People Count Management with AI-based Face Mask Detection & Covid 19 Monitoring Solutions.

Sail through the pandemic with our Covid-19 monitoring solution and people counting software.

Embrace workplace safety monitoring solutions offering automatic temperature screening and mask violations.

Our occupancy management software provides you with real-time alerts upon overcrowding in any facility.

Minimize wait time at the entrance of facilities for covid-19 screening by 90%.

Let’s join hands to fight the pandemic with automated mask detection software and manage visitor traffic.

Be Updated With New Age Covid Tech Solutions

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W.H.O discusses on automation of temperature screening at entry points of facilities for quicker identification of those with high temperature.

Your fever screening thermal solution software should be competent and
comprehensive to handle entire maintenance operations amid troubling times.

Smarter workplaces in line with ‘New normal’

Regain normalcy

Roll out your scheduled maintenance with the help of InnoMaint as you did it before the crisis struck your business with workplace temperature screening software.


Around 15 to 20 persons entering the facility at a time can be screened for temperature in a minute to prevent unnecessary queueing up at the entrance.

Better Customer Engagement

Deploy adequate staff in areas that attract customers quite often during specific time of the day with highest inflow of visitor traffic.

Disinfectant stock Notification/Alert

Keep track of dispensers for sanitary wipes, sanitizers, cleaners, masks etc that will require frequent inspection and maintenance on a daily basis.

Optimized Shifts

Optimize shifts to engage staff during peak business hours based on occupancy management reports.

Safety of covid-19 risk management software

The thermal imaging cameras perform a touchless scan using infrared technology and hence devoid of any safety risks.

Data Driven Maintenance Decisions

A separate dashboard & reports section is dedicated for Covid & PCM-People count managment section from which you can guess the significance of these new modules available as an add-on option.

Identify crowded areas

People Counting software can provide you the dynamic insights about your customers passing through an area and identify the crowded spots

Stay up to date in the race through pandemic

Distinguished offerings for smooth workflow through pandemic times

Mask Detection

Our workforce thermal screening software can identify if masks are worn properly using AI & IoT integration.

Real time alerts

Based on a preset temperature, fever is determined and real time alerts are provided to the managers with clear photos of those running temperatures.

Speed & Accuracy

AI along with IoT powered temperature screening system can
i) detect the way masks are worn properly
ii) sense the temperature within few seconds

Standard Tracking Procedure

Unique PPM schedules can be defined for quarantine and isolation mechanisms to comply with SOP laid down by the Government.

Smarter workplaces in line with ‘New normal’


Effective queue management in the retail outlets

Utilize the benefits of face mask recognition system

Avail the temperature screening feature for both the employees and customers

People count data will help you make well-informed decisions about your business


Thermal imaging camera technology to capture temperatures of passengers, and then automatically raise an alarm status if the temperature threshold is breached

Less manpower is needed to operate checkpoints

Reduce the turnaround time while deboarding / boarding process

Monitor how the crowds flow through security checks, counters, duty frees, other shops and leverage this data in your best interest.


Test employees for symptoms, such as fever, prior to employees reporting to work

Automate the monitoring in offices having teams that work in different shifts of days

Facial recognition and thermal cameras-based body temperature detection solution

People count management solution helps to measure workplace occupancy in the office premises


Automatic monitoring of healthcare workers with reminders

AI based Facial recognition & thermal cameras-based body temperature detection solution

People count management solution for patients inflow monitoring

Manufacturing plants

AI based face recognition system for attendance tracking (people count management).

Effective temperature screening solution for entry / exit points in the manufacturing hubs.

Effective management of performance at the plant while physical distancing and remote working policies

Educational institutions

Ideal solution to scan the visitors for face masks at the entrances / exits of educational institutions

Students will be screened for fever before entering the campus and classrooms

Automatic monitoring over the maintenance of adequate spacing in classrooms and hostels

Banks & financial services

Ideal solution for assuring the contactless payments in banks

Reduces staff count wherever possible, and a portion of the workforce can be relocated to other offices

Limit the number of customers inside a branch at a given time and encouraging physical distancing

Facial mask recognition with built-in alarm system helps in automating the Covid 19 prevention methodologies


Automatic thermal scanning system to scan the people before allowing them inside the restaurant premises

Automated face mask recognition system to reduce the intervention of restaurant staff

Automatic people counting feature helps to avoid the overcrowding in restaurants / food outlets

Government and public sector

Face mask recognition feature and built-in alarm system for the government offices

By using the automated people counting feature, you can ban the gathering of 5 or more people within the office premises, discouraging entry of visitors.

Thermal scanner feature to scan the temperature at the entry points of government buildings

Churches and places of worship

Automatic thermal scanning system to scan the people before entry inside the temple & other places of worship for offering a safe and secure worship.

Automated face mask recognition system to reduce the human intervention

Stay up to date in the race through pandemic

Additional Features

Additional Features

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the face mask recognition feature?

With the help of HIKVision camera, our Covid 19 screening software can detect whether a face cover is present or not and, in addition, can also check if it is worn in the proper way covering the nose and mouth. If you wish to use this feature please make sure to specify the requirement when you get in touch with us.

How many people can be screened at a time?

Around 15 to 20 persons entering the facility, at a time, can be scanned within a minute. This prevents people queuing up at the entrance as in the case of manual screening. ISO recommendations state that accuracy can be maximized by limiting the screening to one person per scan.

Can I monitor the assets in my Covid 19 check-up facility?

Yes. You can track the different types of assets and equipments used for securing your workplace against Covid 19 infection such as sanitary wipes, cleaners, masks and all new asset types. Innomaint provides a feature-studded Covid 19 monitoring solution for your facility management

How could my business operations improve by using the Coronavirus EHS software?

Streamline your maintenance operations by optimizing the deployment of staff in accordance to the visitor traffic. Track and analyse the in-depth data, dwell time and improve your overall productivity

What are the additional features of Innomaint’s coronavirus management software?
Avail the valuable benefits of people count sensors which can provide you with clear insights into the visitor traffic passing through the specific area of a building in both the directions and help in identifying the peak hours and crowded locations.

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The Software allowed us to manage all our maintenance activities in one place. Helps tackle costing/budget better and better maintenance scheduling...

  • General Manager
  • Vickrah Plastics
It makes our work easy and systematize, big help to our company. Support are very friendly and active.

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It was good experience intrinsically all the requirements are covered in your software

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Innomaint provides good service. The application is associated with minimal downtime. Customer care is excellent. Everything is good.

  • Mining & Metals
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We hold several long-term AMC with multiple clients for our services. Preventive Maintenance, Report Generation and Ticket Assignments to Technicians are effective with Innomaint. Feature richness, ease of use and reports are the primary reasons for us to choosing Innomaint.

  • Asst Manager Planning & Control
  • Majees Technical Services LLC
Our overall experience of the application is Good. Most of the features in the market are available. Service post-sale and customer service are good.

  • Manager
Innomaint is flexible, adaptable, user friendly and cost effective. It was a good experience monitoring, measuring and managing day-to-day maintenance operations for various facilities and contracts. The web version of the platform is also easy to handle for our technicians, supervisors & engineers.
  • JOJI J

  • Asst. Manager
  • Bahwan Engineering Co.
It is a good experience until now. The user interface of the application is good. It is very reliable and efficient in managing tasks and also gives an update on daily basis.

  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Daifuku Co., Ltd
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