InnoMaint Version 3.5.5

InnoMaint Version 3.5.5

Innomaint version 3.5.5
InnoMaint Version 3.5.5: Information-oriented new website for rewarding visitor experience
Launch of New Website
We are excited to announce the launch of Innomaint’s new website. The business community will now be able to find relevant information and solutions quickly as they browse through the website with a modern look and feel. It reflects our growth over the last five years from a humble beginning to where we stand now as a market leader with a global presence in 13 countries. The top 5 benefits for the business community are as under:
  • Ability to remit payment for subscriptions via the website with UPI support.
  • The information on the most popular and latest features that rock the market is visible prominently.
  • Landing pages unique to each service category and industry vertical with use cases, illustrative videos, FAQs.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface for a rewarding visitor experience.
  • Quick loading of website home page and landing pages with improved plug-ins.
Payment Gateway Integration
The online payment makes the onboarding processes quick and hassle-free, as it supports the broadest payment options range, close to 100. Enjoy the benefits of digitization right from the stage of subscription! Feel the top-notch performance of the checkout mechanism that adds charm to your onboarding experience. auto trial option auto free trial process Choose the plan that best suits the maintenance management goals of your organization and activate the account yourself. Choose the billing period and number of user accounts you wish to purchase from the pricing page.
Product Tour for Easier Navigation of Application
Upon completion of payment, new customers shall receive the workflow diagram and start-up kit in the welcome email. The system will walk trial and live users through a virtual product tour that will help you configure the application most easily. product tour
Auto Trial Option
Trial users need not request and wait for Admin to manually approve the request. They can just register and start using the application straight away without waiting for Admin approval. The default sample data and basic workflow for work order completion in trial version instills confidence and a fair idea of the functioning mechanism of InnoMaint application. If trial period is reaching its end, notification alert shall be provided to the user. The live version will have more capabilities. free trial page In ticket creation screen(web) we’ve provided a ‘+’ button over customer field to include a customer not in the list, for FSM flow. button to include a customer not in the list
Fully Accessible Dashboard via Mobile  
In Mobile APP we’ve made the Dashboard page as informative as that of its web counterpart. Now the user can view all widgets conveying valuable information on FTFR, MTBF, Pie & Bar charts etc from anywhere, in addition to the 52 week PPM calender view. key performance people indicatorsFTFRWork order comparisonbreakdown vs completed
Innomaint Version 3.4

Innomaint Version 3.4

Asset Tracking using Bluetooth Beacons

InnoMaint has added a new feather to its cap by providing capabilities for precise asset tracking. This ability will cater to growing maintenance demands to track frequently moved assets within the building.

You can facilitate intelligent interaction among such assets and EAM Software by mapping Beacons with them and getting live updates on real-time location at any time via Bluetooth network. The move management report will reflect information on displacement.


Once asset mapping is done, notice the new icon in the screenshot provided against each asset. If the asset is being tracked, the icon glows green with its address updated in the records. If the asset moves outside the scope of the sensor the icon turns red.



Moved asset details shown in move management report as below:


Asset Movement across locations

For smooth movement of assets across locations without deadlocks, the approval for move requests is vested only with Super Admin / Operation Manager. So Location Heads shall only be able to raise move requests when it is outside of their scope.


Measuring distance travelled by a technician on a given day

On a particular day, the course taken by a technician can be tracked and measured in terms of km, excluding break timings. A Map is provided for this purpose.  On the map,

  • ‘S’ denotes Starting Point
  • ‘E’ signifies Ending Point
  • ‘B’ indicates Breakdown
  • ‘P’ stands for Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Quicker dispatch of spares  

We’ve given the Customer Head user the privilege to approve the sanction of spares stored at the customer location and acknowledge and Approve the Spare Parts Request(Customer mapping screen). This facilitates the quicker availability of spares.

Support for new currency

With the growing popularity of InnoMaint, we have extended support for a new currency Peso.


