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    Facility Maintenance Management:

    Our current focus is centered around helping Facility Managers through post pandemic period by offering Energy Monitoring, People Count, Temperature Screening, Visitor Management System and more…

    Mobile offline operation mode:

    Carry the CMMS in your palm as mobile app with offline operation mode. The data will sync automatically & you get notifications when online.

    KPI Dashboard:

    Monitor maintenance progress by Powerful KPI reports & measurement of equipment performance. Drive PM compliance arriving at sound managerial decisions

    Geo Fencing & Tracking:

    Facility Managers and customers can track the current location of the technicians who can only accept service requests within Geo-fencing location.





    A one-stop optimal maintenance solution. Explore how Innomaint simplifies, standardizes & digitizes your maintenance operations

    Improve Productivity and Efficiency

    with InnoMaint CAFM

    Immediate access to solution bank (knowledge base) that will assist your service technician to identify what solution is given for any incident from the historical data.

    Improve data collection with features such as geo location tracking, image/video capture, barcode/QR code scanning and digital customer signatures.

    Service request can be initiated for an AMC customer or Non Contract customer. Service request can be assigned to technicians based on the service category.

    Contract for the service contractors are managed through a very simple user experience and verification workflow process.

    Monitor SLA compliance automatic escalations (unlimited levels) in case of SLA violations of pre-defined time intervals.

    Innomaint Benefits

    Expansion of AMC

    AMC Quote details the services covered under the current AMC package. This information comes handy to canvass the customers to cover other assets or services too

    Stay connected anytime

    Complete access to the application from hand held mobile devices helps you to stay connected to catch up on correspondence while away from office.

    Saves time

    The automated tax generation and invoice based on services, tasks and user location saves one of your precious resources – time !!

    Solid Proof

    As an evidence to technicians visit to the customers premises Admin can instruct them to scan QR code pasted on the asset. So no more false statements !!

    User Friendly

    No special skill set or intensive training is required to use the application for technicians and customers.

    Easy Task Description

    Technicians can easily understand the problem statement provided by customer as it is illustrated by an image or video portraying the issue.


    Customers can track the exact current location of the technicians on the way to their premises which upholds the transparency in service.

    Closes communication gaps

    No more miscommunication & false communication as ticket work log can be viewed by Admin, in detail end to end with ticket notes. Moreover admin can track the current location of technicians.

    Additional Features

    Additional Features

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