Top Benefits of a Field Service Management Software for Various Stakeholders

Top Benefits of a Field Service Management Software for Various Stakeholders


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Top Benefits of a Field Service Management Software for Various Stakeholders



The global market for field service solutions is expected to grow from $3.02 billion in 2021 to $3.64 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%. It is even more encouraging to note that the market dampened by the pandemic restrictions is projected to leap to $6.51 billion in 2026, according to a market analysis report by Business Research Company. Previous surveys revealed that 61.0% of fieldwork organizations attempt to measure customer satisfaction through feedback calls, ratings, forms, etc. So InnoMaint Field Service Software provides a load of benefits for the customers of Servicing companies, apart from those for service firms and their technicians.

Field Service Management Software is considered modern if it uses advanced analytics, Big data management, artificial intelligence, and cloud storage. InnoMaint leverages all those capabilities and is truly mobile in that it permits offline operation mode. It stores the offline data online by syncing with a cloud server when online.

Benefits for the customers

  • The customer can access the application via both Web and Mobile platforms and here.
  • The customer can glimpse maintenance work progress updated in real-time via a customizable Dashboard rich with KPI widgets.
  • QR codes enable the quicker raising of a service request for devices whose details are unknown.
  • Dashboard filters to visualize data based on the customer requirement
  • Customer approves the task completed by external third-party service contractors with digital signatures.
  • Customers can view the current status of their work orders, any time, quickly from the scheduler and calendar.
  • Customer can access the photos and videos attached for a particular work order for illustration purposes.
  • Customers can acknowledge the completion of preventive and corrective work orders with their digital signature along with feedback rating.
  • Customer can use the software in multiple languages supported by the application.
  • Scheduled PPM and Breakdown ticket completion reports shall automatically be mailed to the customer as ‘Pdf’ files.
  • Customer can raise a renewal request for AMC by himself through the application.
  • Customer will receive alerts and notifications for the progress of work orders based on notification settings.
  • Customer can track the current location of the service technician en route for duty at regular time intervals based on settings and also access information on the total distance traveled by a technician.
  • AI-based progressive self-diagnosis module helps address issues at the source eliminating the traffic of needless tickets routed into the system.

Benefits for Branded Service Organizations

  • A two-way feedback loop to know both sides of the coin – from customers and technicians.
  • A well-thought-out process that engages customers during each stage of service, upholding transparency in the process.
  • Customized quote preparation and invoicing for a personalized touch.
  • End to End AMC management with easy renewal options and actionable data for expanding the scope of business
  • Custom Plans to match the service requirements of any customer
  • Ticketing systems with Multimedia capabilities illustrate issues in a crystal clear way.
  • Mobile app for every stakeholder to improve collaboration on work orders.
  • Field manager can track the current location of the service technician en route for duty at regular time intervals based on settings and also access information on the total distance traveled by a technician.
  • An account executive role in the application, the facility manager can horizontally map the user with multiple maintenance teams for quicker and seamless routing of service requests.

The transit time between jobs is an important KPI for three reasons:

  1. The time technicians spend driving is inversely proportional to billable working hours. Managers can help technicians choose the shortest route with visibility into the path traversed by the latter.
  2. A roundabout route devours more fuel, quickly depreciates vehicles and can eat into the bottom lines.
  3. A high travel time indicates the service firm books calls in far-flung areas from its business location.
  • Ability to raise service requests from any location and auto-assign tickets intuitively in full view of the  dynamic workload and within the Geo-Fencing location of the customer for quick outreach.
  • IoT integration enables raising automatic corrective and condition-based maintenance tickets saving relatively higher preventive maintenance costs.
  • Simplify customer experience with effective handling of tickets during peak loads.
  • Interactive & customizable Reports for sound decision-making and quick meetings
  • Ability to view KPI metric values from the web and mobile dashboards.
  • With GPS Tracking, Technicians can no more give false statements about their current location.
  • Gain organization-wide visibility and know the areas that demand attention.
  • Ability to drive quick results by providing technicians with reusable solutions as a solution bank which comes in handy for technicians to improve First Time Fix Rates.
  • Field managers can drive work in offline mode. Technicians can update their work progress in the mobile app which will be reflected in the application while back online.
  • Service Providers can store the spares at the customer location and be informed of the closing stock on each transaction. They can set minimum re-order levels.
  • They can make service history instantly available to the technicians via a simple QR Code mobile scan.
  • The organizations can level up the skills and improve the knowledge of their technicians by providing a forum for internal communication and continuous improvement via RSS Feed & News Feed.
  • Fosters operational excellence and consistency by elaborating best practices and establishing benchmarks for best performance.
  • Exclusive workflow for Warranty & Contract Management.
  • Improves technician engagement by enforcing adherence to SLAs and using multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations.


