Modern Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Automation

Modern Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Automation

PM Checklists

What is the checklist for preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance tries to maintain the facility and its assets in a timely and routine manner to ensure the facility is fit for carrying out core business operations. 

A preventative maintenance program is successful only if facility owners resort to automation. Schedule maintenance tasks well in advance to unfold at regular intervals. Automation, in line with current Industrial Revolution 4.0, is rapidly transforming monotonous, routine, and complex business functions, saving a great deal of time and effort.

An able CMMS will also automate maintenance based on certain conditions indicated by the parameters of sophisticated machinery. A CMMS does this by interconnecting assets, sensors, hardware, processes, and people in a digital pipeline that reduces human intervention to a greater extent. With an account executive role in the application, the facility manager can horizontally map the user with multiple maintenance teams for quicker and seamless routing of service requests. 

Here are a few checklists applicable to different spheres of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. 

Food industry

Check if rat and fly traps are functional in slaughterhouses/meat processing units.

A valid and legal contract with the third-party/ pest control service providers should be available on the premises. With InnoMaint Food Safety Management Software, you can make it mandatory at the early stages. 

  1. Ensure temporary fixes do not put product safety at risk and permanent fixes are provided. With Innomaint food maintenance software, you can mark the fix status as “Fixed on Trial” and track it separately. 
  2. In case of entry of pests into the meat processing unit, check if the treatment with chemical or biological agents is undertaken only by trained personnel. Do this by defining user groups and auto-assigning tasks with able technicians using InnoMaint. 
  3. Ensure only approved baits and pesticides are used by generating QR codes using the InnoMaint application and pasting them over it for authentication.
  4. A periodic digital audit of the system to identify deviations from the GMP / GHP system. Your auditors can do digital audits with all information recorded in cloud servers accessible instantly and conveniently from the chair. 
  5. Track Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP) using sensors and let the CMMS application send automatic alerts or trigger predefined schedules for corrective action upon detecting breaches.
  6. Maintain utensil monitoring records, vehicle inspection records, waste disposal records, etc., in remote servers free from physical damages or accidental deletion from laptops. 
  7. Generate breakdown maintenance reports, preventive maintenance reports, etc. Instantly for quick data-driven decisions. 


  1. Set push and email notifications to remind replacement of batteries in smoke detectors.  
  2. Check exterior lights and fix the problem of torn or weak cables, if any. Assign the concerned task to new or unskilled technicians automatically so that skilled technicians are available for complex tasks.
  1. Gain live insights into occupancy status in any room in the facility via your mobile to plan adequate lighting requirements. 
  2. Verify if timers and photocells in automatic night lamps are functioning correctly.
  3. Inspect and clean all exhaust fans.
  4. Check the electric power line from utility poles to the building.
  5. Remove any Branches of trees fallen apart and hanging over the wires.
  6. Check if the power lines are high enough not to be hit by a moving truck or lorry.
  7. Check for necessary earthing to avoid electrocution.
  8. Check the distilled water levels in the inverter each month and replenish them whenever necessary.
  9. Schedule lubrication for assets.

An U.S. Fire Administration statistics indicates electrical malfunction constitutes around eight percent of residential fire fatalities.

A routine electric maintenance service prolongs the life of your electrical systems and helps you avoid expensive repairs. 


  1. Check the real time electric power consumption at anytime from your mobile and decide on turning them off accordingly.
  2. Capture replacement of genuine and new spares replacement as video and attach it to relevant maintenance tickets for enhanced reliability.
  3. Use calibration workflow to ensure the accuracy of instrument used to measure amp and volt draw.
  4. Detach and wash air filters from the indoor unit.
  5. Check if the evaporator coils of the split AC indoor unit are dirty.If so, clean using a wet cloth.
  6. Check the drain at the rear end for blockages.
  7. Check the coils of ducted air conditioning unit for debris, dirt or dust.
  8. Listen for strange noises while starting and stopping duct air conditioner.
  9. Lubricate moving parts such as fan motors.
  10. Inspect electric controls, wiring.
  11. Once serviced, cycle the Air conditioning unit through its operation to ensure it has regained its maximum cooling capacity without any issues.

