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Lift the complexities in your workflows with our industry-specific workflow management software.

Automate repetitive tasks effortlessly for flawless operations with solutions for your specific requirements.

Visualize, build, and reshuffle workflows to see quick results and achieve business objectives dramatically.

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The technology trend outlook by McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm that is a trusted advisor to leading businesses and governments, maintains that 70% of new applications will use low-code/no-code automation solutions by 2025.


Improve Application Usability

Extend the usability and capabilities of your current software by automating specific workflows with a low-code solution.

Reduce Human Intervention

Automate every workflow that cannot be automated using your existing software for far wider benefits and quick data collection.

Eliminate Workflow Errors

Share information on-field better with reliable dynamic forms as a replacement to paper forms vulnerable to errors.

Quickly Upscale Applications

A low code application platform (LCAP) makes it easy to scale applications you get from vendors cost-effectively.

Customize Utility Workflows

Our custom business applications automate routine tasks while performing customization to meet your specific requirements.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Empower teams to focus on core innovations by opting for low-code automated solutions for utility applications.

Save SDLC Costs

Choose low code over traditional development to match the growth priorities of the business with a pretty quick SDLC.


Tailored Workflow Solutions

Innomaint Dynamic workflow solutions set low code into the
development process in a visual IDE to model and customize
common workflows to your needs.


Visual analytics tools detect bottlenecks and
optimize processes.


Build any dynamic workflow to complete your
current application.


Rebuild or shuffle workflows for best productivity
at ease.

Geo location
Geo location

Interface Designers

Create dynamic forms, reports, and dashboards with
Interface Designers that boost the team’s performance at
every level via Process Automation software.


Turn information quickly into action.


Drag, drop & launch automation via any form.


Build consistent & seamless experiences.

Workflow Manager

Leverage the real power of Innomaint LCAP that empowers
even a non-developer to master business logic to achieve
what they want, and it’s just simply getting the work done.


Reduce significant effort & cost spent on simple applications with workflow automation.


Breathe quick life into your ideas with Low-code application development.


Speed up accurate data collection by building
effective workflows.

Multi media
Multi media
Geo location

Seamless Integrations

Build powerful workflows and connectors between your EAM/CMMS and existing ERP software to realize the potential of combined capabilities in lesser time and cost


Get rid of the slowness of building connections internally.


Feel safe and secure that data flows both ways.


Pull data easily from RPA, databases & webhooks.

Use Cases


Low-code development can be employed to build inventory management modules, real-time monitoring systems, quality control applications, etc.


User-friendly platforms are a lifeline for the retail industry to engage customers and boost sales. Our Low-code custom business applications help in swift creation of customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Banking and Finance

Dynamic workflow solutions lend a helping hand by building workflows to a software instantly. They help the institutions better internal processes and stay competitive.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Complete visibility into logistics and supply chain is essential for tracking movement of goods and people across locations. Low-code development can help optimize route planning, track shipments, etc.


Our industry specific workflow management software eases the administrative burden of the healthcare industry by offering Low-code development solutions for patient record management, telemedicine, and appointment scheduling.


The pandemic popularized the concept of e-learning. Low-code development platforms simplify the development of faculty portals, student management systems, and e-learning.

Build applications swiftly and Choose the best workflow in less time
for best business outcomes and consistent results!

Applications of LCAP solutions

Few of the useful low-code automation solution we have implemented for our clients:

We offered the solution to our esteemed client Shree Cements that was developed using our workflow automation tool.

The low-code automation solution enables maintenance technicians to inspect multiple assets in a zone in a single visit and raise defects uncovered. It serves as a proof of visit of staff to the zone. View reports on time taken for inspections, details on defects uncovered, etc.

We implemented a Logbook automation solution for our esteemed client JWIL. Digital logbooks are the present age norm replacing registers or notebooks. It helps in reliable record-keeping for mission-critical process data. All the data logged are stored with timestamps for enhanced traceability.

Apart from this, we implemented a low-code solution based on IoT to measure water flow rate and volume across pipelines and valves with water meters and record the same in the application. The customized dynamic workflow solution provides provision to record these data based on random business needs that cannot be fit into schedules.

We implemented the dynamic workflow solutions software to automate energy meter installation for our esteemed client Saturn Pyro Sdn Bhd. The low-code solution makes techs strictly adhere to the established procedure such as filling checklists and seeking client approval for new installations. 

The solution automates supervisor notifications upon client approvals, invoice generation for all installations. Apart from this, it provides workflow to enter and track payment details.

Our customizable process automation solution helps to easily handle and track equipment movement across the facility in both directions. It is used to generate gate pass requests, approvals, and automates obtaining manager approval, clearance from the purchase team, store incharge, and verification at security desk. Apart from ensuring accountability among the staff, the system is easy to use, fool-proof and secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Low code platform completely replace manual coding?

You can create any common customized workflow with a low-code platform. The learning curve is minimal here. Hand-coding is reserved for creating custom, full-fledged customer-facing applications.

Is Innomaint workflow modeler a low code or no code platform?

Ours is a low-code platform. It is possible to create powerful workflows that are easy to develop and maintain with shortened deployment cycles.

What are the areas where low code is preferred over hand coding?

Low code fares well in the following areas: Relatively simple functionality,  utility, & internal applications.

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The Software allowed us to manage all our maintenance activities in one place. Helps tackle costing/budget better and better maintenance scheduling...

  • General Manager
  • Vickrah Plastics
It makes our work easy and systematize, big help to our company. Support are very friendly and active.

  • Maintenance Head
  • Sourcing Links Est
It was good experience intrinsically all the requirements are covered in your software

  • Vice President
  • AAR Consulting & services Pvt Ltd
Innomaint provides good service. The application is associated with minimal downtime. Customer care is excellent. Everything is good.

  • Mining & Metals
  • GemcoKati Exploration Pvt. Ltd
We hold several long-term AMC with multiple clients for our services. Preventive Maintenance, Report Generation and Ticket Assignments to Technicians are effective with Innomaint. Feature richness, ease of use and reports are the primary reasons for us to choosing Innomaint.

  • Asst Manager Planning & Control
  • Majees Technical Services LLC
Our overall experience of the application is Good. Most of the features in the market are available. Service post-sale and customer service are good.

  • Manager
Innomaint is flexible, adaptable, user friendly and cost effective. It was a good experience monitoring, measuring and managing day-to-day maintenance operations for various facilities and contracts. The web version of the platform is also easy to handle for our technicians, supervisors & engineers.
  • JOJI J

  • Asst. Manager
  • Bahwan Engineering Co.
It is a good experience until now. The user interface of the application is good. It is very reliable and efficient in managing tasks and also gives an update on daily basis.

  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Daifuku Co., Ltd
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