Advantages of IoT connected businesses

Advantages of IoT connected businesses

Strategic Advantages of Internet of things(IoT) Connected-Businesses.

Modern day Businesses prefer to manage the maintenance sphere of their operations from a centralized cloud based database using a CMMS. Internet Of Things(IoT) is an advanced technological feature whereby the devices in the facility can be totally connected via internet and interact smartly with each other. IoT integration offers a host of benefits infusing a radical change in style of management.

1. Minimize operational costs

IoT equipped devices can help businesses to monitor equipments continuously and check for failures or deviations in alignments on the production line. It can improve electrical efficiency of the facility by cutting off the power supply to the unit whenever the usage is unnecessary.

2. Insights into dynamics

It is an advantage to continuously be aware of what’s going around in and around your industry. This may be data pertaining to road traffic in your area or the crowd density inside the facility at any given moment of time etc.  

Every facility with a physical space for displaying the business ware & huge halls thronged by customers should be aware of the customer traffic to get a handle on their business. This applies to shopping malls, retail chain of stores, restaurants, library, sporting venue, bank etc which deal with huge flow of people in and out of the facility.

There are sophisticated CMMS which in conjunction with sensors for capturing visitor traffic & people count can let you aware of trends on visitor traffic such as peak hours, individual sections of the facilities that attract people etc. With this valuable data on People Counting data you can deploy your staff efficiently to improve conversion rates & profits.  The count of humans who have entered into a restricted premises can be calculated with more than 95% accuracy. You can exploit the data on these dynamics to arrive at well informed decisions.

3. Robust Building Management System

Able to view energy reports from multiple substations. It can support for unlimited concurrent users.Reduces the cost of third party licenses. A well monitored automated HVAC system can go a long way in optimizing a building’s energy-efficiency, without compromising on the thermal comfort of the users. HVAC is an essential component of Building Management Systems (BMS) . Data loggers provide reliable evidence of system operations. They aid in identification of HVAC equipment operation & faults, if any.

4. Vehicle management system

IOT integration in a CMMS can automatically recognize number plates & extract the registration number of the vehicles. This is achieved by attaching an RFID tag  containing a unique authentication code to the vehicle thus providing for secured transportation.

5. Welding Quality Management

By means of sensors the power consumed by welding machines can be monitored. Based on power consumption welding quality of the machine can be determined.

6. Proper Metering Infrastructure

Smart metering solution can address the challenges faced by businesses without a proper metering infrastructure. Invoices can be generated by tabulating the energy consumption by different devices leading to power savings for the facility and country as well.

7. Use More Assets

IoT presents an opportunity to track assets using sensors. Once the assets are connected to the Internet of Things, you’ll in fact begin learning the efficient usage of assets than ever before due to improved seamless connectivity. The real-time insights help you in locating assets easily & scheduling planned preventive maintenance tasks.

8. Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring can prove to be a daunting task. IoT instills a feel of continuity and excellent coordination between the main office and what goes on out in the field. The cloud gives employees with mobile devices access to the information they need to carry out their job. The fitted sensors lets managers track the whereabouts of employee, their activities etc. You are also in a convenient position to anticipate additional manpower requirement.

9. Improved Productivity

Productivity is a major advantage offered by Internet of Things.  IoT is capable of providing the training for employees that they need immediately to complete tasks, at hand.

10. Figure out Issues

There may be various underlying issues within your business which may escape your notice unless unless you are well-connected into real-time data. You can exploit data that comes in from mobile devices, sensors and other derivative reports. Collating all of this can be used to figure out potential problems enabling you to provide intuitive & outstanding customer service. This also aids in reviewing & changing  current business models for betterment.

11. Low-Cost Technologies

It is a misconception to think that IoT technology is expensive. The technologies are becoming more and more affordable these days. You can choose one that complements your in-house capabilities. Sensor costs are falling, data storage is more affordable, and computing power is increasing. Many businesses have already framed plans to take advantage of the IoT. It’s time for your business to embrace it and achieve more success.


To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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3 Major advantages of automation in preventive maintenance

3 Major advantages of automation in preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

3 Major Advantages of Automation in Preventive Maintenance

As an entrepreneur or a person in top management, you may wonder why preventive maintenance is necessary or important. There is a common saying in English “prevention is better than cure”. It is better to prevent problems than to handle it. There will be a lot of concerns in your mind regarding automation and preventive maintenance. With today’s advancement in technology, things are possible.

Is automation costly

No! Not at all! Automation is not at all costly, you need not pay the entire software development charges, whereas you can pay only the subscription charges. It is as easy like recharge your Mobile bill.

Why should I go for automation

Automation is important for the speedy and accurate process. Human error can be avoided and it plays a major role in productivity and enhances profit.

My process is secured

With a cloud-based Management system, your process and other details are secured. There is atmost Security in preventative Maintenance software.

It is tedious to implement

With advanced technology, within a span of hours automation will be done. It is not an old tedious process where it will take several days.

There are a lot of advantages in preventive maintenance where your industry can be equipped well. Let us discuss three major advantages in preventive maintenance.

1. Reduction of higher maintenance cost

It enables organizations to plan an effective and efficient way of handling tasks. It increases on-time work completion rate, thereby the cost spends on failures is minimized. Efficiency and on-time delivery of products will improve profitability. Proactive and preventive maintenance has proven to lower costs by catching small service issues before they blossom into a giant repair headache. Equipment that is serviced regularly does not have to be “turned over” as frequently. This lowers your equipment failure can have catastrophic consequences. Properly maintaining your equipment will improve operator safety, as well as those that work around your equipment.

2. Asset Management

The equipments are being regularly checked, they are at less risk to break down without notice, therefore creating a safer working environment for employees. Since it follows a preventive maintenance schedule, you are able to keep to a budget while maintaining your equipment. Also, you will be able to keep track of all your equipment and pinpoint times when you will need to replace your equipment/asset. When equipment is being checked and maintain, it will be kept in its best shape, therefore extending its lifetime.

To automate your asset/equipment maintenance use Innomaint CMMS to import all your existing asset details, maintenance records and schedules from CSV or Excel to easily migrate from manual maintenance process to computerized maintenance management system.

Define the asset details and store in one place to improve efficiency, uptime, and safety by providing Engineers/Operators quick access to asset specifications, manuals, and other key product information. Maintain manufacturer related information, like equipment specifications, serial numbers, spare parts, insurance, warranty, preventive maintenance schedules that include PTW, LOTO, PPE, Safety checks, Inspection, Monitoring, Calibration with customizing workflow and approval process.

Asset details can be viewed from mobile application of maintenance supervisor, machine owner, equipment users and service engineers

3. Increased productivity

Better work planning and scheduling maximize efficiency. Productivity increases to 10% to 20% using Innomaint preventive maintenance software. Productivity enhances in various ways.

  • Schedule configuration Management – Approval, inspection, and calibration can be handled in a scheduled way. It is customized and systematic workflow management.
  • It is mainly helpful in breakdown management, spares management and works order management.
  • Reminder, SLA, Escalation – It will ensure that the task will be executed in the right time in the right way. It will remind the respective person to do the job at the right time. In case if the job is not done or if it delays it will be escalated to the next level authority.

Thus preventive maintenance will result in

  • Doing the right work
  • Doing the work right
  • Focusing on continuous improvement
  • Creating an environment for success
  • Thinking holistically

To Automate Your Preventive Maintenance Process

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Management System for Free

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