MultiLocation Management

We can quickly configure and set up Multi location management for your business. Work order data from different sites will be segregated and delivered to the technicians and branch managers which wards off noise in your CMMS driving productivity and improving bottom line.

Multi Location Management is one of the important feature of InnoMaint which allows you to collaborate maintenance operation across multiple business locations in an easier manner. The privacy and confidentiality of maintenance department activities in each of the location can be upheld. Upholding such secrecy was challenging earlier using a paper based or unorganized approach.

You can operate multiple facilities or business locations from one central CMMS database. Each user can have varied scope and level of authorization. Permissions can also be provided on the basis of user groups. The multi site management is secure to the extent that no user gets permission for access to reports or data that is irrelevant to him.
Assets can be mapped very precisely to specific departments in customer or organization building providing information in the below sequence: Customers > Locations > Building > Floor > Department from a single screen.
Not just that! Your organization can standardize maintenance procedures and infuse a suitable work place culture in all the locations from where you operate your business with one central CMMS. Measurement and comparison of performance of each team with their counterparts in other locations as well as performance on the whole is easier.