Innomaint Version 3.4

Innomaint Version 3.4

Asset Tracking using Bluetooth Beacons

InnoMaint has added a new feather to its cap by providing capabilities for precise asset tracking. This ability will cater to growing maintenance demands to track frequently moved assets within the building.

You can facilitate intelligent interaction among such assets and EAM Software by mapping Beacons with them and getting live updates on real-time location at any time via Bluetooth network. The move management report will reflect information on displacement.


Once asset mapping is done, notice the new icon in the screenshot provided against each asset. If the asset is being tracked, the icon glows green with its address updated in the records. If the asset moves outside the scope of the sensor the icon turns red.



Moved asset details shown in move management report as below:


Asset Movement across locations

For smooth movement of assets across locations without deadlocks, the approval for move requests is vested only with Super Admin / Operation Manager. So Location Heads shall only be able to raise move requests when it is outside of their scope.


Measuring distance travelled by a technician on a given day

On a particular day, the course taken by a technician can be tracked and measured in terms of km, excluding break timings. A Map is provided for this purpose.  On the map,

  • ‘S’ denotes Starting Point
  • ‘E’ signifies Ending Point
  • ‘B’ indicates Breakdown
  • ‘P’ stands for Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Quicker dispatch of spares  

We’ve given the Customer Head user the privilege to approve the sanction of spares stored at the customer location and acknowledge and Approve the Spare Parts Request(Customer mapping screen). This facilitates the quicker availability of spares.

Support for new currency

With the growing popularity of InnoMaint, we have extended support for a new currency Peso.


Asset user in Asset Report

The user who would usually be using a particular asset shall henceforth find a place in Asset Report. To enable this option, please select the filter item  ‘Asset User’ as illustrated in the screenshot below:


Check-out comments

Technicians may check-in and check out multiple times while working on a ticket. Displaying check-out comments during the subsequent check-ins would be useful. Hence we have provided that provision to both preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance cases. The same will be displayed in the work completion ‘pdfdoc too!(both cases)

Nothing can stop you from raising instant breakdown requests !

In a bid to remove all the practical hurdles in raising a service request on an emergency basis, we have made a provision to submit service requests by just entering the name of a new customer and mobile number.  Using the InnoMaint free mobile app you can do this conveniently.

Compare Transactions

You can compare the transactions of two different customers on work orders and routine maintenance tasks from Dashboard.


Customizable Dashboard

The Dashboard widgets can be re-arranged to suit the convenience of Customers or Facility Managers.


Interactive 2D Floor Plan

It is essential to provide the technicians and other users with an understanding of the location of assets within buildings. Managers and supervisors also need to know a quick overview of asset hierarchies and the maintenance status of the assets in a pictorial representation. InnoMaint EAM provides 2D interactive floor maps for this purpose.

You can see the details of Floorwise mapping from the Dashboard. (Building screen from customer menu).

  • We can map the assets from the floor layout.
  • We can filter building wise mapped asset details.
  • Green color indicates that preventive maintenance schedule is in-progress.
  • Red color signifies that a breakdown is in-progress -Check-In.
  • Blue color conveys the message that an asset is running and is ready for usage.


In the work order estimation process, the term “Work order” has renamed to “Work estimate” in mobile and web



During QR code search for an asset or parts,  you can view its location, building, floor & room.


Asset Depreciation Report

As a significant value addition to the application, we are glad to unveil Asset Depreciation Module. Once enabled from our end, our clients shall exercise this option.

i) In the Asset Maintenance menu,  Click Add Asset

ii) Choose one among the four standard depreciation methods.

iii) Reach Asset ID Tab

You can view the current Depreciation value for a particular Asset instance(Asset ID).

You can Update the Asset Depreciation Life Cycle and Capital Expenses accordingly.

We’ve provided an exclusive report for Asset Depreciation paying due regard to its significance.

Image Annotation

We’ve spruced up multimedia illustration feature with Image Annotation capabilities. Now customers and technicians can highlight portions of images, add descriptions and erase the typed text over an image to convey their messages in a crystal clear way for quick grasping.

Web version supports Breakdown workflow

As a part of our constant quest to explore every nook and corner of the application for adding more convenience to the user experience, now Breakdown tickets can be attended from the web version of our application as well. The check-in and check-out actions that are mandatory in mobile are made optional in web implementation. You can view the spare replacement history.

While working on a PPM task, if a technician identifies an issue, he can initiate automation of a breakdown ticket creation by checking the option “Problem identified.”