Asset user in Asset Report

The user who would usually be using a particular asset shall henceforth find a place in Asset Report. To enable this option, please select the filter item  ‘Asset User’ as illustrated in the screenshot below:


Check-out comments

Technicians may check-in and check out multiple times while working on a ticket. Displaying check-out comments during the subsequent check-ins would be useful. Hence we have provided that provision to both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance cases. The same will be displayed in the work completion ‘pdfdoc too!(both cases)

Nothing can stop you from raising instant breakdown requests !

In a bid to remove all the practical hurdles in raising a service request on an emergency basis, we have made a provision to submit service requests by just entering the name of a new customer and mobile number.  Using the InnoMaint free mobile app you can do this conveniently.

Compare Transactions

You can compare the transactions of two different customers on work orders and routine maintenance tasks from Dashboard.


Customizable Dashboard

The Dashboard widgets can be re-arranged to suit the convenience of Customers or Facility Managers.


Interactive 2D Floor Plan

It is essential to provide the technicians and other users with an understanding of the location of assets within buildings. Managers and supervisors also need to know a quick overview of asset hierarchies and the maintenance status of the assets in a pictorial representation. InnoMaint EAM provides 2D interactive floor maps for this purpose.

You can see the details of Floorwise mapping from the Dashboard. (Building screen from customer menu).

  • We can map the assets from the floor layout.
  • We can filter building wise mapped asset details.
  • Green color indicates that preventive maintenance schedule is in-progress.
  • Red color signifies that a breakdown is in-progress -Check-In.
  • Blue color conveys the message that an asset is running and is ready for usage.


In the work order estimation process, the term “Work order” has renamed to “Work estimate” in mobile and web



During QR code search for an asset or parts,  you can view its location, building, floor & room.


Asset Depreciation Report

As a significant value addition to the application, we are glad to unveil Asset Depreciation Module. Once enabled from our end, our clients shall exercise this option.

i) In the Asset Maintenance menu,  Click Add Asset

ii) Choose one among the four standard depreciation methods.

iii) Reach Asset ID Tab

You can view the current Depreciation value for a particular Asset instance(Asset ID).

You can Update the Asset Depreciation Life Cycle and Capital Expenses accordingly.

We’ve provided an exclusive report for Asset Depreciation paying due regard to its significance.

Image Annotation

We’ve spruced up multimedia illustration feature with Image Annotation capabilities. Now customers and technicians can highlight portions of images, add descriptions and erase the typed text over an image to convey their messages in a crystal clear way for quick grasping.

Web version supports Breakdown workflow

As a part of our constant quest to explore every nook and corner of the application for adding more convenience to the user experience, now Breakdown tickets can be attended from the web version of our application as well. The check-in and check-out actions that are mandatory in mobile are made optional in web implementation. You can view the spare replacement history.

While working on a PPM task, if a technician identifies an issue, he can initiate automation of a breakdown ticket creation by checking the option “Problem identified.”

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

We’re glad to unveil Release Notes V3.3.10 of InnoMaint with features fine tuned for enhancing your financial security and better control over AMC, ease of use of the application and meticulous reports for an even better user experience.

1. A new user role namely Security has been provided for Visitor Management System workflow intended to provide a seamless and professional best first impression to visitors to the host by just scanning a QR code generated uniquely for a visit after completion of pre-registration process.

2. The details for generic ticket are now shown in Transactional reports, in addition to routine PPM tasks and breakdown tickets. So facility managers can have a closer scrutiny on progress of generic tickets too !

To ensure key stakeholders are included in all forms of notifications we have made a provision for E-mail notification for Operation Manager now in addition to other high profile roles.

3. As you may be aware, apart from Technicians few other user roles will be permitted to work on Breakdown Tickets & the users can also decline the tasks by citing valid reasons. Facility Manager can now view the reason stated by the user for rejecting the task, in addition to user who did so.

