AMC Management

Annual maintenance contract can be signed by a customer for a particular period based on the selected package which contains planned preventive maintenance activities and replacement of faulty spare parts. Packages requested by the customer will be initiated by help desk executive and managed by operation coordinator.

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Service Request Management

Service Request Management resolves customer’s service request which will be initiated by help desk executive and managed by operation coordinator by providing highest level of service support quality to customer.

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Maintenance Management

  • Preventive maintenance (PM) is a key factor for improving the performance of your maintenance operations. InnoMaint’s PM is a more reliable maintenance strategy enables organizations to generate PM frequency based on calendar or in hours. You can automate schedules, trigger reminders to receive notifications when a new PM is due soon or enable escalation when PM is overdue. The PM will enable you to prevent failures and reduce costs.
  • You can define an unlimited number of calendar based PM task for each service task.

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Safety Compliance

InnoMaint helps regulatory compliance professionals ensure that maintenance standards for workforce, work site and facilities are established and followed.

  • Our system enables to streamline the process of managing the incident service request and to utilize the workforce efficiently.
  • Mobile application is capable of raising the incident to the right personnel and to resolve the incidents by the engineers.
  • For any incident you can allocate multiple service engineers to attend different tasks based on area of expertise.
  • Configurable work order management module is integrated with incident management.

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Contract Compliance

  • InnoMaint’s contract & compliance management is a key component that brings together operational efficiency and worksite, workforce compliance which reduces the operational risks.
  • Contract for the service contractors are managed through a very simple user experiences and verification workflow process.
  • Contracts can be uploaded with the respective documents.

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SLA for Incidents & Schedules

Today’s business demands high quality services on time, maintenance operations could be costly and damaging to the business. By implementing strict Service Level Agreements to ensure high standards of operational administration and facility Managers and service team to ensure that the required service levels are being met for the incidents or preventive maintenance service requests.

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Reminder & Escalation

  • You can set up reminders and escalations in InnoMaint which is a valuable tool that stakeholders and workflow owners can use to ensure that their operational and maintenance flow are processed appropriately on pre-defined schedule.
  • Reminders are set to notify the responsible users for any upcoming planned activities like PM, spare parts replacements, contract renewal and so on to ensure the compliance and maintenance process are adhered.

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Dashboard and Reports

InnoMaint’s powerful Dashboard and Reports will help the decision makers to increase the performance of the facility maintenance service.

  • Can avail different types of reports from workforce reports to see where technician or engineers are with their scheduled preventive maintenance, overdue schedule/incident tickets, KPI of engineers, SLA violations reports.
  • Prevent downtime by accessing and analyzing history reports like repetitive problems.

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Mobile Application

Our mobile InnoMaint application gives you complete access to all the service details that you need from your mobile device. You can quickly pull up the service record to raise an incident ticket which allows you take a picture of the damage, and create a work order while you’re on location.

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