 Building Interior

  1. Trigger mobile alerts to facility owners on the expiry of firefighting equipment licenses so that they are in the maintenance loop along with the facility manager. 
  2. Measure water consumption using sensors so regulate the usage minimizing leakage or wastage.
  3. Examine if doors open without friction and exit pathways are clear at irregular intervals based on room bookings.
  4. Fetch AMC data instantly from the cloud servers for easier renewal of current AMCs.
  5. Reschedule appointments without any hassles from mobile.
  6. Let technicians only within the Geo-Fencing circle to accept ticket assignments for quicker action.
  7. Inspect the condition and operation of toilets and showers.
  8. Inspect for accumulation of trash in storage areas.
  9. Inspect for evidence of infestation by termites.


  1. Get quote for construction materials from multiple vendors via an integrated procurement management system without delay at the best prices.
  2. Trace the route of technicians enroute to the facility for transparency in business and help them take the best or shortest route.
  3. Improve technician engagement by defining multiple and multilevel reminders and escalations to minimize maintenance backlogs.
  4. Identify paint peeling off from walls.
  5. Inspect the walls for cracks.
  6. Examine the condition of all railings supporting vertical grills.
  7. Uproot the plants growing on the building, if any.
  8. Make sure that the decorative roofs do not leak.
  9. Clear the dried leaves accumulated over the sheet of the metal roofing system in the parking lot at regular intervals.

Branded laptop/PC maintenance

  1. Test the charge retention capacity of the laptop by triggering schedules based on the hours of usage.
  2. Track the closing stock of computer peripherals and accessories in your inventory and set minimum re-order alerts to be received on your mobile.
  3. Check for the performance of the system once a month. In case of performance issues, set multiple reminders and escalations in the CMMS application.
  4. Provide a progressive self-diagnosis mechanism for your customers to find solutions to common issues,by themselves, without raising a support ticket.
  5. View the work order distribution on each floor graphically so that many machines do not simultaneously shut themselves from production.
  6. Re-install the OS repetitively based on the calendar year after a complete backup of required files.
  7. Update the virus definitions in the antivirus software.
  8. Run the system cleaning utility, once a week, to eliminate junk files and invalid registry entries.
  9. Check if the LAN, USB, UPS, Monitor, and other drivers are installed and up to date.

Oversee & streamline maintenance operations across multiple service centers from the comfort of any favorite location or while on the move from your mobile. 

A facility manager requires a centralized view of the entire set of work orders and a well-organized process to track the work orders effectively. Innomaint is one of the most sought after competent CMMS powering millions of work orders across the globe daily. Subscribe and provide a jumpstart to maintenance!!

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How can a CMMS aids in medical assets operation 24/7  with peak efficiency?

How can a CMMS aids in medical assets operation 24/7  with peak efficiency?

How Can a CMMS Aids in Medical Assets Operation 24/7  with Peak Efficiency?

A significant glitch faced by most businesses these days in maintenance operations. Thus, the role of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is of utmost importance as it amplifies the overall efficiency and decision-making of the pharma manufacturing businesses. Delve below to learn about the significance of CMMS in functioning medical assets and how it helps enhance overall productivity.

How Does CMMS Works?

CMMS is a professional software designed by experts that help in keeping track of assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, equipment, safety compliance, workflow, expenses and inventory management. It also streamlines the working process by increasing the operational capacity of various medical assets to ensure their fullest optimization.

The pharma manufacturing companies need CMMS to attain maximum efficiency from their medical assets with its proper maintenance. It is a perfect software solution to gain insights into the maintenance, trends and functionality of the company assets.

Healthcare facilities are asset-intensive ones. Nowadays technologies in almost all spheres of the health industry are evolving for continous improvement. Hence it is high time health care and biomedical equipment maintenance need to be performed digitally ditching the ineffective and non-scalable paper, excel sheet based approaches which fail miserably when subject to handling heavy loads of maintenance work.