4. A Scheduler has been provided with a 52 week PPM calendar. It complements the usage of calendar.

You can find the unassigned tasks for the day and conveniently assign it from this centralized location.

5. The Customer or Maintenance Head are now vested with powers to renew the AMC which has just been completed or stop the progression of AMC which is live. Till now, fresh AMC’s were created.

The renewal can be done with or without changes. In both cases the renewed AMC will be treated as a fresh one from customer point of view.

We have provided provision for Credit / Debit adjustments during AMC renewal. This feature comes handy especially when there are arrears in payment

In the Contract status report now customers can view the list of AMC’s for which the contract period has elapsed and renewed, in addition to those AMC’s in progress.

6. Customer Head can send a mail to Maintenance Head requesting renewal of current AMC which is about to expire. Upon receiving such mail the Maintenance Head who was receiving In-app notifications so far will now receive Email notification too!

7. For PPM schedule we can map the Responsible User for an instance of asset model(Asset id). The responsible person can appoint a user to manages schedule and Contract mapping in the Schedule Initiation screen.

8. In the Breakdown tickets report the user who raised the ticket is included.

9. The Maintenance Manager is now capable of viewing the history of move requests, including rejected move requests to corner & identify the asset in demand.

10. For a user who is mapped to a single location, the location field shall auto popup by default.

11. We can map multiple locations to the same user via Add mapping button without the difficulty of moving to another tab.

12. We have provided an option for reminder and escalation for partial payments in system settings for Customer and Maintenance Heads. , Given the option to configure the Partial payment reminder and its escalation if not need this option we can disable its from settings

13. Once the warranty period elapses, the warranty status changes from Active to Expired for better warranty management.

14. Bulk deletion, of data, for Assets and Parts, is now possible.

In case you try to delete an asset associated with any transaction appropriate error message will be shown.

15. The asset documents usually uploaded in the model level can now be attached to task level for the engineer to view during the PPM task execution.

16. OTP acknowledgement feature is now applicable for both corrective maintenance(breakdown) and PPM schedules. The Service technician should receive the OTP from customer head for completion formalities which would serve a proof of visit to customer premises. The Product Admin settings has to be modified accordingly.

17. Spare bulk upload
Map the spares directly to customers and service technician manually. The application also provides an option to upload spare parts, in bulk, and map to the customers.

The mapped spare details can be checked out in a asset details screen itself.

18. The Transaction report has been enriched with the below details

  • Assigned On
  • Assigned date and time
  • Response Hours,- Raised vs assigned
  • Technician Response: Assigned vs Check In time.
  • Closure time
  • Check in vs Completed time to be displayed

All the above fields are important to gauge the performance of the technician.

19. Detailed Transactional reports with more than 5000 records can be sent to respective users through email for quicker reach.

20. Contract status report shall list AMC renewal status

In-App & Email notification will be received for AMC renewal request & AMC Renewal / Stop action

21. Reminder and Escalation screens have been spruced up.

22. In case of multiple business locations of customers, the customer and Location screen has an option to add Department for easier identification of the asset.

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InnoMaint Version 3.2.5

InnoMaint Version 3.2.5

InnoMaint Version 3.2.5 extends the scope of maintenance operations further with a workflow for Warranty management & Attendance Management..

1. Warranty Package can be chosen as a type of contract in Service Package creation screen. Once created the package gets listed along with the rest of service packages. Kindly note that only hard services can be grouped under Warranty service package.

The information on warranty such as contract period, Threshold amount, number of callouts etc can be mentioned.

You can map warranty package you create against individual asset instances via the action icon with tool tip as ‘Warranty’. You can choose appropriate predefined warranty package.

Warranty schedule shall be displayed in preventive maintenance queue similar to other PPM tasks with an apparent indication of warranty.

2. In FSM flow, SuperAdmin and Customers can now export the complete list of users in the application for convenient view offline.

In AMS, Location head can attend to tickets and view the reports corresponding to location(s) mapped to him.

