InnoMaint handpicked as a major vendor in Global Facility Management Market

InnoMaint handpicked as a major vendor in Global Facility Management Market

Market Forecast for 2021 – 2026 by world’s largest revenue impact company

Facility management(FM) is a set of functions that can enhance the value of specific organizational processes. Markets and Markets, a research firm providing quantified B2B research headquartered in Pune, India, and having an office in the USA currently holding 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies, as clients, has published the results of its laborious forecast. It reveals a promising upcoming silent revolution in the global facility management market. According to the survey, the Facility Management(FM) Market presently valued at 42.2 US$ is projected to grow at a CAGR of 1.6% to reach 76.3 US $ in 2026.

InnoMaint adjudged to be a major vendor in the market

In the painstaking process, Markets & Markets arrived at the profiles of key players cutting across geographic boundaries comprehensively by scrutinizing their features, market rankings, core competencies, global presence, etc. The revenue figures were sourced from annual reports of companies. It had access to the latest financial information of key vendors in the context of FM until 2020-21. It adjudged InnoMaint as a major vendor in both Facility Management Software 2021 and Enterprise Asset Maintenance Software 2021 categories.

Tap into the booming Facility Management market by subscribing to Innomaint which is a one-stop CAFM solution for all your Facility Management needs including

  • A practicable alternative to traditional approaches paving for effective communication on work orders
  • Quicker and easier audits on maintenance to identify areas of improvement and training requirements
  • Meticulous & customizable instant reports for quick meetings & well-informed decisions
  • Ability to catch up with maintenance teams while on the move 24×7 and assign tickets based on the current workload of technicians & quicker dispatch of technicians based on Geo-Fencing
  • Greater visibility into operations for better technician engagement
  • Deeper cost-cutting on capital expenditure, utility & service expenditure, etc and much more…
Facility Management Market Forecast – The efforts behind

The need for a Facility Management System is more pronounced over time. The entire globe suffered a 4% decrease in GDP, on average. The effect of the pandemic spillover is felt in countries not hard hit by the pandemic as well. The world economy is expected to recover steadily by the end of 2021 but the process will take longer for U.S, Germany, Italy, England & Russia.

Markets & Markets have defined, described, and forecasted the trend in the Facility Management market by component, size of the organization, industry vertical, deployment mode & region. It analyzed opportunities in the market and outlined the competitive landscape for key stakeholders and market leaders.

The B2B software review firm considered five regions across the globe where the FM market was ruling. They were North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa & Latin America. It also took into account the marked impact of the pandemic on the FM market. These regions consist of developed countries with well-established infrastructure, which generates huge demand for facility management solutions.

Markets & Markets perceived growth in trend of outsourcing facility management operations. On the Demand front, it interviewed Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers of MNC’s etc. On the Supply-side, it interviewed Chief Executive Officers and Co-founders of Key Companies. The research organization consulted FM associations such as

  • Facility Management Association of Australia
  • Japan Facility Management Association
  • Facility Management Association of India (FMAI)
Revolution in Facility Management

The growth of the facility management market can be attributed to several revolutionary technologies and concepts such as cognitive computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT and analytics, robots, etc into facility management solutions.

The proliferation of technology along with intelligent software solutions in businesses is a major driving force to the growth of the facility management market. The fact that IT spending has increased considerably in the last 5 years stands as a testimony to this statement. The future demand in the IT and Telecom vertical would be due to demographic and economic factors.

Digital Solution to Facility Management

A Facility Manager automates and simplifies routine planned preventive maintenance to avert any unexpected failure. He also automates predictive maintenance to keep a check on service expenses and frequency of services. In the event of a breakdown, he rises up to the occasion for coordinating the team efforts to make the communication clear and effective driving and tracking the work orders till completion.

He aligns the workforce for constant knowledge sharing and keeps them up-to-date with technological advancements. He streamlines maintenance by keeping your equipment status and maintenance records in an easy-to-use system.

The more consistent an organization’s day-to-day operations are, then the easier it will be to maximize efficiency and productivity. In turn, these changes can lead to improved customer satisfaction, lower costs, and less waste.

The ray of hope in the long-term outlook for Facility Management

Facility management has been evolving as a thriving business that continues to grow across verticals pushing aside the economic setbacks triggered by the pandemic. Enterprises have started realizing that FM can no more be looked down upon as a set of back-office activities. They are of the notion that their organization can achieve success and steady growth only through the efficient and effective management of complex operational business processes in their facilities.