A CMMS address the time-bound maintenance needs with a crystal clear transparency into the progress of your workforce and you can check if they work in line with priorities. Ascertain you’re providing an optimal and high-quality physical environment to maximize patient safety and satisfaction, minimize asset downtime to least levels and completely shield your critical assets from power outages and other handicaps. Reinvent your hospital facility management with Innomaint healthcare CMMS software.

Items in the inventory such as surgical equipment, X-ray machines, ECG machines, Scan & Imaging devices, generators, physiotherapy equipment, PPE, masks, gloves, sanitizers etc. Need to be arranged categorically and located easily for availability on need. Devices which are constantly moved within the hospital such as portable X-ray machines, trolleys, stretchers etc. Need to be tracked precisely for timely interventions, effective co-ordination and delivering outstanding performance. An IoT based CMMS can help you in this regard and in the attainment of important NABH accredition and ISO certification as it records every data and operations accurately with instant mobile access capabilities.

Benefits of CMMS for Enhancing Efficiency of Medical Assets to Its Peak

  1. Better efficacy: CMMS minimizes the waste of resources, money and time by smartly planning maintenance schedules. It further results in balancing the production schedules as well as ensuring better inventory availability.
  2. Efficiency of equipment: CMMS automates various processes like scheduling inspections and tackling repair costs or maintenance issues. Better wear and tear of medical assets increases their life and reduces the expenses incurred on maintenance activities.
  3. Lesser downtime: Downtime might result in higher costs when it comes to revenue loss due to the damages to the organisation’s reputation and brand. Minimal downtime of medical assets further leads to decreased repairs and service costs.
  4. Higher Productivity: Tracing work progress helps diminish the backlogs and stay at par with the production plans, as well as set realistic budgets. Maintenance management software can also notify when the asset will start operating back to ensure resuming back of work without any delays.

Final Thoughts

With the increasing demand for pharma contract manufacturing models, there has been a surge in demand for the productivity generated through medical assets in the companies. The use of CMMS Software solution can prove advantageous here in many ways. Incorporate it into your system for better growth and profitability of your businesses.


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7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

Can CAFM bring a new paradigm shift to the management and operation of healthcare industries? Is it viable in reducing the compliance burden? The relevance of CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is evident in maximizing health and safety practices. The adoption of this software is on a surge in pharmaceutical companies due to the persistent benefits it provides to the users.

How is CAFM Beneficial in Healthcare Sector?

Handling day-to-day activities and managing system operating responsibilities get simpler when you adhere to CAFM software resources. Since healthcare companies need to deal with an array of intricate tasks, this software simplifies everything to ensure a smoother progression. For complying with all the safety regulations and accentuating the advancement in the healthcare sector, an adaptation of the CAFM system is the best way out.

Right from asset tracking with the BLE/RFID/RTL to visitor management, a host of critical problems can get managed with efficient CAFM software. Tedious paper records are subject to human error, and there can be discrepancies unless you ensure a very high precision level. With adoption to the CAFM system, you can prevail better and advanced records related to policies, manuals, details, and procedures.