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

InnoMaint handpicked as a major vendor in Global Facility Management Market

InnoMaint handpicked as a major vendor in Global Facility Management Market

Market Forecast for 2021 – 2026 by world’s largest revenue impact company

Facility management(FM) is a set of functions that can enhance the value of specific organizational processes. Markets and Markets, a research firm providing quantified B2B research headquartered in Pune, India, and having an office in the USA currently holding 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies, as clients, has published the results of its laborious forecast. It reveals a promising upcoming silent revolution in the global facility management market. According to the survey, the Facility Management(FM) Market presently valued at 42.2 US$ is projected to grow at a CAGR of 1.6% to reach 76.3 US $ in 2026.

InnoMaint adjudged to be a major vendor in the market

In the painstaking process, Markets & Markets arrived at the profiles of key players cutting across geographic boundaries comprehensively by scrutinizing their features, market rankings, core competencies, global presence, etc. The revenue figures were sourced from annual reports of companies. It had access to the latest financial information of key vendors in the context of FM until 2020-21. It adjudged InnoMaint as a major vendor in both Facility Management Software 2021 and Enterprise Asset Maintenance Software 2021 categories.

Tap into the booming Facility Management market by subscribing to Innomaint which is a one-stop CAFM solution for all your Facility Management needs including

  • A practicable alternative to traditional approaches paving for effective communication on work orders
  • Quicker and easier audits on maintenance to identify areas of improvement and training requirements
  • Meticulous & customizable instant reports for quick meetings & well-informed decisions
  • Ability to catch up with maintenance teams while on the move 24×7 and assign tickets based on the current workload of technicians & quicker dispatch of technicians based on Geo-Fencing
  • Greater visibility into operations for better technician engagement
  • Deeper cost-cutting on capital expenditure, utility & service expenditure, etc and much more…
Facility Management Market Forecast – The efforts behind

The need for a Facility Management System is more pronounced over time. The entire globe suffered a 4% decrease in GDP, on average. The effect of the pandemic spillover is felt in countries not hard hit by the pandemic as well. The world economy is expected to recover steadily by the end of 2021 but the process will take longer for U.S, Germany, Italy, England & Russia.

Markets & Markets have defined, described, and forecasted the trend in the Facility Management market by component, size of the organization, industry vertical, deployment mode & region. It analyzed opportunities in the market and outlined the competitive landscape for key stakeholders and market leaders.

The B2B software review firm considered five regions across the globe where the FM market was ruling. They were North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa & Latin America. It also took into account the marked impact of the pandemic on the FM market. These regions consist of developed countries with well-established infrastructure, which generates huge demand for facility management solutions.

Markets & Markets perceived growth in trend of outsourcing facility management operations. On the Demand front, it interviewed Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers of MNC’s etc. On the Supply-side, it interviewed Chief Executive Officers and Co-founders of Key Companies. The research organization consulted FM associations such as

  • Facility Management Association of Australia
  • Japan Facility Management Association
  • Facility Management Association of India (FMAI)
Revolution in Facility Management

The growth of the facility management market can be attributed to several revolutionary technologies and concepts such as cognitive computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT and analytics, robots, etc into facility management solutions.

The proliferation of technology along with intelligent software solutions in businesses is a major driving force to the growth of the facility management market. The fact that IT spending has increased considerably in the last 5 years stands as a testimony to this statement. The future demand in the IT and Telecom vertical would be due to demographic and economic factors.

Digital Solution to Facility Management

A Facility Manager automates and simplifies routine planned preventive maintenance to avert any unexpected failure. He also automates predictive maintenance to keep a check on service expenses and frequency of services. In the event of a breakdown, he rises up to the occasion for coordinating the team efforts to make the communication clear and effective driving and tracking the work orders till completion.

He aligns the workforce for constant knowledge sharing and keeps them up-to-date with technological advancements. He streamlines maintenance by keeping your equipment status and maintenance records in an easy-to-use system.

The more consistent an organization’s day-to-day operations are, then the easier it will be to maximize efficiency and productivity. In turn, these changes can lead to improved customer satisfaction, lower costs, and less waste.

The ray of hope in the long-term outlook for Facility Management

Facility management has been evolving as a thriving business that continues to grow across verticals pushing aside the economic setbacks triggered by the pandemic. Enterprises have started realizing that FM can no more be looked down upon as a set of back-office activities. They are of the notion that their organization can achieve success and steady growth only through the efficient and effective management of complex operational business processes in their facilities.