With the growing receptivity to technological advancements, it is no wonder that Facility Management Solutions are in a high demand in the I.T, Telecom & Health Care Sectors to meet regulatory requirements and sustain critical projects and life saving procedures. Facility Management, these days, has extended its scope to cover numerous business functions and processes and hence the complexity. But the sophistication should come with simplicity to end-users. InnoMaint has modeled its CAFM solution around this core concept to evolve and update itself to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow !

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

Dubai 2040 Mega Urban Plan for boosting FM industry

Dubai 2040 Mega Urban Plan for boosting FM industry

Dubai 2040 Mega Urban Plan for boosting FM industry

Going by the estimate, the manpower requirement for Facility services will be around 3,00,000 to sustain the plan.

The 2040 mega-urban master plan has a great scope to play in the coming years with its exclusive strategic announcements which in turn shall play a key role in the booming resurgent economy after the uncertainties of the pandemic which brought us down.

Facility Management role in enhancing comfort

The Facility Management role in the vision of manufacturing, tourism, housing and other fields shows an evolving & promising role. The Facility Management sector role in these developments will be a pivotal one and be indispensable for enhancing the comfort of inmates and visitors of the facility.

Facility Management’s contribution for ‘Go-Green’

With a 134% giant leap in expenditure in lavish spending for hospitality, leisure, education & few other sectors, the Economy shows good signs of recovery and comeback with a bang. The ‘Go Green’ initiative campaign also evokes a good response as a part of Facility Management Software. We’ve made such value additions to InnoMaint’s Computer Aided Facility Management(CAFM) Software.

A solid step towards sustainable energy & environmental care

Through InnoMaint’s CAFM Software you’ll be able to introduce the ‘Go Green’ concept and start realizing the results in a short-term  multi-fold helping you in fulfilling the care and concern for environment, workforce, quality of living and regulatory compliance etc. Act swiftly to capitalize on this master plan which is going to rule the future! You can also swiftly exercise control on the highest utility costs in running a business.

IoT integration lets Facility Managers go deep

This plan lines up several opportunities for the FM sector to transform the facilities in a smarter & exciting approach. The industries interested have to acquire intelligent sensors which are electronic devices. Your InnoMaint CAFM is smart enough to configure, interact with the devices and even step down electric power, gas or water usage. Pre-defined schedules can automatically alert the relevant stakeholders with real-time data. This makes it possible for Facility Managers to have deep insights into instant visibility of usage of the facility by its inmates & visitors.

Best time to infuse changes in facility administration

The integration between Artificial Intelligence, people, process, technology, sensors, assets by means of automation is a boon to the people of the current generation with a definitive role in the service offering. The master plan also reminds the service providers that the time is ripe now for infusing changes in their mode of delivery of services, switching over to modern trends, upgrade their capabilities to prep for future demands.

FM companies need to constantly update themselves with new techniques, modern technologies and best practices in delivering facility services to reduce repairs and contribute to increased productivity.

Team collaboration at its best

InnoTalk walkie talkie in the form of mobile app is an offering for aligning the teams in the facility working at remote locations to receiving instant help in the form of voice messages on work orders  in a most cost-effective way, devise quick emergency plans, be up to date with domain knowledge via RSS & Internal news feed etc.

Tackle covid-19 challenges with full automation without human intervention

Considering the need of the hour with second waves of the cruel pandemic creating panic for another stint the FM industry is in a crucial need to embrace full automation with massive innovation which will also help in upskilling the staff and promote workplace safety in conjunction with fully automated covid-19 screening solution, people count & visitor management solutions

With the proliferation in Dubai population scaling 5 million mark, the pressure on maintenance and achieving the sustainability goals became tremendous and so many organizations have kick-started digital transformation  to safeguard their reputation, bottom lines, standards of service, safety, compliance etc with a long term vision.

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

Facility Strategic Planning 2021

Facility Strategic Planning 2021

Strategy for Facility Maintenance in 2021 with IoT Powered CAFM

We hope the facility managers have started planning for the year 2021 in regards to embarking on the latest Facility Management(FM) approaches that shall work in the last phase of the pandemic & post corona world as the previous calendar year exposed the lacuna in tradition approaches centered around maintaining heaps of paper, couple of excel sheets that failed to work as expected and could not tackle the challenges posed by the new normal triggered by the pandemic.

New Normal for Facilities

The first supply of Vaccines might have come to the rescue of the people in our community. But the impact and aftermath effects of the pandemic on economy and businesses shall continue to reverberate at least for the next few years. Here is where Facility managers need to rise to the occasion and establish the significance of their role in the facility.

