Field Service Management Software

Increase Service Response time by 50% with better onsite communication and assign right technician to complete more jobs

Be informed of field issues instantly, & streamline maintenance promptly via the power of field force management app embedded in your palms.

      Easy Automatic Assigning of Work Order to Technicians
      Geo-Fencing Solution to Quickly Locate the Technicians
      35% Rise in Profits for the Service Business
     Mobile Field Service Software Makes Field Agent Job Faster by 10x.

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Make Easier Day To Day Maintenance Operations & Resolve Issues Quickly With End-To-End Cloud Field Service Management System

Increased Profits

Serve more customers in a short period with quicker services using knowledge of seniors and peers via mobile app.


Plan the Day Flexibly

Customers can reschedule appointments till the last minute. Techs get notified duly, even while on the way.


Customer Satisfaction

Digital signature & online ratings on service quality and engineer’s attitude serve as an acknowledgment and assessment of work.

Accurate Estimates

Know the exact time spent on each job & mileage of techs for accurate & transparent work order estimates and reimbursements.


Complete Fixes

Technicians can pull the entire asset history with a mobile scan of unique QR codes pasted on assets for wise fixes.


Reduced Wait Times

As customers get notified of the journey and route taken by techs live through Geo Location Tracking, they need not wait unnecessarily.

Improved Communication

Innomaint FSM application ensures no single communication on work orders goes unnoticed with notification for comments too!


Automatic Reporting

The mobile app for service technicians sends accurate reports automatically to the web app covering work during the offline time. Sounds great!


Flexible Scheduling

Supervisors can reschedule or re-assign jobs at any moment with a full view of the dynamic workload. Techs can decline assignments by stating valid reasons.

Simplify Your Field Operations And Deliver World-Class Service

To Your Customers With Our Work Order System For Maintenance

We’re trusted by hundreds of clients across industry verticals

Delivering Exceptional On-Site Customer Service with Technicians

Through Our Features

Real-Time Field Staff Geo Location Tracking

Track the attendance of your engineers with field service technician management software. Gain instant visibility into the current workload at any moment via the mobile app. The various possible status:

    On their way to the site
    Idle or yet to start work
    Service In Progress
    On break at client site

Geo location
Multi media

Multimedia Tickets & Digital checklists

Customers can raise issues with clear and complete descriptions supported by photo or video illustrations. Approvers can review service requests and add all documents and information needed for successful work order completion.

    Image annotation
    Attachment for comments
    Comfort of native language

Multi media

Powerful Mobile Application

Mobile applications provide nearly all the functionalities as their web counterpart. Raise, approve, schedule, assign & track work orders while on the go. Do more with the power of AMC Management software in your pockets.

    Quick access to any information with role based authentication
    Instant Alert notifications on progress & changes to schedules
    QR code based scan for easy service requests & data retrieval

Mob app
KPI dashboard

KPI Dashboard & Reports

KPI Dashboard provides a visual summary of maintenance progress as key performance indicators (KPIs) & metrics. It is customizable, and you can compare progress on different customers.

    Scheduled Vs assigned work order
    Budget oriented metrics
    FTFR, MTBF, MTTR, etc

KPI dashboard

Empower Your Technicians With Real-Time Tracking, Mobile Compatibility, And Job Scheduling

Key Features

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Scheduling, dispatching, and tracking field workers to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Efficiently assign tasks to service technicians and track their work progress

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Enables tracking and managing employee attendance, absences, and time off requests.



Allows companies to efficiently manage the maintenance of their assets and equipment.

Offline Mobile
Operation Mode

Offline Mobile
Operation Mode

Continue to work and access critical data even in areas with limited or no network connectivity

Track Distance

Track Distance

Track the distance traveled by the service technicians and vehicles for better expense management and optimized routing.

SLA for Incidents & Schedules

SLA for Incidents & Schedules

Ensures the service delivery meets agreed-upon standards and timeliness.

Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Management

Streamlines spare parts and ensure quick access to necessary components.

Digital Signature & Rating

Digital Signature & Rating

Ensures secure and authenticated sign-offs while rating allows customers to provide feedback and rate service quality.



Efficient knowledge transfer in field service management software enhances productivity and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Efficiently manage global operations with multi-language support.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

Allow for seamless communication between various systems, improving operational efficiency.

Explore the Use case of Field Service Maintenance Management Solutions by Industry verticals


    Innomaint provides a platform to manage manufacturing assets deployed at customer sites         seamlessly.
    Increase productivity and reduce downtime by proactively managing manufacturing assets          with Innomaint’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.
    March towards zero downtime as production suffers significantly even for short-lived                     breakdowns.

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KPI dashboard

Engineering Services

✔    When an elevator in a shopping mall malfunctions, the mall owners wish the issue is addressed at the earliest.
    The reason is obvious that people tend to prefer shopping at leisure without physical strain
    Imagine how nice it would be if any shopper or lift operator could raise the  issue by a simple QR code scan to the technical team.
    With InnoMaint Field Force Management app, any anonymous user can submit a service request.

KPI dashboard

HVAC Management

    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units  have become basic amenities nowadays.
    Field service companies that deal with this rental equipment need access to service history           and spare availability from a single interface.
    InnoMaint Field Force Management app provides access to this data even in offline mode. It         has a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction and business growth.

Mob app
KPI dashboard


    InnoMaint Field Service Management System simplifies cleaning services by                creating and assigning digital work orders, tracking employee hours, and                      automating the entire workflow.
    By streamlining work order management, cleaning service providers can                       reduce the risk of errors and ensure that their staff complete tasks                                 efficiently and timely.