With the growing receptivity to technological advancements, it is no wonder that Facility Management Solutions are in a high demand in the I.T, Telecom & Health Care Sectors to meet regulatory requirements and sustain critical projects and life saving procedures. Facility Management, these days, has extended its scope to cover numerous business functions and processes and hence the complexity. But the sophistication should come with simplicity to end-users. InnoMaint has modeled its CAFM solution around this core concept to evolve and update itself to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow !

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

We’re glad to unveil Release Notes V3.3.10 of InnoMaint with features fine tuned for enhancing your financial security and better control over AMC, ease of use of the application and meticulous reports for an even better user experience.

1. A new user role namely Security has been provided for Visitor Management System workflow intended to provide a seamless and professional best first impression to visitors to the host by just scanning a QR code generated uniquely for a visit after completion of pre-registration process.

2. The details for generic ticket are now shown in Transactional reports, in addition to routine PPM tasks and breakdown tickets. So facility managers can have a closer scrutiny on progress of generic tickets too !

To ensure key stakeholders are included in all forms of notifications we have made a provision for E-mail notification for Operation Manager now in addition to other high profile roles.

3. As you may be aware, apart from Technicians few other user roles will be permitted to work on Breakdown Tickets & the users can also decline the tasks by citing valid reasons. Facility Manager can now view the reason stated by the user for rejecting the task, in addition to user who did so.

4. A Scheduler has been provided with a 52 week PPM calendar. It complements the usage of calendar.

You can find the unassigned tasks for the day and conveniently assign it from this centralized location.

5. The Customer or Maintenance Head are now vested with powers to renew the AMC which has just been completed or stop the progression of AMC which is live. Till now, fresh AMC’s were created.

The renewal can be done with or without changes. In both cases the renewed AMC will be treated as a fresh one from customer point of view.

We have provided provision for Credit / Debit adjustments during AMC renewal. This feature comes handy especially when there are arrears in payment

In the Contract status report now customers can view the list of AMC’s for which the contract period has elapsed and renewed, in addition to those AMC’s in progress.

6. Customer Head can send a mail to Maintenance Head requesting renewal of current AMC which is about to expire. Upon receiving such mail the Maintenance Head who was receiving In-app notifications so far will now receive Email notification too!

7. For PPM schedule we can map the Responsible User for an instance of asset model(Asset id). The responsible person can appoint a user to manages schedule and Contract mapping in the Schedule Initiation screen.

8. In the Breakdown tickets report the user who raised the ticket is included.

9. The Maintenance Manager is now capable of viewing the history of move requests, including rejected move requests to corner & identify the asset in demand.

10. For a user who is mapped to a single location, the location field shall auto popup by default.

11. We can map multiple locations to the same user via Add mapping button without the difficulty of moving to another tab.

12. We have provided an option for reminder and escalation for partial payments in system settings for Customer and Maintenance Heads. , Given the option to configure the Partial payment reminder and its escalation if not need this option we can disable its from settings

13. Once the warranty period elapses, the warranty status changes from Active to Expired for better warranty management.

14. Bulk deletion, of data, for Assets and Parts, is now possible.

In case you try to delete an asset associated with any transaction appropriate error message will be shown.

15. The asset documents usually uploaded in the model level can now be attached to task level for the engineer to view during the PPM task execution.

16. OTP acknowledgement feature is now applicable for both corrective maintenance(breakdown) and PPM schedules. The Service technician should receive the OTP from customer head for completion formalities which would serve a proof of visit to customer premises. The Product Admin settings has to be modified accordingly.

17. Spare bulk upload
Map the spares directly to customers and service technician manually. The application also provides an option to upload spare parts, in bulk, and map to the customers.

The mapped spare details can be checked out in a asset details screen itself.

18. The Transaction report has been enriched with the below details

  • Assigned On
  • Assigned date and time
  • Response Hours,- Raised vs assigned
  • Technician Response: Assigned vs Check In time.
  • Closure time
  • Check in vs Completed time to be displayed

All the above fields are important to gauge the performance of the technician.

19. Detailed Transactional reports with more than 5000 records can be sent to respective users through email for quicker reach.

20. Contract status report shall list AMC renewal status

In-App & Email notification will be received for AMC renewal request & AMC Renewal / Stop action

21. Reminder and Escalation screens have been spruced up.

22. In case of multiple business locations of customers, the customer and Location screen has an option to add Department for easier identification of the asset.

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Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

Innomaint 2.4.2

Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

To upgrade the user experience we have made the following useful feature additions or modifications to Asset Maintenance Software(AMS) &  Field Service Software(FSM) 2.4.1. The two variants of your Innomaint application shall update by itself without any action from your side.

