Geofencing Tracking

It is too difficult for us to think of a mobile application for any service work without GPS Tracking capabilities. In the InnoMaint application, both the customer as well as facility manager can track the current location of a service engineer very much similar to that of tracking the booked cab via call taxi mobile app.

To make things simple, while creating business locations in the system users can either directly enter the GPS co-ordinates of the location or the system will directly fetch the Latitude & Longitude co-ordinates from the physical address entered. Field Technicians can also identify physical location of the customer organization easily using the GEO Location tracking via his mobile session where he is posted for work which may be subjected to variations each day.

In addition a provision for undertaking maintenance tasks only within the GEO Fencing circle can be made as a step toward minimizing the travel and quicker response to service requests. This feature provides for greater transparency in dispatch of technicians.