KPI dashboard

Pest Control

    Optimize pest control services with effective field technician management and streamlined           business processes.
    Using Innomaint pesticide control software, you can manage everything from scheduling               and auto-assigning tasks to tracking technician activity on-site.
    The application assigns the best staff to each job. You can automate this process and                    optimize worker assignments based on real-time data and insights.

Mob app
KPI dashboard

Vending Machine Management

    The vending management sector has a vast scope to gain from the                       automation of field service operations.
    FSM software helps regularly monitor the performance of vending                       machines installed at varied locations remotely.
    The application alerts concerned stakeholders on fraudulent activity and             restores faulty units quickly to normalcy.

KPI dashboard

Heavy Equipment

    Contractors can manage heavy-duty vehicles executing construction tasks remotely with               advanced route optimization and GPS tracking capabilities.
    With such a proactive approach, you can check interruptions to business well in advance.
    InnoMaint’s Field Service Management application ensures raw materials are always                      available on demand, which is essential for this industry vertical.

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KPI dashboard


    Minimize the risk of accidents and ensure workers complete construction           repairs to the highest quality standards with digital checklists.
    Customize approval workflows as per your wish to suit real-time scenarios.
    Equip your general contractors and construction workers with an easy-to-           use AMC Management software for necessary and updated information at          their fingertips.

KPI dashboard

Medical Equipment

    Our Medical equipment field service software helps businesses to track regulatory                         compliance requirements demanded by standards such as HIPAA, FDA, and ISO.
    Innomaint’s automated reporting feature ensures medical device service is done according           to industry standards. It helps reduce compliance risks and avoid penalties.
✔    Gain instant access to equipment maintenance history via a simple QR code mobile scan.            The ability to share knowledge with peers reduces the burden of field service technicians.   

Mob app
Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

    Innomaint work order system for maintenance enables you to set unique           maintenance schedules for each scooter model and receive mobile                       notifications on work orders when maintenance is due to keep your                    electric vehicles compliant.
    Easily store and manage parts and equipment at customer locations, link           them to work orders, and maintain accurate records for generating                     estimates.
    Empower your field technicians to capture digital checklists during the                 installation of EV charging outlets and previous service history for vehicle           service.

KPI dashboard

Solar Energy

    Keep track of your solar setup’s products and parts easily using the InnoMaint Mobile Field           Service Software.
    Provide warehouse managers and service technicians with the visibility of inventory levels,           order status, and replacement schedules.
    Receive alerts when stock levels are low, ensuring you never run out of parts. Manage your           solar business’ inventory efficiently.

Mob app
KPI dashboard

Utility Management

✔    Utility management is a multi-faceted FSM sector dealing with electricity,             sewage, water, etc.
    Line supervisors can have a real-time view of staff’s performance and unify         their efforts for better collaborative work.
    Your field staff can get the help they need from the work site via their                 mobile from solution bank and other peers.
    The mobile app lets technicians take pictures of fixes or defects and                     upload  them directly to the system, speeding up the restoration of                       services.

KPI dashboard


    Define seamless schedules, create estimates, and generate invoices for roofing services.
    Ease the difficulties owing to disparate tools and multiple contractors with simple and                   powerful job scheduling to eliminate confusion, errors, and delays.
    By adopting a centralized Innomaint platform for managing operations, you can streamline           service business by effective coordination with contractors and keeping everyone on the               same page.

Mob app
KPI dashboard

Furniture Delivery

    Take control of your furniture delivery business operations with                             InnoMaint’s Field Force mobile app.
    Enable drivers to see complete work order history, track and manage                   assets that need to be delivered, and capture proof of deliveries -all in one         place.
    Create fuel-efficient, shortest, or hassle-free routes for field service teams           to deliver furniture within the specified time frame.

KPI dashboard



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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Benefit From Field Management Software?

It can help to streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase efficiency. It can also help improve communication between field service technicians and firms, providing real-time visibility into the status of jobs.

Does the software offer any customization options & Integration?

We provide integration options for several third-party applications irrespective of the license type. Customization is available based on user needs for on-premise customers.

Is there any training or support available for the software?

Yes, we provide support after onboarding based on customer needs.

Is there any free trial?

Yes. You can instantly access a free trial without any credit card details.

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The Software allowed us to manage all our maintenance activities in one place. Helps tackle costing/budget better and better maintenance scheduling...

  • General Manager
  • Vickrah Plastics
It makes our work easy and systematize, big help to our company. Support are very friendly and active.

  • Maintenance Head
  • Sourcing Links Est
It was good experience intrinsically all the requirements are covered in your software

  • Vice President
  • AAR Consulting & services Pvt Ltd
Innomaint provides good service. The application is associated with minimal downtime. Customer care is excellent. Everything is good.

  • Mining & Metals
  • GemcoKati Exploration Pvt. Ltd
We hold several long-term AMC with multiple clients for our services. Preventive Maintenance, Report Generation and Ticket Assignments to Technicians are effective with Innomaint. Feature richness, ease of use and reports are the primary reasons for us to choosing Innomaint.

  • Asst Manager Planning & Control
  • Majees Technical Services LLC
Our overall experience of the application is Good. Most of the features in the market are available. Service post-sale and customer service are good.

  • Manager
Innomaint is flexible, adaptable, user friendly and cost effective. It was a good experience monitoring, measuring and managing day-to-day maintenance operations for various facilities and contracts. The web version of the platform is also easy to handle for our technicians, supervisors & engineers.
  • JOJI J

  • Asst. Manager
  • Bahwan Engineering Co.
It is a good experience until now. The user interface of the application is good. It is very reliable and efficient in managing tasks and also gives an update on daily basis.

  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Daifuku Co., Ltd
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