Digitized Maintenance Operations

Do you wish to add true value to the facilities you manage by achieving operational consistency and thereby imparting stability and balance to them, more conveniently? The core of many of the FM issues that have surfaced is the complexity of the operations that have to be executed on a continual basis including lockdown phases. So simplifying maintenance operations in a smart fashion holds the key to open the complicated knots of maintenance in the novel coronavirus era !

Intelligent Covid-19 Monitoring Solution

Secure Your workplace, streamline business operations and enhance safety using intelligent Covid-19 Monitoring Solution integrated with CMMS software that can interact with assets, infrared sensors and perform automatic detection of mask, screen temperature of visitors using thermal imaging cameras such as HIKVision. These innovations are incomparable to manual processes which steal much of your precious time. All these at reduced costs and greater ability to cut down on high maintenance costs in the form of proactive maintenance.

Gain momentum to your facility operations with InnoMaint that leads the innovation during the covid-19 times by introducing brand new features to the market.

IoT Integration Solution

We offer energy monitoring solutions that lets you go deeper into identifying energy consumption patterns instantly and turn off high consumption units automatically.

Remote Service App

Not just this. We offer a smart walkie talkie mobile app for team collaboration which is faster, reliable and more secure than traditional mobile calls. Go truly mobile carrying your CMMS while on the go and catch up with your technicians for the latest updates along with offline working capabilities.

There are upcoming features, in the pipeline, that are sure to make you excited further.

Multi Awarded CMMS Software for 2021 to turn the tables on maintenance management !

How To Alleviate The Negative Impact Of Corona In Busy Facilities?

How To Alleviate The Negative Impact Of Corona In Busy Facilities?

alleviate Corona in facilities

How To Alleviate The Negative Impact Of Corona In Busy Facilities?

Corona virus infection

Corona – The most dreaded virus of recent times was first reported in China, on 17 November 2019. Ever since the first known infection, it became wildly contagious with major outbreaks in East Asian countries. As of now, over 1.3 lakh people had been tested positive for the virus. The virus had claimed the lives of 5,000 peoples to date and continues to subject people across the globe to great hardships.

COVID-19 declared as a Pandemic by W.H.O

COVID-19 disease is relatively new and its victims are spread across more than 120 countries & territories. Based on its continuous assessment over the severity, spread and lack of adequate awareness among the public World Health Organization has declared the disease characterized by severe acute respiratory syndrome as a pandemic on 11 Mar 2020. Nevertheless W.H.O also firmly believes that the pandemic is controllable, follow these instructions from WHO. The only comfort in this period of misfortune is that around 70,000 people have got rid of the disease through quality treatment.

Transmission of Corona: Role of HVAC SYSTEMS

The primary reason for the scare of the virus is that currently there is no vaccine to prevent the coronavirus disease. The principal mode of transmission is mainly from an infected person to another person via respiratory droplets within a range of 6 feet).


Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is the first step to control the spread. However, the possibility of residual contaminants traveling through your HVAC system cannot be ruled out. Once the air in your facility becomes contaminated the virus can cling on to the evaporator coil or blower motor and can reside there for up to nine days. An HVAC system should be inspected at least twice a year. If the AC unit happens to be centralized then it has to be serviced each month. Even sophisticated air filters of premium AC models were tested to have some level of viral penetration.  Even in the event of trapping the AC units aren’t capable of destroying the virus as coronavirus is very small, measuring between 0.06 and 0.14 microns in size.

Corona virus prevention

All countries must strike the right balance between safeguarding health, minimizing handicap to economic and social activities and respecting human rights. In several countries, Union & State Governments have urged business organizations to exercise a great degree of caution. A single victim to the disease can impair the progress of the entire team at workplaces. This shouldn’t happen. Preventive Maintenance(PPM) assumes greater significance in this scenario as backed by the proverb- A stitch in time saves nine.

Preventive Measures

The contingency plan should elaborate on a list of alternative plans, outcomes, and instructions covering all aspects of the business. Each worker in the factory should be made aware of the departments/staff who would be functioning at worksite & the place to locate required materials along with any modifications to till the situation returns to normalcy. If mechanisms such as ‘Work From Home’ are not in place, a strategy should be formulated as soon as possible and executed. Mobile should become an integral part of communications due to work from different locations.

Housekeeping staff may be required to routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the facility including cabins, doorknobs & cafeteria with cleaning agents. They’ll be replenishing disposable wipes in restrooms.

Role of Facility Management Companies

The services of facility management service companies would be in high demand by now. The servicing companies can prove their mettle by containing the spread of the virus to a great extent. With a simple, powerful & flexible automated maintenance management software, in place, the data is safely & instantly accessible with seamless communication. With such a tool facility managers can rise above the situation and oversee the big picture. Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Restaurant Chains, Factories, etc can entrust the maintenance work, much needed at the moment, to reliable servicing companies and focus on their core areas of business.