To keep the engineering service business on track, managers have to be in the know of the most recent values of key performance indicators. Service firms increasingly resort to digital tools to measure performance and arrive at data-driven business decisions. Such decisions include but are not limited to when to plan additional training sessions, when to hike service charges, and which technician to dispatch a specific job.

Data will be the undisputed king in 2022, as business functions are rapidly automated. Leading service firms are turning to FSM software to grow their service business. Line supervisors can use KPIs to improve every aspect of the field service business, including rescheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, parts requisitions, etc.

To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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Modern day FSM Software to keep your service business thriving

Modern day FSM Software to keep your service business thriving

Modern day FSM Software to keep your Service Business Thriving

Evolution of Field Service Management
Tracing the evolution of field service management(FSM), from the 1990s to 2020, it has been improving gradually along with technological advancements and change in lifestyle. The precursor ones in early 90s were just a single step advanced from a paper based system used for maintenance management. Unfortunately the growth of maintenance software and their capabilities was meagre with ineffective tools and processes. The facility managers found it difficult to keep track of maintenance operations and data on maintenance. Delays were a common norm of those days.
FSM Market: Global statistics & Forecast
InnoMaint is truly mobile in the sense that it permits offline operation mode and the data can be synced with cloud server when you’re back online. The global market for field service solutions reached $2.9B in 2018, and it is projected to reach $5.7B by 2023 with a 15.0% CAGR. 61.0% of fieldwork organizations track customer satisfaction. 84.8% of field service organizations use third party technicians to complement their current services or broaden their scope of operation.
The necessity for FSM Software
Even today the importance of maintenance operations is being looked down upon and many organizations adamantly stick to their excel sheet, spreadsheet approaches. With the growth of organizations the maintenance became more complex and tedious to handle. As a good effect amid the devouring nature of covid-19 pandemic business firms have started realizing the importance of maintenance and are swiftly switching over to digital approach to deliver excellent services on field work. To term a Field Service Management Software as modern it should mandatorily leverage advanced analytics, Big data management, artificial intelligence and cloud storage.
Why field service management software ?
A good Field Service Management Software should standardize maintenance operations, facilitate easier audit for retrospection on operations, provide means for better reporting structure, set benchmarks for performance and provide instant help to technicians at field when they are in dire need of it. Your data is backed up daily and stored safely on best cloud servers across the country. Such a CMMS unifies all stakeholders and when fully utilized they become a part of solutions rather than a part of problems. A FSM software can prove its mettle by making the workflow simple and transparent greatly reducing miscommunication, communication gaps and excuses.
Improve First Time Fix Rate with InnoMaint
InnoMaint is one such FSM software that provide a thumbs up to customer-centric operations and makes the technicians at field accountable for their actions. Help is available to technicians in the form of solution bank accessible via a mobile app. Solution bank provides a means for retaining the valuable knowledge of experienced seniors with the approval of Admin. They provide solutions for the common defects on asset types in the form of fixes based on incidental data. Consequently there is a significant increase in first time fix rates. It alleviates the major pain points of Field service management companies such as communication issues, uneven scheduling of work to technicians and lack of technical competency among technicians. Before assigning tasks to a technician the SuperAdmin / Supervisor can conveniently view the relevant group of technicians with dynamic information on the workload of each technician and their proximity to the customer location.
Rule Based Scheduling
Scheduling employees for maintenance tasks needs to be fair and accurate for achieving best results. InnoMaint’s rule based scheduling system automatically triggers the creation of a ticket you define based on the values of parameters observed during routine monitoring tasks. You can use this feature to your advantage by defining best corrective actions based on the defined conditions. Such schedules can be created for all the business locations of a client with hassle free movement of resources and technicians across locations.
Better Visibility on Maintenance