1. As a value addition, QR Code Generation feature has been provided. QR codes can be generated & printed for all instances of asset models, at once.

2.Tentative time of arrival of the service engineers shall be provided to the customer. This time can be viewed by Admin & customer under the Service Technician tab.

3. In addition to the existing set of task status of Service Engineer (for Breakdown tickets), Request for support has been added.

This filter indicates the cases where the cause of asset breakdown has been fixed but some other issue or deviation from an expected functioning has been detected by the technician which has to be attended by a technician of some other department. 

4. In the asset performance report, we’ve provided a summary report for the selected criteria for a quick glance. 

5. Location head can now assign service tasks to himself (Applicable only for AMS)

6.  Feedback Report – The comments given by Service Technicians for the tickets are now included in Feedback Report section(Applicable only for FSM).

The comments can also be viewed under Service Engineer tab of view mode of the ticket.

7.  You can make the service technicians to check in with QR Codes. All the task details can be embedded in the QR Code…

8. Autocomplete entries appear while customer creates a new ticket. These entries are based on similar defects raised for the asset model. Upon customer choosing the available defect, the solution for it will be available for the service engineer as illustrated in the screenshot below:

9. For an individual asset, we can obtain a history with information on ticket, schedule and the spare change in a single page and it is exportable as excel, pdf.

10.  Now you can easily view spare parts usage report filtered by date.

11. Now Admin can have a glance and monitor the spare parts stock via Mobile App.

12. The label Working With Problem in Create Ticket pop-up has been changed to Complaint

13. To Prevent duplicate ticket creation for an asset, the asset status is set as ‘Stopped’

Service Contractor Head shall henceforth be able to login to the application only via Mobile app. Service Contractors will be able to attend to Breakdown tickets and Preventive maintenance tasks.

14. While creating a Service Contractor user, a Service Contractor Head is also created and mapped with the Service Contractor

The user role gets mapped by default under service contractor user.

15. Operation Manager role has been created. This user shares similar privileges with Super admin. For FSM users belonging to this role type can be created.

16. Now tickets shall be created automatically for partially completed PPM tasks which needs to be assigned to some other service engineer. Prior to the latest release this was manual.

Once the status is chosen as partially completed, instantly you can view the corresponding task ID & newly generated ticket ID.

17. Scheduled PPM task reports and Breakdown ticket reports shall automatically be mailed to the customer as ‘Pdf’ files adhering to ISO 32000-2 standards, based on the Admin preferences.

In addition, customer needs to enable email notifications in his login session.

18. The location hierarchy is now provided for FSM customers which helps service engineers to easily identify the asset mentioned in the ticket. Location now comprises of Building, Floor, Department.

Prior to the latest release Location was a single field that could be mapped against user & asset


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InnoMaint Asset Maintenance & Facility Maintenance Software Release of Version 2.3.7

InnoMaint Asset Maintenance & Facility Maintenance Software Release of Version 2.3.7


InnoMaint Asset Maintenance & Facility Maintenance Software Release of Version 2.3.7

1. To facilitate clearer & easier identification of an asset we’ve introduced a new provision namely Building & Floor by which a service technician can arrive at the correct room in which the asset to be attended to is located at the time of raising a ticket on the first attempt.


2. At the time of creation of an asset, you now broadly categorize it either as a Measuring Equipment or Facility.


Daily and Weekly Calendar

In addition to the yearly & monthly calendars, weekly and daily calendars are provided for a closer view of the preventive maintenance tasks.


1. Bulk Acknowledgment– Admin’s task of granting approval to the Preventive Maintenance tasks checked out by the technician is simplified by providing an icon for bulk approval of tasks. Prior to using this functionality, the user has to check the checkboxes which appear on clicking the collapsible icon.


2. Bulk Initiation – For companies dealing with scores of preventive maintenance tasks every day, Bulk initiation feature can be used to create multiple preventive maintenance schedules for an asset, at once.


3. Bulk Cancellation option comes handy in cases where it is decided to give up a couple of tasks. The icon highlighted in the screenshot is applicable to the tasks in New and Upcoming tabs.


4. 52 Week PPM Calendar has been provided for AMS & FMS . All web user roles can make use of this feature enhancement.


5. Sometimes preventive maintenance schedules need to be scheduled at uneven time intervals. In such cases, Admin can avail this feature. On every day of the defined set of days these tasks shall repeat in the chosen hours.


6. For Calendar based hourly schedules, and repeat hourly schedules, Admin can assign multiple approvers. This can be utilized in cases where supervisors vary for different shifts of operation.



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