ERP & CRM Integration

ERP software is a system of combined applications with a common goal to automate and manage and business functions such as planning, purchasing, sales, human resources, supply chain management and managing inventory.
Connect InnoMaint CMMS into your ERP to see data from all nook and corners of the organization, and other departments of the organization can see relevant information from the maintenance department. The inventory management feature of ERP can complement spare parts management of our CMMS.
But it has been well established that ERP software performs poorly as a tool for managing other business utilities and functions such as maintenance. ERP demands expensive customization to operate well as an enterprise asset management(EAM) system in standardizing the maintenance workflow, handling planned preventive maintenance (PPM) & automation of work orders.
Hence a best-in-class CMMS & ERP need to operate hand in hand.
InnoMaint is capable of smooth integration with any leading ERP application and can work in unison with ERP software suite to deliver great performance with regards to maintenance as a part of win-win solution.
Innomaint is loaded with modern features that had been proven to bring down operational costs and step up machine uptime while performing solitarily and also up on seamless integration with the ERP. It can provide you rich dividends CMMS with a faster return on investment(ROI). It has a congenial user interface which is simple to use and does not add up to the complexity of ERP.
Please be informed that if your CMMS fails to communicate easily and smoothly with your ERP and other systems, it can slowdown response times, cause unnecessary duplication in efforts and increase the probability of errors.The seamless integration capabilities of InnoMaint makes common data global to both systems and promotes the exchange of this data.