Field service management systems, when used to the fullest potential, can go a long way in reducing repairs, providing the management a better visibility of the big picture on maintenance, clearly presenting the step by step checklists in an exhaustive manner accompanied by image or video files for a diligent approach to problem solving and gaining the trust and confidence of customers. They reveal if your budgets are reasonable and go in the right track, let you know the weaker areas for identification of training needs etc. The meticulous reports make it possible for the senior management to make sound and well informed decisions. A 52 week PPM calendar provides a single source from which you can conveniently have an overview of tasks slated for a day, month or year.
Catch up on maintenance 24×7 & get instant feedback
Provide real-time updates to your precious customers and the privilege of tracking technicians on their way throughout along with an ETA. Obtain feedback, rating and digital signature of customers. Such a feedback can also trigger improvements in front-office processes apart from optimizing back office processes. The pressures on field service organizations have grown multi fold over the past few years. Realizing this InnoMaint enables field managers to assign tickets to service technicians while they are away from office 24×7.  
Workflow for external Service Contractors
Sometimes necessity may arise for Field Service organizations to hire the services of an external agency in cases of absence of their own technicians or a shortage of a specific technical skill. InnoMaint takes into account such considerations and provides an exclusive workflow for handling external Service Contractors and their group of technicians.
FSM Customer base & Transparency in service
FSM systems can also help companies who handle installations, services, or repairs of assets and equipment in benefiting any company whose workers spend considerable time in the field. Cable service providers, inspectors(inspection task to keep track of values of key parameters), utility engineers and HVAC workers, branded service – all these people are most commonly associated with field service work. A good FSM system provides tools for managing work orders, customer appointments, ticketing system, spare management etc. With InnoMaint, you can clearly agree upon work order expenses with the customer before reaching their premises & easily modify the appointments.  Present FSM software market is characterized predominantly by on-premise solutions, but cloud deployment is also on the rise which means you no need to pay for a long term. North America retains the most market share closely followed by Asia which is in line for becoming a major player, too.
Streamline Maintenance Operations
Customers can notice the difference in the form of shorter wait times, quicker repairs, less number of tickets owing to complete fixes and self diagnosis questionnaire customer service, and faster job completion . Uphold and maintain the accuracy of measuring instruments with a calibration workflow. Quote generation and work order management process are streamlined for betterment.
In line with “new normal” of covid-19 era
In this age of widely accepted new normal period caused by the pandemic technicians might be required to minimize the visits to your service organization. With InnoMaint, they can complete several full cycles of maintenance for days together before returning to office. Attendance Management adds an additional authentication, warranty management of asset instances also deserves a special mention. Technicians can pull up the entire service history by scanning QR code pasted on the asset with their mobile which shall help in providing a complete fix.
Tools for internal collaboration
You might have felt that there could be something a class apart when compared to the current tools used for internal communication and collaboration. We empathize with you and understand that a fast, reliable and powerful dedicated channel for team collaboration is required during these unpredictable times of the covid-19 pandemic demanding remote work from disparate locations. You need to unify various stakeholders in a single digital system that provides for continuous learning, networking among internal teams and a means to reach out a wide audience base drawing their immediate attention. According to several surveys 70% success of any business relies on effective communication mechanism. Broadcast urgent messages with no boundaries and interruptions holding you back. Be well positioned to handle emergency situations and unpredictable situations, at job front, in the interest of safety of the community, at large. Field Managers can provide instant help in the face of conflicts with customer advising them on the right & diplomatic course of action. These powerful capabilities which occupy a centre stage while on use should silently fade to the background with ease of access while being dormant with no impact on existing CMMS functionality. Such a feature shall also eliminate longer wait times for answer. A CMMS product with the feature discussed above has the potential to go deep into a business and across multiple businesses.