3. SuperAdmin and Customer can track the current location of service technician(preventive and breakdown) conveniently from the ‘Location’ icon at the top right of the page towards the left of Notification icon.

4. An authentication mechanism has been provided for Service Engineer to attend to the ticket at customer premises which stands as a proof of his visit to the premises.

The field staff can be directed to punch in while beginning work for the day and punch out while closing the work for monitoring them as they may work in different locations each day. Thus field managers can view the timestamp along with the location which is captured & recorded in the work-order.

Only after marking the attendance the technician or other user attending to the task will be able to check-in.

5. While raising a breakdown ticket the option to specify Building, Floor and Department for locating the asset precisely has been provided.

6. In the FSM flow the service agency had to store and handle spare parts from their own facility. Now they can maintain the spares in the customer premises too reducing the strain on maintenance department speeding up the time to bring a failed component to work!

Moving forward, you’ll be able to find the Customer Name in Spare Parts Stock and Spare parts Usage Reports

7. We’ve provided spare parts approval workflow for AMS upon the request of our AMS customers. Super Admin can grant the approval of spares hence paving the way for quicker dispatch. Earlier it was available only for FSM customers.

8. Now the FSM reports are comprehensive to the core with new reports namely

  • AMC status report
  • Call report
  • Payment report
  • Move management report

9. SuperAdmin can create categories and group the team members into categories according to their skill set with a head for each group for easier and quicker assignment of tickets.

Henceforth any ticket created shall be associated with categories & upon creation the ticket shall go to the respective head in the group & he can assign the tickets to any member of the group.

If autoassign option is enabled, then the ticket will be assigned to all the members in the group, at once. When one of the group member accepts the ticket it shall be disabled for other members of the group.

Service Category

10. In monitoring tasks, selected ranges should be specified in the ticket triggered for action.

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InnoMaint Version 3.2

InnoMaint Version 3.2


Gear up for distinguished field work with revamped InnoMaint V3.2

Manage WorkOrders in Offline Mode
1. If a Technician experiences disruptions to internet connectivity after logging into his account he can now continue the work offline on assigned Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedule task or breakdown task and update the progress in the system by synchronization of data with cloud server while back online.

2. It is possible to cancel the PPM schedules which are under progress in the current cycle itself.

3. An exclusive Service Request management menu has been provided for Field Service Management (FSM) SuperAdmin to manage AMC Request, AMC Callout, NC Callout & NC Quote Request – all from a single menu.

4. Our FSM customers(Super Admin) can now download the uploaded schedules, at any time, from the Import logs page for easier reference and audit.

5. Now the provision to receive the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of customer location(GEO Address) is possible. The details of the co-ordinates can simply be obtained by dragging the address through the map and pinning it on the address field.

6. It is possible to exempt the public holidays and week off’s in the application. Just configure the holiday from ‘System Settings’ sub-menu. Automated schedules shall not open up for those days.

7. Super admin can now map the asset Categories against Global Maintenance head(who can view the maintenance cycle on assets belonging to these categories)and view the list of assets mapped to Machine Owners and Machine Supervisors(FSM flow)

8. You can view comprehensive Transactional reports with information regarding the type of ticket (ex. breakdown, complaint and corrective maintenance) in the search filter results.

9. Ticket creation screen has been changed. The customers can select the type of breakdown as Hard Service / Soft Service making things clear to the customer on the nature of service requested.

Hard Service Screen :

Soft Service screen :

10. Now assets can be mapped very precisely to specific departments in customer building providing information in the below sequence: Customers > Locations > Building > Floor > Department from a single screen.

11. Under Transactional Report > Tickets asset status column is included in detailed reports.

12. Now the Transactional report provides information on the count of completed ppm tasks and breakdown within SLA time in the ppm report. Facility Managers are now equipped with tool to be constantly aware of the progress and better enforce compliance.

13. Initiation of schedules for asset instances belonging to same asset model is now simplified and can be done from the same screen without any navigation.

