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Retaining customers is less expensive and saves the effort of acquiring new customers. With a CRM System, you can implement customer retention strategies to help your business prosper.

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A CRM Tool helps you improve customer experience by listening and responding to your customers better based on priorities, and accessing all records quickly.



Progress Based Targets

Set targets for the team based on stage wise deal info., month-on-month comparisons of deals created, closed, and revenue earned.


Personalized Communication

Use the organized information you have on leads to tailor & prioritize your communication with relevance to their needs.


Timely Follow-up

Don’t miss out on any follow-up at the planned time with prompt notifications and reminders so that you never lose closure.

Single Click Invoices

Convert sales orders straight into clear, accurate & instant invoices in one click with a professional touch for quick and satisfactory payments.

Fact Oriented Decisions

View & download customized reports on leads, quotes, invoices, campaigns etc. for deeper insights into customer & revenue earning activities.

Keep Sales Reps Organized

Reminders and follow-up of upcoming deadlines, customer meetings, or other tasks for sales persons to stay organized, clear, and prioritized on their tasks.

Best Ever Customer Service

Integrate your CRM solution with field service management software for opening up new horizons in streamlining customer service, and sales automation, and responding to customer inquiries faster.


Smart Contact Data

Store contacts in an organized way with social handles, contact preferences, and assistant information and assign them to staff for best handling.


Greater Conversion Rates

Advance the negotiations down the sales funnel by viewing the deal status summary in a single Dashboard from home, office, or elsewhere.

Analyze, Coordinate, and Tweak

campaigns to attract customers


Contact Management

Create, store and access contacts with lead source information, social handles and all information needed to convert them as leads, if not.

tick   Organize and manage contacts effectively

tick   Streamline sales and customer service processes

tick   Manage Centralized Database

Contact Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

Real-time insights on lead status in a few clicks including all associated open and closed meetings, calls, tasks, campaigns, notes etc., in a single place.

tick   Prioritize and manage leads effectively

tick   Build long-term relationships with leads

tick   Increase conversion rates

Lead Management

Account Management

Create a virtually unlimited number of accounts in centralized cloud storage using bulk upload from excel sheets and trace all recent activities with 24×7 access.

tick   Create and manage customer accounts

tick   Analyze customer data and behavior

tick   Single view of a customer with just a few clicks

Account Management
Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Add products to sale order with tax, discount information; duplicate the orders; associate addresses and convert them in a single click into invoices.

tick   Eliminating the need for manual intervention

tick   Quickly process and fulfill customer orders

tick   Visibility into the entire sales order process

Sales Order Management

Centralized Calendar View

Get an aerial view of the sales, marketing and support activities scheduled for the day, week, and month with timestamp.

tick   Stay organized and focused on their goals.

tick   Easier to keep track of deadlines

tick   Improve communication and coordination within the team

Centralized Calendar View
Bulk Uploads

Bulk Uploads

Bulk upload leads and deals details from excel sheets to the cloud based application for quick migration and view logs on success status.

tick   Help ensure data accuracy and consistency

tick   Reducing the risk of errors

tick   Manage large volumes of data

Bulk Uploads

View Best Statistics

View top leads closed and big deals lost for the month, high value deals open for the month & top 20 best deals closed so far, overdue tasks etc.

tick   Identify areas of success and improvement

tick   Help businesses make more informed decisions

tick   Optimize your sales and marketing strategies

View Best Statistics
Reuse Templates

Reuse Templates

You can use built-in sale order, quote & invoice templates for quicker communication with the prospect.

tick   Avoid the hassle of recreating the same document

tick   Speed up documentation process

tick   Ensures overall quality of the document


Reuse Templates

Scale up your business through

smooth team efforts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CRM essential for a small business?

CRMs help increase the profitability of small businesses by capturing more leads and increasing customer acquisition and retention rates. It automates sales and marketing activities to keep the focus on the sales and customer support journey.

Why automate sales, marketing, and customer support?

If you carry out promotion and sales activities as you do now, you may contact the same prospect repeatedly in a pointless manner. There will be gaps in the updation of knowledge on lead status in sales cycles. It complicates personalized and effective campaigns. You will have no means to infer customer behavior and satisfaction.

How can a CRM system help to improve customer data accuracy?

People change phone numbers and email ids. A CRM ensures that these changes do not impact your campaigns by making such key fields mandatory, accurate, and complete without data duplication. It is tedious using a database or excel sheets.

How user-friendly is a CRM system?

An user-friendly CRM displays only useful and relevant data in the Dashboard. It allows smooth navigation across screens and provides a clear contact card- all information about a prospect.

What types of reports can be generated with a CRM system?

It empowers business heads with leads reports, invoice reports, sales order reports, campaign reports, quotation reports, etc., to reshape the sales, marketing campaigns and improve customer support.

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