Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance tries to maintain the facility and the assets in the facility in a timely, orderly and well functioning manner to ensure the facility as a whole is fit for the intended use to the maximum possible extent. This is done by scheduling the maintenance tasks well in advance at regular intervals.

Here are a few checklists applicable to different spheres of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Building Interior, Building Exterior, Branded machinery etc.

PM Checklist for ELECTRICAL

1. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
2. Verify if timers and photocells are functioning correctly. These photocells are used in street lamps and automatic night lights.
3. Check electric power line from utility poles to the building. Remove any Branches of trees fallen apart and hanging over the lines.
4. Check if the power lines are high enough not to be hit by a moving truck or lorry.
5. Check if the necessary earthing has been provided to avoid electrocution.
6. Check the lighting in parking lot.
7. Check the distilled water levels in inverter each month and replenish whenever necessary.

As per the statistics of U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunction constitutes around eight percent of residential fires which ended up in fatalities.

A routine electric maintenance service apart from prolonging the life of your important electrical systems helps you avoid expensive repairs.

PM Checklist for HVAC

1. Detach and wash air filters from indoor unit.
2. Check if the evaporator coils of the split AC indoor unit are dirty. If so, clean using wet cloth.
3. Check the condenser coil of the outdoor unit for dirt.
4. Check the drain at the rear end for blockages.
5. Cut back vegetation so as to maintain a minimum distance from the outlet of an outdoor unit.
6. Check amp and volt draw.
7. Once serviced, cycle the Air conditioning unit through its operation to ensure it has regained its maximum cooling capacity without any issues in running.


1. Check the firefighting equipment license. If expired notify immediate supervisor promptly.
2. Check the condition and operation of toilets and showers.
3. Check if the doors open all the way without friction and exit pathways are not obstructed.
4. Check for accumulation of trash in storage areas.
5. Check for evidence of infestation by termites.


1. Identify paint peeling off from walls
2. Notice the cracks on walls.
3. Examine the condition of all railings which are the supporting structures for vertical grills.
4. Uproot the plants growing on the building as it will weaken the strength of it.
5. In case of buildings with decorative roofs, make sure that the roofs do not leak.
6. Check if the dried leaves accumulated over the sheet of metal roofing system in parking lot is cleared at regular intervals to avoid it weakening the sheet.

The checklists can be defined & easily tracked based on all types of assets belonging to every industry verticals:


1.Ensure debris does not accumulate over machinery.

2. Check the tools for sharpness at regular intervals, using sharpening machinery.

3. Check and replace tools that have worn out.

4. Check the fluid levels in the batteries, reservoir or tanks frequently.


1. Inspect hoses and belts
2. Inspect Glasses, Mirrors for damage
3. Inspect the body of the vehicles for scratches.
4. Inspect the undercarriage of the vehicle
5. Inspect the electrical system of the vehicle.


1. Check all light bulbs.
2. Check if GFCI Breaker has been included in the electric circuit for bathrooms
3. Check if TV remote works.
4. Check for dial tone in the telephones installed at rooms.
5. Check if drawer handles and knobs are intact.
6. Check if sufficient gloves and hair masks are available for all the staff responsible for cooking and serving food.


1. Ensure chemical safety goggles, gloves are in place.
2. Check if touch-up paint has been used to safeguard bare metals from corrosion.
3. Check if each farm building has a first aid kit.
4. Check if above ground fuel storage tanks are at a minimum distance of 40 feet from buildings around.
5. Check if flammable liquids are stored in approved containers.

Anesthesia checklist

i) Check if the patient has a known allergy to any drugs
ii) Check if the patient’s teeth are free from tartar or visible dental infections.
iii) Check for any infections in the airway path.
iv) Check if blood or other intravenous fluids are available during surgery.

Before skin incision:

i) Ensure all team members have introduced themselves by name and role
ii)The incision site and surgical procedure has to be confirmed by all staff.

Infection-related checklist:

i) Check if all surgical equipments are disinfected prior to sterilization.
ii) Check if all surgical equipments are cleaned to remove debris prior to sterilization.
Iii) Check if catheters are sterilized by exposure to formaldehyde
Iv)Ensure plasma sterilization is performed for implants.


1. Schedule a scan of entire system using antivirus.

2. Run the system cleaning utility at least once a week for cleaning junk files and invalid registry entries.

3. Check if the charge retention capacity of the laptop is normal. Once fully charged, if the charge depletes quickly check for a compatible version of a good battery and place an order.

4. Check for the performance of the system once in a month. In case of performance issues, request management to upgrade the RAM.

5. Check the audio settings and microphone settings to ensure seamless calls over skype.

The above lists are just excerpts from the whole lot of activities. A centralized view of the entire set of work orders and a well-organized way to effectively track the work orders is necessary for a facility manager. It is the order of the day. Computer-aided Facility Management System(CAFM) such as Innomaint is quite competent to be considered for this purpose. It can be used to automate the preventive maintenance checklist for facilities, ad hoc scheduling of maintenance for any industry vertical. Give a try and feel the amazing difference !!


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