Maintenance Management

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a key factor for improving the performance of your equipment maintenance operations. InnoMaint’s PM is a more reliable maintenance strategy enables organizations to generate PM frequency based on calendar, meter reading or in hours. You can automate schedules, trigger reminders to receive notifications when a new PM is due soon or enable escalation when PM is overdue. The PM will enable you to prevent failures and reduce costs.

  • Define PM details in one place and can be associated with multiple serial numbers automatically
  • You can define an unlimited number of calendar/meter-based PM task for each asset
  • Preventive maintenance can be created for PTW, LOTO, PPE, Safety checks, Inspection, Monitoring, Calibration using schedule module with customizable workflow and approval process
  • To maintain PM process consistency, you can create a sequence of standard operating procedures to be done for every PM task, by assigning responsible team of technicians for each task
  • Can assign multiple teams/members to balance workload when scheduling preventive maintenance based on the skill set of the team for each task
  • Schedule calendar component will enable you to view current and upcoming schedules based on location, department, asset/equipment
  • Auto-triggered PM process will be executed to populate next 6 months PM schedules and eliminates manual preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Automated email notifications will be send to the assigned technician or any other email address when a PM is generated