Empower Your Workforce With Our Walkie Talkie Remote Service App That Unifies Varied Knowledge Into Quicker Communication & Best Services

All in one maintenance solution for convenient work order management &
reaching out to the masses instantly from your mobile app

Raise productivity up to 45% with improved interaction among teams.

Turn your mobile to Walkie Talkie conveying exactly what you mean.

Innotalk is a cost effective solution for team collaboration.

Broadcast urgent messages and plan with no boundaries.

No call conferences anymore. Push the mike to reach out every member in the group instantly.

Bring out the power of teamwork using InnoTalk

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    Regulate the two way communication in a way that benefits the organization for delivering excellence at field.

    Voice communication using walkie talkie is 3 times faster than traditional mobile calls with utmost privacy.

    Use the revolutionary Walkie talkie app with usability benefits such as easy import of mobile contacts.

    Communicate with your team in the form of text, photos, video, gif images along with voice messages in addition to sharing your location.


    Convey Emergency Messages

    InnoMaint PTT provides for secure digital information transmission and is highly reliable for emergency communication.

    Conflict Management

    Provides instant help in the face of conflicts with customer advising them on the right & diplomatic course of action

    Great for Field Workers

    Push To Talk technology serves the service engineers on work, with instant communication from peers and field managers focused on solution.

    To the Point Communication

    Eliminates unnecessary conversation as the communication is half duplex and unilateral at any given time, other messages line up in the queue.

    User Engagement

    InnoMaint PTT drives user engagement, collaboration and self learning to the core paving the way for continous improvement in delivery of services

    Handy in new situations

    Foreman workers and technicians can leverage PTT technology to handle unpredictable situations at job front.

    User centric Design

    InnoMaint Users shall receive notifications on work orders & other alerts in the same window used by walkie-talkie.

    Fits well

    The powerful capabilities of Walkie-Talkie occupies centre stage while on use and fades to the background with ease of access while dormant with no impact on other CMMS functionality.

    Evenly Distributed Calls

    Evenly distribute calls between your team & leaders can get their point across easily.


    The encryption is very secure and technicians can signal any immediate danger & seek help even when mobile app screen is not active.

    RSS Feed

    RSS Feed based on your industry vertical and view history of the user makes sure that you don’t miss out any recent innovation

    Network Feed

    Social engagement options within your private network for network for healthy sharing of information confidentially.


    Your service engineers can rate any of the new news feeds which in turn conveys the pulse of your workforce.

    InnoTalk Features

    Instant voice messages

    Eliminates longer wait time for answer as voice messages can be sent by just holding a button

    Workflow Management

    Walkie-Talkie can very well integrate and blend with other CMMS Functionality with no slowness.

    Unification of stakeholders

    All stakeholders involved in facility or field work management can be unified in the digital pipeline of walkie-talkie to maximize the benefits of it.

    Want to communicate with your team instantly?

    Our expert will explain how Innotalk effectively deliver excellence at fieldwork.

    Additional Features

    Additional Features

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    About Real Impact

    Innomaint drives technicians, manager and support
    agents. Read and watch customers have to say about the
    real change they experienced.
    Wonderful application. We are in the elevator business and we have been searching for an application that can cover field management and we have decide to go with innomaint due to that their team are very supportive and the

    • General Manager
    • Vickrah Plastics
    Wonderful application. We are in the elevator business and we have been searching for an application that can cover field management and we have decide to go with innomaint due to that their team are very supportive and the

    • Maintenance Head
    • Sourcing Links Est
    It was good experience intrinsically all the requirements are covered in your software

    • Vice President
    • AAR Consulting & services Pvt Ltd
    Innomaint provides good service. The application is associated with minimal downtime. Customer care is excellent. Everything is good.
    • LIJIN S

    • Mining & Metals
    • GemcoKati Exploration Pvt. Ltd
    We hold several long-term AMC with multiple clients for our services. Preventive Maintenance, Report Generation and Ticket Assignments to Technicians are effective with Innomaint. Feature richness, ease of use and reports are the primary reasons for us to choosing Innomaint.
    • SHARAD K

    • Asst Manager Planning & Control
    • Majees Technical Services LLC
    Our overall experience of the application is Good. Most of the features in the market are available. Service post-sale and customer service are good.

    • Manager
    Innomaint is flexible, adaptable, user friendly and cost effective. It was a good experience monitoring, measuring and managing day-to-day maintenance operations for various facilities and contracts. The web version of the platform is also easy to handle for our technicians, supervisors & engineers.
    • JOJI J

    • Asst. Manager
    • Bahwan Engineering Co.
    It is a good experience until now. The user interface of the application is good. It is very reliable and efficient in managing tasks and also gives an update on daily basis.
    • ANKIT S

    • Senior Project Engineer
    • Daifuku Co., Ltd
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