Asset Management

Define the asset details and store in one place to improve efficiency, uptime and safety by providing Engineers/Operators quick access to asset specifications, manuals and other key product information. Maintain manufacturer related information, like equipment specifications, serial numbers, spare parts, insurance, warranty, preventive maintenance schedules and many more options to execute maintenance process effectively

  • Location wise asset management, allows user to map the serial numbers to locations/customers of the organization
  • Import your existing asset details, maintenance records, and schedules from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from other work order software using bulk upload option
  • Search and filter options allow you to quickly find an asset and view its maintenance history, work in progress, inventory information, upcoming preventive work and more
  • Define Preventive maintenance that includes PTW, LOTO, PPE, Safety checks, Inspection, Monitoring, Calibration using schedule module with customizable workflow and approval process
  • Asset details can be viewed from mobile application of mobile users for equipment users and service engineers
  • Asset details can be viewed easily by scanning QR Code from mobile application