14. Bulk assignment of schedules is accomplished as illustrated in the screenshot.

15. The functionality of Dashboard filter is now extended to enable searches on the basis of Asset, Customer, Location. Dashboard is more informative now.

16. In addition to mapping assets with location & customer, now SuperAdmin can now map users such as Service Technician, Account Executive, Project Coordinator to asset instances.

Whenever a breakdown ticket is raised for the asset instance the users are auto assigned for the ticket based on the asset mapping done from this screen thereby saving time for assignment of ticket.

Note: Now Account Executive will be able to attend Breakdown tickets from mobile application


17. Dashboard figures can now be viewed on the basis of Asset, Customer & Location filters in addition to the existing filters for a deeper view of the maintenance progress.

18. Transactional Reports is now comprehensive as it conveys data on Count of breakdown, complaint and corrective maintenance.

19. An additional search filter “Reopened” has been provided to locate Preventive and breakdown tasks that have been reopened after being closed.

20. SuperAdmin now has the provision to upload Asset image via admin user session from mobile application facilitating easier identification of assets.

21. Audit of closed schedules has been simplified by inclusion of ‘Attachment icon’ against(only) the tasks in which service engineer has uploaded photos or videos.

22. SuperAdmin can readily view schedule work logs.

New Release of Version 3.0

New Release of Version 3.0

Innomaint release of version 3.0

1. Creation of Services

As a Super Admin / Operation Manager navigate to Setup > Services. Service Type may either be a Hard service or Soft service.

As you may know, Hard services are ones which relate to the physical fabric of the building and cannot be removed. They ensure the safety and welfare of employees and generally are required by law.

The following tasks may be mapped to Hard Services:
i) Inspection Task
ii) Monitoring Task
iii) Calibration Task
iv) Approval task
V) Spare Replacement

Soft services are ones which make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. The following tasks may be mapped to Soft Services:

i) Inspection Task
ii) Spare Replacement

2.Creation of Service Package

Once services are created you would move on to create service packages. The service package may comprise both hard & soft services. The tasks under each services will be listed out from which you can edit task details as well.

Other relevant details such as service price ,frequency of service and number of assets that can be serviced shall then be provided.

3. AMC Management

Navigate to AMC Management menu.Click ‘Add AMC’ button.

Configured Service packages will reflected in Add AMC screen, so that we can create AMC for based on service package.

1. In Add AMC Screen we have provision to select customer and his location details. We can configure AMC start date, Contract Period etc.
2. The service package configuration details such as like Frequency of services, Number of assets, Task, Price, Quantity can be modified from this screen- for the convenience of Super Admin / Operation Manager.

Upon choosing instances of Asset Model the AMC will be initiated. Total service amount will be calculated (taxes applied as per tax configurations) with tax will be included

The newly created AMC will be listed in the grid with status “New”. This AMC can now be assigned for site inspection to user with comments. Usually Technician will be assigned with site inspection tasks. However users in the higher hierarchy such as Project Coordinator, Admin can also assign estimation task for themselves.
The assigned user will displayed in list for the AMC.

Usually Project Coordinator handles assignment of site inspection tasks to Technicians. Technicians can either accept the task or reject by citing valid reasons.

After logging in Technician navigates to ‘Site Inspection’ menu in his panel.

On accepting the Site inspection, Technician visits the customer premises & submits site inspection estimation. He can upload site images and document along with his estimation details . Now the status of Site Inspection changes to “Submitted”.

During the maintenance process, Technician can add new asset instances corresponding to the asset model which can be covered under AMC. The two screens shown below are technician facing screens.


Operation Manager shall review & confirm the Site inspection. Now(In technician panel) the status of site inspection becomes “Confirmed”.

Super Admin / Operation Manager can also view the status of site inspection tasks as shown in the below screenshot:

Assign For Quote
Once the status of site inspection becomes “Confirmed” the next step is assignment of quote to Project Coordinator by Super Admin from AMC Management menu > New Tab.

