IoT integration for smart facilities

Our full fledged IoT solutions cover Energy Consumption, People Count Management(PCM) and Covid solutions. For each of these solutions you have an exclusive Dashboard in addition to the common Dashboard from which you can understand the significance of these add-on IoT solutions. The reports are also detailed and exclusive and be instantly generated for any time period. All these modules are available as electives which can add great value to the current capabilities of InnoMaint.

The IoT - CMMS integration can help you :

  1. gain deeper insights into flow of visitors through your facility 24X7
  2. dramatically cut down maintenance costs on energy consumption for either a whole multi storeyed building or for individual tenants in it.
  3. with automated alerts to the managers and administrators to manage organization in line with the covid-19 guidelines laid down by Governments such as wearing masks and isolation of persons with fever.

The monitored information keeps on piling up continuously and you can exercise control on the frequency of fetching of data.

You can configure any camera such as People count sensor camera (surveillance camera mounted in entrance, conference rooms, corridors etc) and Thermal sensor camera establishing connectivity with CMMS through IP Address and MAC Address of associated sensors and map it with locations in your facilities.

People Count Management provides dynamic information on occupancy status to maximize building efficiency, adjust lighting, ventilation in accordance with traffic flow and covid tracking system can capture the visitors based on the high temperature preset in the application. You can accordingly define activities to isolate or treat the concerned persons containing the spread of the infection.

The time is now ripe for infusing such reforms in your organization as the nation marches towards recovering from the widespread losses caused by the covid-19 pandemic !!