Empower Your Workforce and Enhance Customer Experience

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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive Maintenance Checklist


Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance tries to maintain the facility and the assets in the facility in a timely, orderly and well functioning manner to ensure the facility as a whole is fit for the intended use to the maximum possible extent. This is done by scheduling the maintenance tasks well in advance at regular intervals.

Here are a few checklists applicable to different spheres of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Building Interior, Building Exterior, Branded machinery etc.

PM Checklist for ELECTRICAL


As per the statistics of U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunction constitutes around eight percent of residential fires which ended up in fatalities.

A routine electric maintenance service apart from prolonging the life of your important electrical systems helps you avoid expensive repairs.

PM Checklist for HVAC

HVAC preventive Maintenance checklist





The checklists can be defined & easily tracked based on all types of assets belonging to every industry verticals:












The above lists are just excerpts from a whole lot of activities. A centralized view of the entire set of work orders and a well-organized way to effectively track the work orders is necessary for a facility manager. It is the order of the day. Computer-aided Facility Management System(CAFM) such as Innomaint is quite competent to be considered for this purpose. It can be used to automate the preventive maintenance checklist for facilities, ad hoc scheduling of maintenance for any industry vertical. Give a try and feel an amazing difference !!


To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC  Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business

Obviously Flight…

Because flight is a comfortable and fastest mode of travel….

Similarly everyone will like to have faster method to reach goals. As a customer you look for a faster service in any organizations, especially in HVAC service Industry. The difference between organizations lies between one thing – having loyal customer and those who struggle to retain customers.

Lot of surveys portray that faster delivery of service is as important as the quality of service. The faster service will enhance customer satisfaction , The customers will associate their good customer service experience with the quick resolution of their issue.The customer satisfaction will increase reputation of the company. Companies that are able to produce their products on a reliable schedule or offer reliable services find themselves acquiring very good reputations. Businesses live and die based on their reputations and anything HVAC service companies can do to enhance their reputations is something they should at least consider. While not all reputation boosting moves are worth taking, complete automated cloud CMMS software yields so many benefits in so many areas at so little cost that it is clearly an intelligent strategy for HVAC service companies to adopt.

Companies that neglect their equipment and ignore their reputations may temporarily prosper in the short run, but ultimately they will be displaced by reliable companies with excellent reputations.

Only companies that work on cultivating long-term positive relationships with customers have a good chance of surviving in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Although television and newspaper advertisements certainly have their place, nothing advertises a company better than word of mouth. Building up loyal customers willing to engage in word of mouth advertising is an essential move if companies are to have any chance of achieving long-term success.

Innomaint CMMS software will enhance your company reputation with unique and added advantages.

  • It helps to avoid human error and have effective customer handling.

For instance, the customer can raise the service request with the picture of the equipment to the company. HVAC technician can access the problem immediately and will attend the issue with spare part. The admin of the company can monitor the entire work flow. With this unique feature Turn around time for the problem is minimized.

Workflow image

Geo Location


Innomaint software has Geo location benefit. The Geo location will enhance faster service in two ways. It helps the HVAC engineer to find the location of the customer and it will help him reach out to the customer easily. In another way admin can able to track the HVAC service technician GEO location and assign the nearest customer location. This will aid faster service and enhance customer satisfaction. It helps in better tracking and monitoring.


Mobile Application

CMMS Mobile App is another greatest tool in Innomaint software. The customer can take the photo or video of the problem and send across to the admin. This will enable HVAC service engineer/technician to understand the problem and attend the issue with proper preparation. For instance they can plan the estimated spare parts before attending the issue. This will result in faster service and the issue will be attended in one single visit.

Reminders and Escalation

This facility will remind the task to be completed and in case of non completion it will escalate the next level authority. It helps to monitor the customer service , and tracks whether the task is completed in stipulated time. Thus on time customer service is maintained.

Reminders are set to notify responsible users for any upcoming planned activities like PM, spare parts replacements, contract renewal and so on to ensure the compliance and maintenance process are adhered.

Escalations are defined to alert the decision makers or responsible users for dates that are past due; generally, you can setup escalation for SLA violations, expiration of any contracts or compliances.


To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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