How Daifuku, a long-standing material handling equipment manufacturing giant, tracked technicians on-site for best engagement

How Daifuku, a long-standing material handling equipment manufacturing giant, tracked technicians on-site for best engagement

Daifuku is a a long-standing giant in business world with inception as early as 1937. It has witnessed a very long spell of solid, organic growth over the past eight decades and continues to dominate the global business arena. It is listed, at present, in the First section of Tokyo Stock Exchange which is a great pride and honour for any organization. The employee headcount has gone past 11,000. The firm was bestowed with METI Minister’s Award for Corporate Governance of the Year recently.
Daifuku is versatile in business offering Consulting, engineering, design, manufacture, installation, and after-sales services for logistics systems and material handling equipment. It has enormous experience in manufacturing and integration of automated systems. To list a few,
Industry Material-handling equipment company
Location Japan
Founded 1991
    • Conveying system
    • Transport system
    • Storage system
    • Sorting/Picking system
    • Control system
    • Material handling tools
    • Electronics/Car wash machines
Its material handling systems find applications in Food & Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics industry, Paper & Printing industry, Metal & wood industry, Transport Industry etc. Its solutions are capable of meeting the manufacturing automation and labour saving needs in any organization. With automation of maintenance operations the renowned organization has scaled the next higher level in business. Here, it is remarkable to mention Mr. Hiroshi Geshiro, President and CEO of Daifuku has recently mentioned in an interview that the company has launched a three year business plan taking into account the ever increasing need for automation with a strong emphasis to accelerate digitization.

Problem Statement

Carrying out Preventive maintenance using conventional methods just created a mess with no effective mechanisms to trace service requests and these approaches did not fail to expose their inadequacies when the volume of maintenance work piled up. Managing spares was not easy as an organized approach was not in place to segregate spares, labeling them for unique identification, pull out immediately upon need for quick fixes etc. They lacked a proper solution for Attendance Management, Warranty management, and On site technicians management which resulted in a setback in progress of maintenance management.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint provided comprehensive maintenance solutions. It provided the ability to track the current location and the path of travel of a technician besides the information on total kilometer travelled along with an Estimated Time of Arrival. They were required to punch -in while entering a new premises and punch-out at the end of the day. This was especially useful as the technicians may work on different locations each day.
QR codes were associated with spares and assets for unique identification and instant retrieval of all data on the item, in a single simple mobile scan. The CMMS provided a provision for storing spare parts at customer location for faster dispatch.
Digitization of maintenance operations enabled recording of all data pertaining to maintenance on a centralized cloud server and quickly retrieve them on need. This enabled them to perform quick and easier audits, measure & improve the performance of technicians, drive quality & reliability throughout the organization etc. They were able to dispatch technicians after taking into account the current dynamic work load, skills of the technician & proximity to the facility.


   Technician location tracking & travel history for quick task allocation
   Attendance Tracking for ensuring prompt visit of technician to the premises.
   Able to track effective working hours with 5 star ratings.
   Made the best use of warranty of assets and spares.
   Line supervisors can assign tasks for onsite technicians from anywhere.
✔   Improved customer and technician based inventory management

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Distinguished ranking

StartUs Insights, headquartered in Austria, is a reputed and well-known data science company with global footprints. They carry out exhaustive and deep research covering startups & scaleups to enable businesses to identify relevant solutions and technologies swiftly. Now it is easy for Health Care Facilities by just referring to the Top 5 Digital Solutions for Maintenance in Health Care Industry. InnoMaint is one of the hand-picked companies out of 280 service providers in the market.

Moments of crisis

By the time you read this blog post, you would have heard the devastating news of a powerful earthquake striking hard the North American island country Haiti for the second time within 11 years. The quake caused the hospitals to be overwhelmed by thousands of patients in a deplorable state battling for life.

Saves Human Lives

The health care facilities in the country were already struggling to deal with the surge in covid-19 cases. The normal functioning of assets in Health Care facilities is so crucial as the industry deals with human lives and not products, unlike other industries. Moreover, many assets are moved constantly within the facility and the equipments run round the clock.

Keep critical equipments running 24×7

Critical pieces of equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines, etc call for immediate attention. InnoMaint Health Care CMMS helps you to rise above all maintenance concerns. So proper planning, prioritizing, scheduling, and automation of maintenance tasks is the need of the hour to shield the critical assets from power outages to save precious human lives & prevent unplanned downtime.

Advantage of cloud

Our one-stop modernized maintenance simplifies, standardizes & speeds up service by pulling out the entire service history embedded as QR code or barcode with a simple mobile scan.

InnoMaint provides a premium Cloud-based Maintenance Management solution. Every transaction on maintenance is recorded on servers with very high uptime rates possible to ensure minimum disruption to operations through regular planned preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance increasing their lifespan wiping out any hidden failures beforehand.

In line with anti-covid norms

The CMMS also helps Hospitals by maintaining regulatory compliance and attaining NABH accreditation and ISO certification. This is made possible through an easier audit. World Health Organization (WHO) has formally recommended the usage of CMMS in Hospitals. All anti-covid-19 measures formulated by WHO can be followed & tracked easily using InnoMaint. It is a close fit for Health Care Industries. Useful features such as identification of the current location of assets accurately using RFID tags & reader, Bluetooth reader is underway.

Track asset movement

InnoMaint CMMS is a tight fit for Health Care Facilities & Hospital Biomedical Equipment Management. You can also easily track the movement of assets between various locations of your business upon need. Share resources without any deadlock or disturbance to maintenance cycles. You can view asset swapping history at any time. Your CMMS is your loyal follower as you can carry it wherever you go assigning tickets while on the move and view heat maps as a part of business intelligence.

Touchless scanning with AI enabled mask detection

Maintain the ideal environment in laboratories and scan every visitor to the in-patients who may enter in bulk through various entry points in a fully automated touch-free operation using a thermal sensing camera with higher accuracy levels to keep a check on mask violations as well. Crystal clear photos of potential covid-19 candidates and those who wear masks improperly or do not use one are instantly sent to key stakeholders banning their entry to contain the spread of infection to patients. InnoMaint CMMS also keeps Facility Managers informed of the occupancy status of any ward or room in the facility with intelligent PCM cameras to better enforce social distancing as a part of adherence with Government protocols.

Every service request is responded promptly

Our Multimedia ticketing system apart from simplifying communication helps in a clear and exact portrayal of an issue and maintenance personnel can also use it to their benefit by power cycling the device to its normal mode of functioning and attaching it as a video file for evidence of complete fixes. Manage your inventories smartly by handling all spare requests, dispatch of spares & automate the re-order process upon reaching a minimum so that the facilities never run short of required genuine spares or anti-covid19 kits.

Biomedical Maintenance & Calibration

The accuracy of BioMedical instruments is of immense importance. Maintain the accuracy in measurements of bio-medical types of equipment consistently using exclusive calibration workflow as the importance of accuracy in readings and lab results is well known to the medical fraternity. Prepare emergency maintenance schedules(Ad-Hoc) on the spot for surgeries fixed suddenly or for handling emergency cases arriving at casualty wards with auto-assignment of technicians with due priority level, reminders & escalations, etc.

Embrace Digital Revolution for Maintenance

The Health Care Management System has started realizing the need for a Cloud-based software that can also go deep and proactive into closely examining the highest utility costs such as consumption of electricity and correct any erratic consumption patterns. More and more hospitals have already started using it to streamline maintenance operations, reducing utility costs in a clinic & hospital setting. Keep pace with your competitors by empowering yourself with digital tools that would serve as a savior during critical situations.

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