Minimizing the spread of Corona

Facility Managers whose role is crucial in these times should rise to the occasion and succeed in reaching out to the workforce, at large. They need to educate all employees on precautionary measures. They can restrict activities outside the facility and devise protocols for external communication. Employees can be advised to use public transportation to the least possible extent. If sales representatives exhibit doubtful symptoms they need to be advised to share the travel history with the health care provider.  These efforts will bring down the risk of infections within the facility.

Due to the easy spread, Facility managers must prominently display precautionary measures for employees. They must direct maintenance teams to regularly disinfect all common areas in the facility such as machinery, raw materials, laptops, mobiles, portable devices, door handles, conference rooms, reception desks, etc.

The spacing of individual work cubicles should be more than 6 feet wherever possible & the entire facility be well-ventilated. Upon the confirmation of the corona infection, facility managers should be immediately notified. They should closely monitor the movement of outsiders into the facility than usual. Preventing the entry of visitors into the cafeteria will greatly limit the spread of the disease.

Protecting Employees At Work

The contingency plan should be articulated in a well-organized process as schedules. The schedules are a collection of related tasks. The tasks, in turn, can be broken down into checklists detailing the steps that need to be followed. The maintenance personnel should be made to acknowledge each step mentioned in the checklist.

As there is a long way to go to eradicate the epidemic the PPM measures need to be repeated on a regular basis for several months. The concerned staffs should receive timely alerts and mobile technology needs to be used in your favour to ensure seamless correspondence on preventative schedules.

Ensuring smooth workflow by keeping Corona at bay

To put things in a nutshell, It is high time to appreciate the need for an automated work order management system / CAFM to oversee that there are no deviations from the established process or loss of enthusiasm on behalf of maintenance staff in carrying out the necessary schedules.

Now it is time to refrain ourselves from socialization and resort to alternate channels of collaborating work and communication. Let’s continue to carry out our duties diligently and spread the awareness on Corona. May the God Almighty ward off the ill effects of the disease.


To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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Innomaint Participates in FM Expo Saudi 2020

Innomaint Participates in FM Expo Saudi 2020

Innomaint participates in FM Expo Saudi 2020

Innomaint is glad to taking part in the most awaited FM Expo Saudi 2020 event of the region as an exhibitor. The grand event is undisputedly, one of the magnificent annual tech shows in the Middle East region of the globe. The event is slated for Feb 11-13, 4 PM – 10 PM.

FMExpoSaudi is an intellectual feast to servicing organizations, commercial building owners, facility managers & technocrats. We extend a cordial invitation to the intelligentsia for visiting our exhibit at stand number 2G15. The thought leaders from Innomaint are eager to shed light on the modern practices, IOT integration and the way embracing digital transformation will usher you into cost-effective, efficient, convenient and smart facility management with enhanced visibility of the workforce.

We showcase the CAFM(Computer-Aided Facility Management Software) of Innomaint that automates work orders, provides dashboards with pie charts, bar charts & graphs which convey the overall picture in a striking manner. Further to this, Innomaint CAFM provides a range of customizable reports which offer valuable insights into the various facets of the maintenance realm of the business.

Upon visiting our stand, you will get a fairly good idea of the quick implementation, easy to use interface and powerful capabilities of our application. We’re eager to answer your queries and clear any doubts you may have on adaptability of the CMMS into your organization and the suitability to maintenance needs of your business.

The usefulness of the application along with the richness of features has earned Innomaint a good reputation and a position of honour among the ever-increasing widespread client base and leading B2B software listing sites.  As a testimony to the fact, we’ve added up several clients in the recent past and continue to witness a spell of receiving accolades and awards.

To sum up, facility maintenance management is smartly simplified enabling the facility managers to oversee the entire process with centralized visibility and increased transparency in the process. We have developed the application harnessing the power of cloud after a thorough analysis of the pain points faced by different industry verticals, in this regard. The application is customizable to the varied needs of each business – be it an SME, Enterprise or a start-up concern.

We are curious to learn about your outsourcing needs with us and offering special deals. Use this Golden Opportunity and be in step with the latest technology trends. We also take this opportunity to cordially invite business partnerships. We look forward to a fruitful & mutually beneficial collaboration with you. The prospects of earning via sales and referral partnership programs are promising and we shall bring out the power of synergy.

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See you at the Expo !!!


