You can use the system to schedule preventive maintenance and prevent breakdowns.

Zoos or Amusement parks also need CMMS software to set up preventive maintenance schedules for the facilities. The system can help to ensure the park is safe and all the animal cages or rides are in good condition at all times. It also provides updated maintenance information by sending reminder notifications. Managers can use the software to track all the maintenance from a central location.

Education Sector

Education institutes such as universities and colleges have many facilities such as dining rooms, athletic facilities, dormitories, parking lots, libraries, classes, labs, and more. There will be interruptions in learning and other crucial activities without proper preventative maintenance schedules. A CMMS system can help to ensure that all the facilities are running efficiently and regular operations run smoothly. Administrators can use the system to track all the equipment to enhance transparency. They can solve problems are quickly and manage the equipment from a central location.

CMMS Systems Benefits Industries

More and more industries are adopting CMMS systems to improve their operations and maximize profits. Managing maintenance manually is prone to errors and consumes a lot of time and money. It also involves a lot of paperwork that reduces efficiency. Industries that utilize CMMS systems enjoy improved security and risk management.

Author Bio:
Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. She’s passionate about writing, reading, and learning. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

Ensure Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

Ensure Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

Ensure Food Quality Standards Using Innomaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

The agri-food industry(AFI) manifests everywhere and is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. It is not to be confused with agro-industry, which transforms agricultural, fishing, or domestic animals and birds raised for profit into non-food products. The AFI integrates all the industrial activities that process raw materials from the above sources in an industrial setting to produce edible foodstuffs. These activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Preservation of fruit and vegetables
  • Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products
  • Manufacture and processing of dairy products
  • Meat processing and preservation
  • Processing of fish, crabs, and chicken
  • Semi processing of foods to be supplied to hotels·
  • Beverage manufacturing
Ever stricter laws for Food safety
The Food Processing & Manufacturing Industry is a sector associated with health and safety concerns. Governments have laid down stringent regulations and food safety standards (for slaughterhouses too) as humans are the end-users. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) conducts many such surprise checks and revokes the licenses or slaps fine on the non-compliant eateries, canteens, etc. Central Government has been writing to State Food Commissioners to be vigilant and take prompt action on complaints. With the advent of social media, a WhatsApp message is sufficient to alert the food safety officials on deficiencies in the quality and hygiene of the food served. The slightest carelessness can turn out to be dangerous for the health of the consumer. Brands cannot afford to compromise their responsibility and reputation in the long term.
How CMMS scores over traditional approaches
Relying 100 % on paper-based approaches is not wise due to traceability, scalability & active monitoring issues. The industrial leaders have realized this as they increasingly adopt a CMMS solution to connect people, processes, tools, spares, sensors in a unified digital pipeline. Such connectivity ensures no service request or Planned Preventive Maintenance Task falls through the cracks and is followed up effectively till completion. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP) are monitored at regular intervals via automation. Corrective action can be triggered automatically via mobile. The sector is increasingly reliant on computerized maintenance management solutions(CMMS) to render stability and safety to its production lines, optimize production and distribution chains and step up food safety. CMMS plays a key role in running a food manufacturing plant successfully.
Clarity in Communication
With a CMMS, you receive alerts on nearing renewal dates for certifications. It helps food processing and manufacturing facilities to gain the confidence of customers. Periodical checking of equipment becomes easy and routine. You can describe a problem statement clearly with multimedia illustrations which reduce the time taken for routing breakdown requests into the system. The technicians can also run the asset through its complete operational cycle and update it in the same ticket as proof for the fix provided. CMMS system covers all communication gaps, eliminates language proficiency issues, and simplifies the interpretation of work instructions. It permits the reuse of the knowledge of seniors for minimal downtime.
Reduced Food Wastage
Define the acceptable levels for Food wastage by routine checks in terms of volume or mass during production and implement corrective actions in the form of easy checklists. In general, experts believe that a food manufacturing facility is careful and diligent in production if wastage is less than 10% of gross production. With a Food industry CMMS, you can
  • Standardize food hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Describe the protocols for delivery of the food
  • Store monitoring records and registers & accesses 24×7
  • Manage multiple food processing and manufacturing facilities
  • Conduct a hazard analysis and critical control point((HACCP) check
  • Trigger corrective actions automatically
  • Record every operation for quicker & easier audits
Comply with Food Safety Regulations
With InnoMaint Food Safety Management Software, you can easily meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the ISO 22000 family of International Standards, etc. Conducting inspections and audits is much easier. You can easily establish asset hierarchies and attach safety manuals, standard operating procedures, and important records related to equipment and assets. You can access any data(with proper authorization) needed in a few clicks from the centralized cloud storage.
Maximize Equipment Reliability
Food manufacturers can maximize equipment reliability with routine PPM and predictive maintenance. Any hurdle in the process can have a telling impact on production and profit margins. The CMMS also has provisions to keep unnecessary service expenditure under control by providing a workflow for predictive maintenance performing maintenance based on usage and conditions. Thus you can operate your machinery in peak operating conditions. You can check this live via Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring – i.e., the availability, quality and performance at any time using the Internet of Things – the concept advocated by modern Industrial Revolution 4.0 standards for a glorious future.
Make Smarter Asset Management Decisions
With complete access to service history available instantly upon a mobile scan of a QR code pasted on assets, provide best fixes and arrive at sound decisions on moving the asset across production lines and disposal. You can do this with deep visibility into asset movements within the facility(precise asset tracking) and move management without any disturbance to ongoing maintenance schedules. Imagine this with conventional excel sheet-based approaches. Everything would have become chaos, wouldn’t it? How about the reliability and accuracy of manual reports? With a CMMS, You need not rely on any individual for data collection, reliability of data, and collating them to understand the maintenance progress. Hence turn to trustworthy reports and Dashboard metrics accepted worldwide. Subject matter experts in Food Processing & Manufacturing Industry would very well be aware of the significance of performance metrics and comprehensive reports in planning for a meeting.  Hence utilize the services of a CMMS/EAM solution in your favor. Best allocate budgets and plan training needs based on the dynamic data available using IoT integration.
Kickstart the digital revolution
It is glad to note that the agri-food industry is now open-minded to adopt new-age techniques and technologies to address present-day maintenance challenges. Build an ecosystem of connected Factories and groom your industry for the inevitable digitization of maintenance operations characterized by mass production and automation. It will reduce human intervention for burden-free maintenance management. InnoMaint has offered proven solutions to several food manufacturing facilities with an unparalleled user experience. Try InnoMaint for free. Discover its capabilities in organizing maintenance for a quicker Return on Investment(ROI).

To Automate Your Food Safety Management Software

Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production
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