Automate Entire Visitor Check-in & Check-out Process with Innomaint Touchless Visitor Management System

Hassle free visitor movement across the facility saves the time of host and visitor by 50% with no risk of Covid-19

Unique QR Code based visitor pass enables faster and secure check-in process.

Management can view visitor details including history on past visits with few simple clicks.

Covid-19 temperature screening solution with AI based facemask detection.

Be aware of occupancy management to ensure physical distancing and best deployment of staff.

Be Updated With Touchless Visitor Management System

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    Send pre-registration visitor passes to upcoming visitors so that no one waits at the security desk unnecessarily.


    The system allows visitor to carry authorized tools with him such as laptop, PPE equipments in wake of the pandemic and for the effectiveness of meeting.


    Be informed of visits to the facility including check in, check out times with visitor management system so that your employees feel safe and secure.


    Regulate visitor traffic by unifying several administrative functions into a single CMMS solution thereby improving productivity strikingly.


    Any government authorized ID card is mandatory during registration process and visitor will be required to produce it before stepping in wiping out any threat by unauthorized persons.


    The check-in process is simple and digital replacing the traditional way of visitor registration process with registers at entry points whereby you save tons of papers.


    Our Modern VMS system can immediately recognize previous visits by means of reference ID thereby saving the time for re-entry of details.


    Fetch all data on employees and visitors from the centralized cloud platform with 100% data security.



    Manage visitor data on multiple business locations with a centralized dashboard and view real-time visitor reports.


    Entry & exit across the facility is recorded and information retrieved by just scanning QR Code thus saving time for re-entry of information.


    Manage and schedule your meetings with visitors more efficiently as host has the option of re-scheduling meetings with instant alerts to visitors.


    The centralized dashboard for VMS populates real-time visitor reports, appointments, denied requests etc for a quick glance on visits for the day.


    AI based Face Mask Detection, Temperature Screening in a touch free operation automatically with IoT integration without compromising on the safety of inmates.


    Occupancy management, daily reports on visitor movements across the facility, identification of crowded spots to plan for evacuation and better enforce physical distancing.


    Our VMS can easily collaborate with CMMS facilitating effective interactions between various maintenance departments.


    Host will get notified through E-mail and SMS while the visitor enters into the premises.

    Use Case


    Our touchless Visitor Management System (VMS) can effectively replace the manual registers maintained by security personnel. They strike a good first impression with legibility and accuracy of printed information. Visitor management solution can be implemented in a touchless operation. The automated VMS provides real time visitor dashboard. By using our VMS users feel 90% safer. Visitor-Host communication journey is 95% more efficient and scheduled only for valid and sufficient reasons than conventional methods of visitor handling.


    InnoMaint’s digital VMS eases the burden on receptionists who are constantly busy. Visitors enter their details as a part of pre-registration process. The QR code generated for a visit offers a seamless simplified experience for the visitors including rescheduling of meetings with instant alerts. 46% of people, in healthcare facilities, opt for a VMS to improve the work efficiency. Information on previous visits can be captured instantly. InnoMaint’s VMS can speed up the entire process by atleast 50% with a professional touch.


    The pandemic has made visitor management systems complex as there is a risk of visitors spreading the infection to workforce. Bid goodbye to sign-in sheet for visitor management. InnoMaint’s robust & easy to use VMS is proving its worth. Visitors pre-register themselves & get a QR code. The covid screening solution complements VMS in a touchless operation. The security just scans the QR Code to let the visitor in. Once the visitor steps in the application alerts the host. Our VMS can reduce the visitor tracking time anytime up to 50% .

    Additional Features

    Additional Features

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I monitor the assets in my Covid 19 check-up facility?

    Yes. You can track the different types of assets and equipments used for securing your workplace against Covid 19 infection such as sanitary wipes, cleaners, masks and all new asset types. Innomaint provides a feature-studded Covid 19 monitoring solution for your facility management

    What is the face mask recognition feature?

    With the help of HIKVision camera, our Covid 19 screening software can detect whether a face cover is present or not and, in addition, can also check if it is worn in the proper way covering the nose and mouth. If you wish to use this feature please make sure to specify the requirement when you get in touch with us.

    How many people can be screened at a time?

    Around 15 to 20 persons entering the facility, at a time, can be scanned within a minute. This prevents people queuing up at the entrance as in the case of manual screening. ISO recommendations state that accuracy can be maximized by limiting the screening to one person per scan.

    How could my business operations improve by using the Coronavirus EHS software?

    Streamline your maintenance operations by optimizing the deployment of staff in accordance to the visitor traffic. Track and analyse the in-depth data, dwell time and improve your overall productivity

    What are the additional features of Innomaint’s coronavirus management software?
    Avail the valuable benefits of people count sensors which can provide you with clear insights into the visitor traffic passing through the specific area of a building in both the directions and help in identifying the peak hours and crowded locations.

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    Wonderful application. We are in the elevator business and we have been searching for an application that can cover field management and we have decide to go with innomaint due to that their team are very supportive and the

    • General Manager
    • Vickrah Plastics
    Wonderful application. We are in the elevator business and we have been searching for an application that can cover field management and we have decide to go with innomaint due to that their team are very supportive and the

    • Maintenance Head
    • Sourcing Links Est
    It was good experience intrinsically all the requirements are covered in your software

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    Innomaint provides good service. The application is associated with minimal downtime. Customer care is excellent. Everything is good.
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    We hold several long-term AMC with multiple clients for our services. Preventive Maintenance, Report Generation and Ticket Assignments to Technicians are effective with Innomaint. Feature richness, ease of use and reports are the primary reasons for us to choosing Innomaint.
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    Our overall experience of the application is Good. Most of the features in the market are available. Service post-sale and customer service are good.

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    Innomaint is flexible, adaptable, user friendly and cost effective. It was a good experience monitoring, measuring and managing day-to-day maintenance operations for various facilities and contracts. The web version of the platform is also easy to handle for our technicians, supervisors & engineers.
    • JOJI J

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    It is a good experience until now. The user interface of the application is good. It is very reliable and efficient in managing tasks and also gives an update on daily basis.
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