3 Trends How Technology Can Simplify Facility Maintenance Management

3 Trends How Technology Can Simplify Facility Maintenance Management

how 3 tech trends can simplify facility maintenance management

3 Trends How Technology Can Simplify Facility Maintenance Management

The facilities management software industry is expected to experience massive growth by the end of 2023. According to a 2018 facilities management market forecast by Technavio, the market value will go over the $678- billion mark within the 2019-2023 period, reflecting an impressive 12% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The introduction of the CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software provided enterprises, facilities managers, and other facilities management professionals a singular platform where their tasks, processes, schedules, and data are centralized. Data are no longer stored in silos, which means all tasks, actions, and decisions are based on a single version of the truth. Communication among and between teams and departments is smooth and clear, resulting in more productive collaboration and better results.

As existing technologies advance and new innovations come into play, the facilities maintenance management sector will continue to grow and thrive. The demand for better, faster, and more secure facilities management solutions will never wane as long as the following technologies keep on evolving and make facility maintenance management a breeze.

1. Manage Facilities in the Cloud

Among the major factors that fuel global facility maintenance management system demand and adoption is the need to move business-critical processes and systems to the cloud. This is supported by a recent survey administered by LogicMonitor, wherein 83% of enterprise workload will be performed in the cloud by 2020.

Among the many benefits of using cloud-based CMMS include the ease of access, scalability, reliability, and security as primary reasons that drive cloud migration of essential tasks and processes. Tools and applications hosted in the cloud have proven to be more stable and reliable, enabling users to perform productively with little to no disruption due to slow performance, and faulty equipment and devices.

Critical data are stored away in secure cloud-based storage hubs. Via secure login portals, Users can easily access information and tools, view their tasks, enter new updates, and more from anywhere in the world. Workers, teams, and their subsidiaries can communicate and collaborate even if they are working from different locations.

By operating in the cloud, facility maintenance management services providers are able to expedite the delivery of high-quality facility maintenance and management services. Top class, high-value service, along with the expert tips found in the consumer reviews guide, will definitely catapult their consumer trust and ratings and boost the growth of their business.

2. Automate Schedules, Tasks and Other Critical Processes

With the aid of an automated facility management system, facility managers automate a myriad of mundane facility management processes such as generating status reports, delegating tasks to the most qualified personnel, activating mechanisms once certain conditions are met, and more. The benefits of automation include faster and more accurate processes, enhanced productivity, and minimization of human errors to name a few.

For instance, preventive maintenance is a critical facet in the management of facilities and assets. Determining its ideal schedule as well as its scope as accurate and as efficient as possible is a paramount concern for management and maintenance personnel.

By leveraging an automated facility management system, facility managers can automate the most optimal preventive maintenance schedule based on a thorough machine-powered analysis of real-time data and other factors. Along with the automation benefits mentioned above, other advantages of automated preventive maintenance are the reduction of maintenance costs and the prolonged service lives of facilities and other assets.

By automating exhaustive and time-intensive routines, facility managers and management teams can focus on more critical and pressing concerns and issues without worrying about missing opportunities and making catastrophic mistakes.

3. Make Facility Management Smarter with AI

The entry of automated facility management solutions has increased the efficiency and productivity of facility managers and professionals all over the world. By eliminating the manual element from most of their responsibilities, facilities maintenance and management workers are able to hone in their focus on crucial tasks and goals that add more value to their organization.

With artificial intelligence or AI, things can get much better. AI-powered facility maintenance management applications are able to perform tasks with little to no human intervention. These actions can include scheduling inspections and repairs, creating requests for replacements, assigning critical tasks to the most qualified personnel, and so on.

Tools and systems driven by AI can work tirelessly outside working hours. This is ideal for monitoring assets, equipment, and machinery that are nearing critical thresholds. In some companies, the AI can make and implement crucial decisions like suspending operations or rerouting power based on the information it has on hand and the gravity of the situation.

In 2018, Google started using AI to manage and automatically adjust the cooling systems of the company’s buildings. The move saved the tech giant 40% energy consumption for their cooling systems.

By incorporating AI, enterprises are able to significantly increase efficiency and productivity, bring down operational expenses to an impressive level, and further increase compliance and safety in the workplace among other benefits.

Invest in Modern Facilities Maintenance Management

Checklists and spreadsheets are a thing of the past.  The cloud, automation, and AI are just some of the many technologies that will reshape the way facilities maintenance management is done.

There is no stopping the progress of technology and its impact on business, particularly in facilities management. Now is the high time to invest and bring in a more modern approach to making your facilities more productive and cost-effective assets in your enterprise.

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