Service Request Management

Automate your service requests for breakdown and scheduled Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedules using InnoMaint !!

The unfortunate period of novel Covid-19 era has had a telling impact on the global economy forcing business firms to give a serious thought to explore all possible avenues of curtailing the operational and maintenance expenses.

An obvious solution down the line which is being recommended by maintenance experts is to switch over to digital methods for management of maintenance department from the conventional excel, spreadsheet or paper based approach which have proven to be ineffective and complex to manage service requests and preventive maintenance schedules.

A structured cloud based maintenance management system which is also available in the form of mobile app can save you from lost tickets, duplicate service requests, communication gaps, miscommunication etc.
You can breakdown the schedules into tasks and in turn split tasks into checklists. The technician would require to answer each checklist as a part of recording his routine work. This ensures that complete fixes are provided and no check is missed out in hurry.

You can establish the best practices by attaching documents wherever necessary to the checklists with clear information of what needs to be done and in what sequence the checklists are to be implemented.

With InnoMaint CMMS, you decide and authorize the user roles who can raise service requests upon breakdown of assets or services in facilities. Our multimedia ticketing system enables you to annex photos or videos illustrating the issue that makes the problem statement clear and complete.

Facility Managers are provided with a real time visibility of service engineers and also group the service technicians based on the type of service such as electrical, welding, painting, HVAC etc. This makes the real time assignment pretty quicker.

The system allows the service engineer to decline the assignment by citing valid reasons. As the technician begins working on the task only after checking-in the real time duration consumed for the work is known. The digital signature of customer is obtained along with feedback thus endorsing the work done.

The application provides for fixing issues on trial basis. The process of hand over between departments can be done without deadlock in a smooth manner. Same ticket can be re-opened when the issue surfaces again saving the time for both customer and field technician.

It is possible to cancel the PPM schedules which are under progress in the current cycle itself. Corrections, if any, can be accommodated instantly from the next cycle.You can now download the uploaded schedules, at any time, from the Import logs page for easier reference and audit.

QR codes can be instantly generated in a unique manner and service engineer can scan the same using his mobile for a thorough knowledge on service history and complete fixes.

Two way feedback system helps the management in knowing the contention of both the sides paving the way for fair and transparent service. All major features of the web version can be availed when you login via Tablet or smart phone.

You can reduce time devoted for managing work requests by up to 30 %. The PPM schedules open up at recurring intervals with a clear mention of the priority that an engineer needs to exercise while delivering the services. You thereby eliminate unnecessary email communication. While keying in a service request for a particular asset model the application prompts suggestions with similar entries(service requests) that already match.