7 Key Reasons to Include CAFM in Healthcare Industries

  1. Minimal Physical Documentation– Using CAFM drastically cuts down the time and resources wasted in the physical setup of documents. Now you do not have to carry along the physical manuals to retain data, and the tasks can get accomplished at a single tap. Automation can also minimize the potential errors and mishaps that frequently occur during data prevention and restoration. Better data management is the biggest perk that aids in work order creation.
  2. Get Instant Updates– Pharma companies have many employees working for them, and there are high chances of mishaps due to unrecognized working conditions. With an integrated CAFM solution, team leaders can get immediate alerts on day-to-day operations. If any unforeseen situation arises, nearby colleagues can head up to assist. Whether the threat is on-site or off-site, the company can receive an instant alert, thus preventing the worker from severe damages or accidents.
  3. Inventory Management and Scheduling– Healthcare is one sector where loads of equipment, accessories, medicines, and surgical items regularly move in and out. Scheduling of inventory and managing the reports through an automated system ensures that the movement of physical goods is in sync with the checklists and timelines. Thorough scrutiny is thus possible in that case. Company officials can also intend their engineers regarding the accuracy of reports and a comprehensive audit to avoid the risk of non-compliance in any case.
  4. Fix Up PPM Schedules and Tasks– If the work ecosystem has minor loopholes wherein there is a probability of non-compliance of tasks, the CAFM solution could lock the tasks and ensure their completion. The system would show up live tasks, and the employees need to complete them or rectify errors before they sign off for the day. It ensures elongated safety measures that engineers might miss out on sometimes. Thus, there won’t be any scope for omissions or errors.
  5. Compliance-Centric Data Management– CAFM software is a one-stop solution if you maintain the updates and conduct inspections based on automated directions. With a central dashboard for every single activity or operation within the entity, a central operating system could be surprisingly beneficial for everyone. It straight away means that there won’t be any missing out on imperative obligations related to safety and health.
  6. Management of COSHH Product DataPharmaceutical companies have to deal with the inventory that consists of harmful substances if exposed, which can wrongly affect health drastically. Storage, purchase, and disposal of such inventory are trivial as only trained professionals can handle it. The CAFM solution can help in data management and required certification that can aid in handling specific materials to avoid any safety breach or accidents.
  7. Employee training and visitor management– Lastly, CAFM is an all-inclusive package that comprehends multiple accreditations and certifications under a single system accessible with a few clicks. Ranging from employee induction to traces of visitors at your company in the last few years is quite possible with this software. Assigning tasks and creating alerts to the employees can be quite possible with the software adaption entirely. After all, it’s the most crucial part of the company working.

Wrapping Up

CAFM untangles the intricacy of regulations and management of tasks, thereby ensuring a flawless work culture. Its proper use and compliance can surely raise the standards of the healthcare industry massively. Besides, avoiding accidents and preventing fines can also be substantially possible. Right and mindful use of this software can curtail the consequences of faulty management and enhance the day-to-day routines in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation




Distinguished ranking

StartUs Insights, headquartered in Austria, is a reputed and well-known data science company with global footprints. They carry out exhaustive and deep research covering startups & scaleups to enable businesses to identify relevant solutions and technologies swiftly. Now it is easy for Health Care Facilities by just referring to the Top 5 Digital Solutions for Maintenance in Health Care Industry. InnoMaint is one of the hand-picked companies out of 280 service providers in the market.

Moments of crisis

By the time you read this blog post, you would have heard the devastating news of a powerful earthquake striking hard the North American island country Haiti for the second time within 11 years. The quake caused the hospitals to be overwhelmed by thousands of patients in a deplorable state battling for life.

Saves Human Lives

The health care facilities in the country were already struggling to deal with the surge in covid-19 cases. The normal functioning of assets in Health Care facilities is so crucial as the industry deals with human lives and not products, unlike other industries. Moreover, many assets are moved constantly within the facility and the equipments run round the clock.

Keep critical equipments running 24×7

Critical pieces of equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines, etc call for immediate attention. InnoMaint Health Care CMMS helps you to rise above all maintenance concerns. So proper planning, prioritizing, scheduling, and automation of maintenance tasks is the need of the hour to shield the critical assets from power outages to save precious human lives & prevent unplanned downtime.

Advantage of cloud

Our one-stop modernized maintenance simplifies, standardizes & speeds up service by pulling out the entire service history embedded as QR code or barcode with a simple mobile scan.

InnoMaint provides a premium Cloud-based Maintenance Management solution. Every transaction on maintenance is recorded on servers with very high uptime rates possible to ensure minimum disruption to operations through regular planned preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance increasing their lifespan wiping out any hidden failures beforehand.

