Monitor, Measure & Manage Your Facility Maintenance with CMMS To Enhance Customer Service & Day-to-Day Operations.

We understand the need to transform your Facility Management Service business digitally and enhance your Equipment, Customer satisfaction and Workforce.

Introducing InnoMaint Cloud Based Software that cater all your FMS business specific needs.


Innomaint is a cloud-based Facility Management Software that monitors, measures and manages all your maintenance activities, service technicians, and execution of the workforce from anywhere, at any time through web and mobile applications.

Mobile app for your service technicians to get Instant notification of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks and new service requests.

Monitor by measures including performance of the equipment, workforce productivity, PM compliance, overdue tickets & SLA violations.

It helps to manage the maintenance of HVAC system, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire protection, Security & Safety.

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Improve Productivity and Efficiency:

Immediate access to solution bank (knowledge base) that will assist your service technician to identify what solution is given for any incident from the historical data.

Improve data collection with features such as geo location tracking, image/video capture, barcode/QR code scanning, and digital customer signatures.

Service request can be initiated for an AMC customer or Non Contract customer. Service request can be assigned to technicians based on the service category.

Contract for the service contractors are managed through a very simple user experience and verification workflow process.

Monitor SLA compliance automatic escalations (unlimited levels) in case of SLA violations of pre-defined time intervals.


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