Bulk Upload

For those migrating from excel sheet based approaches of yesteryears to digital ways which are the norm of modern period, InnoMaint facilitates quicker migration to the present set-up by means of Bulk upload. This is especially useful for businesses that handle huge volumes of data.

You can easily create multiple assets in the system, at one go. You can go on adding hundreds of buildings, locations, Addresses, Assets, Parts, etc. rendering the entire process very simple and self-managed. The information that you upload, in bulk, via bulk upload shall automatically be linked to relevant modules and other records in the company.

While letting such easier migration the application also ensures that the users with due authentication and authorized are alone allowed to perform the bulk upload function.

The status of any bulk uploads can be traced, by the user himself conveniently with a closer scrutiny on the success of bulk uploads-I.e., how many records have been successfully uploaded and the list of records that have failed to make it into the system.