In line with anti-covid norms

The CMMS also helps Hospitals by maintaining regulatory compliance and attaining NABH accreditation and ISO certification. This is made possible through an easier audit. World Health Organization (WHO) has formally recommended the usage of CMMS in Hospitals. All anti-covid-19 measures formulated by WHO can be followed & tracked easily using InnoMaint. It is a close fit for Health Care Industries. Useful features such as identification of the current location of assets accurately using RFID tags & reader, Bluetooth reader is underway.

Track asset movement

InnoMaint CMMS is a tight fit for Health Care Facilities & Hospital Biomedical Equipment Management. You can also easily track the movement of assets between various locations of your business upon need. Share resources without any deadlock or disturbance to maintenance cycles. You can view asset swapping history at any time. Your CMMS is your loyal follower as you can carry it wherever you go assigning tickets while on the move and view heat maps as a part of business intelligence.

Touchless scanning with AI enabled mask detection

Maintain the ideal environment in laboratories and scan every visitor to the in-patients who may enter in bulk through various entry points in a fully automated touch-free operation using a thermal sensing camera with higher accuracy levels to keep a check on mask violations as well. Crystal clear photos of potential covid-19 candidates and those who wear masks improperly or do not use one are instantly sent to key stakeholders banning their entry to contain the spread of infection to patients. InnoMaint CMMS also keeps Facility Managers informed of the occupancy status of any ward or room in the facility with intelligent PCM cameras to better enforce social distancing as a part of adherence with Government protocols.

Every service request is responded promptly

Our Multimedia ticketing system apart from simplifying communication helps in a clear and exact portrayal of an issue and maintenance personnel can also use it to their benefit by power cycling the device to its normal mode of functioning and attaching it as a video file for evidence of complete fixes. Manage your inventories smartly by handling all spare requests, dispatch of spares & automate the re-order process upon reaching a minimum so that the facilities never run short of required genuine spares or anti-covid19 kits.

Biomedical Maintenance & Calibration

The accuracy of BioMedical instruments is of immense importance. Maintain the accuracy in measurements of bio-medical types of equipment consistently using exclusive calibration workflow as the importance of accuracy in readings and lab results is well known to the medical fraternity. Prepare emergency maintenance schedules(Ad-Hoc) on the spot for surgeries fixed suddenly or for handling emergency cases arriving at casualty wards with auto-assignment of technicians with due priority level, reminders & escalations, etc.

Embrace Digital Revolution for Maintenance

The Health Care Management System has started realizing the need for a Cloud-based software that can also go deep and proactive into closely examining the highest utility costs such as consumption of electricity and correct any erratic consumption patterns. More and more hospitals have already started using it to streamline maintenance operations, reducing utility costs in a clinic & hospital setting. Keep pace with your competitors by empowering yourself with digital tools that would serve as a savior during critical situations.

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

In the simplest terms, maintenance management can be defined as the process through which an organization attempts to manage its assets and resources while controlling the overall cost and time. When it comes to maintenance management, the main goal of the organization is to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the organization.

From this definition, it must be quite clear that every organization needs to have effective maintenance management strategies in place to ensure the benefit of both the organization and the people who deal or come in contact with that organization. This is especially true in the case of healthcare facilities.

It’s easy to understand that maintenance management strategies are important for healthcare facilities. But it raises the question of what exactly those maintenance strategies are and how can one employ those strategies? In this article, we’ll be attempting to answer both of these questions by discussing a list of tips for a maintenance management strategy for healthcare facilities. That list is mentioned below.

Form a List of All the Assets that the Team is Responsible for Maintaining

If you don’t have a maintenance management strategy in place in your organization, then the first thing that you need to do is to come up with an exhaustive list of all the assets that your management team is responsible for. This list can include anything from the medical billing software system to the HVAC system, vehicles, buildings, medical equipment, and the property. All these can be managed using Medical Equipment Maintenance Management Software.

After you have made the list, the next step for you is to arrange the entire list in the form of a hierarchy. Make sure that you mention the assets that are highly important at the top and move in a descending manner. This list will help you in maintaining the entire health facility in the time of any crisis.

