Asset Lifecycle Management 

Track all asset information, asset movements and maintenance costs etc in a single place. Group assets by department, type, or location etc & specify interdependencies. End to End approach for completeness in Asset Management

asset lifecycle management

End to End Approach

Begin optimizing assets right from the stage of procurement till disposal to derive the most out of the asset. Gain visibility into much needed asset location, default user of the asset, the current productivity level of the asset, maintenance status of the asset; Map assets with technicians, spares, locations; Group assets by type, location, department etc and establish interdependencies among assets; Retrieve service history, manuals, warranty cards in few clicks for best clarity on asset usage and optimizing maintenance and utility operations without needless purchase or overstocking of assets.

Scalable solution that protects assets

Be a forward thinking company by choosing a fool-proof maintenance software that enables you to be at the top of asset management as the business scales up and thrives! Store work instructions for asset maintenance,safety practices on handling assets in a centralized repository and access them instantly on need for shielding assets from damages.

Reduce costs throughout asset lifespan

Effective asset life cycle management can extend asset lifespans, reduce the maintenance cost throughout its life, and decrease the likelihood of failure with the right combination of workflows for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.

Keep assets operating at peak performance.

Routine maintenance keeps assets operating at their peak performance. Asset life cycle management helps your facility operate as efficiently as possible, relieving facility managers and maintenance supervisors off the burden of maintenance management.

Additional Features

Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset Tracking with BLE/RFID/QR Code

OEE Monitoring
Interactive Asset Floor Plan
Procurement Management
IoT Energy Monitoring
Inventory Management
Fixed Asset Auditing

Organization Visibility

Overall performance bench marking with KPI of assets, personnel, processes & maintenance management

Improved Maintenance Planning

Using Schedule calendar can reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient PM work schedules

Measure Performance

Monitor KPI, including workforce productivity, PM compliance, downtime, overdue tickets & SLA violations

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