After assignment the Quote Status will change to Assigned (moves to InProgress Tab)

PC can modify the information on the quote such as Frequency, No. of Asset, Price/Quantity & submit the quote.

After submission, Status of the quote changes to “Quoted”. Super Admin receives this quote with status “Estimation Received” in their “In-Progress” Tab. The Operation Manager reviews & confirms the quote.

After confirmation, Quote Status changes to “Quoted”(for Operation Manager) & AMC status changes to “Estimation Received”

The quote is now ready to be sent to customer for approval. Once sent by Super Admin, the Status of AMC will change to “Waiting For Customer Confirmation”. AMC continues to be in the queue of ‘In Progress’ Tab.

Customer has two options, on hand. He can accept or reject the quote for AMC.

Once Customer accepts the Quote, AMC status changes to “Quotation Confirmed”(for Super Admin/Operation Manager)

In this case, payment will be collected either in full or partial & recorded in the system.

Once payment done, Super Admin can initiate the schedule by specifying the start & end date. AMC status changes to “Live” once payment is done.


Schedule will be triggered based on Service name. We can view Service task details and price by clicking PDF icon. Henceforth, the process flow merges with the flow of earlier versions of InnoMaint FSM.

4. Move Management

By this feature, AMS customers can move & track the movement of assets across their business locations. For FSM customers the feature also permits movement of assets from one customer to another customer location through this feature.

Move Management button is placed in Asset maintenance menu page. If the intended asset is under a transaction(PPM schedule or breakdown) the system will prevent the movement until the transaction gets over.

The first step involved in movement of asset is creation of move request by clicking Move Management button.

Super Admin can filter the assets based on asset ID, customer, location, building etc . Once you have narrowed the search down to get the intended asset instance, click ‘Submit’ button.

Move request will be created. The status of the asset will be labeled as ‘Requested’(Refer screenshot below)

Upon clicking Approve button the respective asset shall be moved to selected customer with the asset request status changing to ‘Approved’. We can reject the move request as well.

5.Schedule Edit

Now Super Admin is empowered to edit schedules even after initiation. The changes will get effected from the next schedule.

The list of items that can be modified are:
i) Schedule Frequency
ii) Task
iii) Task Item
iv) Remove task

6. New user roles

1. Project coordinator – Primary responsibility is to assign site inspection tasks to technicians and send AMC quotes to Operation Manager

2. Operation Manager – Has nearly same level of privileges as Super Admin. Reviews AMC Quotes & sends it to customer.

Help desk executive – He is authorized to provide information on the status of AMC for a specified location(s) to customers.

From now onward all user roles will be able to work on AMC PPM, site inspection tasks.

7. Attractive dashboard enriched with KPI matrices.

Now you can view the overall big picture on maintenance department in terms of days, weeks or custom period as against monthly basis in earlier version.

Not only that! You have an entirely new set of metrices

I) Preventive compliance – The extent to which assets complied with planned schedules.
II) Scheduled vs Assigned – The count of upcoming schedules vs assigned ones(maintenance in progress)
III) Work Order By Category – Preventive schedules vs Breakdown Tickets
IV) Average Response Time – The average of first response time to schedules & breakdowns. The initial response may be assignment of tickets, rejection etc.
V) Average Resolve Time – The mean time taken for resolutions of breakdown tickets.
VI) On Time Arrival – The average percentage of arrivals of Technicians to customer/office location premises by which they adhere to system generated tentative time of arrival.
VII) FTFR- The average of cases where technician fixes breakdown in a single attempt.
VIII) Technician Performance – Based on overall customer rating.
IX) SLA Compliance – Extent to which the team adhered to SLA’s defined for various stages of PPM schedules & breakdowns.
X) Spare Consumption: The rate at which spares are used for maintenance activities.

8. User based multi language support:

The application now extends support for multiple languages. For example, UAE customers can choose Arabic, Urudu languages to get the feel of vernacular/regional languages.

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