Increase Production Capacity By 15% Without Buying New Equipment

  • Improve OEE Score Upto 85% through 100% Proactive Maintenance.
  • Improve the productivity through preventive maintenance (PM).
  • Increase the Lifespan of Machinery by reduced MTTR & increased MTBF
  • Innomaint helps to
    • Protect assets
    • Increase equipment life time
    • Improve system reliability
    • Reduce cost of replacement
    • Step up production.

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Introducing InnoMaint Cloud Based Software that caters to your asset management needs.

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Innomaint is a cloud-based Equipment Maintenance Management Software that monitors, measures and manages all your maintenance activities from anywhere, at any time through web and mobile applications.

Mobile app for your service technicians to get Instant notification of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks and new service requests.

Monitors performance of the equipment, workforce productivity, PM compliance, overdue tickets & SLA violations.

Helps protect assets, increase equipment life time & improve system reliability.

Handles unknown incidents smartly & improves equipment reliability with proactive & preventive maintenance processes.

Streamlines workflow by improving MTBF and MTTR

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Solution bank walks the service technician through troubleshooting steps.

Improve data collection with features such as geo location tracking, image/video capture, barcode/QR code scanning, and digital customer signatures.

Advanced Multi Location management helps you improve operations and manage multi sites anywhere at anytime.

Powerful Dashboard and KPI Reports to help maintenance managers

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9 Major Features To Increase Your Productivity

  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Safety Compliance
  • Solution Bank
  • Dashboard & Report
  • Mobile Application
  • Contract & Compliance
  • SLA for Incidents
  • Progressive Self-Diagnosis
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