Engage in an Overall Assessment

Once you have your list and an emergency plan of attack in place, then the next step that you need to take is to assess the condition of all your assets. This means that you should have information regarding the condition of all equipment, the repair history, total hours of operation, current condition, downtime, and estimated life efficiency.

This step will help you in deciding which equipment or part of the healthcare facility requires your current focus and which parts you can afford to delay to a later date.

Adapt to the Changing Needs and Take Input from Your Team Members

In the perfect world, the maintenance management strategy plan that you come up with once should suffice or work for your healthcare facility for a long time to come. But that is not true in the real world. The demands and needs of the healthcare industry are always changing, and further, healthcare facilities also have to keep up with the latest technological developments.

This is why it is important for the management supervisor to keep all the employees or team members in the loop and get regular updates from them regarding any change that might be required in their specific departments.

Develop Proper Standards for Measuring Performance

Once you have figured out exactly what your maintenance strategy is going to be and how you are going to properly keep up with the times, then the next step is to evaluate whether everything is working efficiently or not. This can be done with the help of a thorough maintenance report.

This report should mention where the healthcare facility currently stands and the benchmark that you would want the facility to achieve. The report should also consist of a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were used to make the decisions.

Do Not Compromise with Safety and Health of Patients

While it is important for the healthcare facility to maintain efficiency in its maintenance management, at the same time, it is also important that the healthcare facility should never compromise with the safety and health of the patients. It is always paramount to put the health and safety of all patients first.

Uplift the Entire Team

No organization can become successful without the support and hard work of its employees. And this is also true for a healthcare facility. And this is why the final tip that any organization should follow when it wants to maintain high efficiency is that it should continue to inspire and motivate all its employees to work harder and smarter than ever before.


About the Author:

Nitin Gupta is a voracious reader and an even passionate writer. Having worked with numerous medical billing software and MNCs across the world, he really has very to the point and enthralling insights about the industry and the people working in them.

Nitin writes about technology and how it impacts various industries such as pharma, hospitality, travel, and many others as well.

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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program support through InnoMaint

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program support through InnoMaint


Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program support through InnoMaint

Conducting business with care and respect for people and the environment is a primary concern for many organizations, and an effective InnoMaint CMMS solution supports reliability and maintenance improvement initiatives.

InnoMaint is an effective Equipment Maintenance Management solution, It goes a step beyond providing additional functionality to support Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programs by:

  • Accident or Safety incidents can be avoided as our application is linked with safety procedures, instructions, lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) and upload other documents to your assets for immediate access.
  • Permit and personal protective equipment (PPE) are user-defined ensuring the InnoMaint CMMS solution conforms to your business needs. The user can then quickly schedule the required permits and PPE for specific jobs using schedule checklist
  • Featuring task item and types for environmental and emissions inspection checklist, calibration, approval, and Spare parts replacements for follow-up maintenance activities.
  • The strong correlation between reliability and safety, the InnoMaint solutions provide the necessary functionality to record and track any type of incident.
  • Handheld mobile devices are often used to track asset details. This eliminates paper from the operation to improve efficiency, reduce the opportunity for clerical errors, and further protect our environment.
  • InnoMaint CMMS solutions provide an optional expiration date on each record that can trigger both employee and supervisor notification of all schedules and service requests.
  • The document linking feature enables the user to link contract and compliance, training certificates, medical reports, and releases to employee records. The advantage is a single repository for employee fit-to-work information along with certifications and training records.
  • Safety work method statement (SWMS) can be quickly and easily managed from preventive maintenance work activity.
  • Tracking casual inspections, safety observations and other findings in the same solution bank (knowledge bank) as your maintenance and other activities.

To be effective, maintenance organizations need quick access to critical information to perform tasks effectively, efficiently and safely.

InnoMaint integrates incident tracking, permit requirements and other EH&S concerns with your adopted reliability and maintenance strategy, leading to significant, sustainable cultural improvements.

InnoMaint is a comprehensive CMMS solution that supports EH&S programs while being easy to learn and easy to use.


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