Industry 4.0: Benefits of Digital Transformation of Business

Industry 4.0: Benefits of Digital Transformation of Business


Benefits of Digital Transformation of Business

Industry 4.0: Benefits of Digital Transformation of Business

As the civilization grew in proportion with development in economic systems, handmade manufacturing of items shrank with a gradual expansion of manufacturing with machinery. The shift in manufacturing and transportation inclined towards factories is referred to as Industrial revolution. Businesses grew robustly as they followed the people paving the way for economic prosperity.

First Industrial Revolution

This phase used just water and steam for production and saw the basic framework and inauguration of railway network.

Second industrial revolution

Manufacturing sector in India, according to several estimates, lags behind well-developed nations of the world in terms of major technologies.

Towards the end of 19th century, a relatively new source of energy electricity was discovered. During the period electricity, gas and oil were widely used for production. The invention of telegraph and telephone evoked a ‘wow’ spirit in the minds of people. The products of Automobile industry invariably penetrated into the lifestyle of people.

Third industrial revolution

The third industrial revolution saw the rise of electronics—with the discovery of transistor, microprocessor & computers. There was a significant improvement in computing abilities and telecommunication facilities. The invention of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)—and robots gave rise to the era of high-level automation in production.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Today a fourth industrial revolution is underway which may be viewed as a cream of the automation incorporating Internet Of Things(IoT ) sensors. Higher automation saves labour costs and improves throughput. Businesses are increasingly switching over to this trend to realize the amazing benefits it offers.

IoT brings machines & devices into the network and facilitates communication between devices and machines eliminating man-machine communication. The shift from analogue to digital technologies is going to be the game-changer in the future.

Industry 4.0 uses digital technologies to make manufacturing more agile, flexible and responsive to customers. Adopting to Industry 4.0 standards, The entire team can be involved widening the scope of well organized and centralized workforce management & work order tracking. The technicians are in a better position to report work with the required data.

Innomaint Computer Aided Facility Management(CAFM) Software has been modeled around the core concepts of Industrial revolution 4.0 which were implemented successfully in developed nations of the world to yield noteworthy benefits. Our technologically advanced maintenance solution is scalable & cost-effective, fitting any industry vertical. Join hands with Innomaint for digital transformation of maintenance operations of your business !! It’s the hot trend in Information Technology, right now.

Improves OEE

BDC’s survey unearthed the fact that 60% of digital technology adopters say it helped them reduce operating costs. OEE, in simple terms, is the percentage of the manufacturing time that is really productive. An OEE score of 100% implies you are manufacturing only high-quality spares as fast as possible, with no Stop Time.

Reduces Costs

An adherence to Industry 4.0 brings down the maintenance costs up to 50 % by scheduling preventive maintenance tasks based on calendar, calibration point, usage or Ad-hoc, etc. Ad-hoc scheduling refers to the scheduling of events to take place at varied intervals over the days. This, in turn, enhances the uptime of the equipment making it continuously available for the production cycles contributing to increased productivity.

Quality Control

A substantial improvement in product quality shall be seen as the entire information on work orders along with reassignment, escalation information, SLA, check in & check out time can be viewed at length by Admin. Real-time production monitoring along with quality control lessens rework.

This comes handy in building & maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

New competitions can come from unexpected quarters as the awareness on digital transformation is fast spreading. Companies which are not in a position to face this challenge are liable to be outshined by their competitors who embrace the new industrial standards.

More Innovative

According to a survey, 13% of Industry 4.0 adopters opined the new technology has empowered them with the capacity to innovate extensively. A high degree of innovation can often bring in great value for your business. Unprecedentedly new business models are now possible by means of smart products and new advanced technologies which promise to spark innovation on a massive scale in the coming decade.

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Innomaint Brings About A Revolution in Facility Management Business

Innomaint Brings About A Revolution in Facility Management Business


Innomaint Brings About A Revolution in Facility Management Business

We present a case study which would clearly elucidate the striking benefits of the digital transformation of facility maintenance management business.

Al-Facitech is a facility management company with 200 plus young & energetic workforce spread across five business locations.

Mr. Rashid is an in house facility manager who operates across business functions.

As a part of work, he travels frequently between the business locations to oversee various departments such as electric & plumbing team, masonry team, garden & lawn cleaning team, painting team, welding team, computer asset & accessories service team, etc.

His work is centered on heaps of files and a laptop with bunch of excel sheets. He relies on these tools to look for and keep track of work order information.

He has to look out for required information very often to remember the dates for maintenance schedules and status of a work order.

This becomes increasingly difficult whenever the customer care department receives lots of service & maintenance requests on a roll. Rashid has to search & gain access to required information from the whole lot of clutter in a frustrating way. To make things difficult, catching up on correspondence with technicians,while away from office, becomes a practically unmanageable task.

Now Rashid is moved by the benefits offered by Innomaint Computer Aided Facility Management(CAFM) Software. Let’s set out to understand the way it transforms the business of his company and the realization of benefits.Innomaint CAFM

Innomaint integrates people, place and process within the built environment of client premises in a smarter way. The business data of company ABC is now safe & secure with cloud storage of Innomaint free from any accidental loss.

Rashid has the information on the list of AMC’s and can get closer to the devices or services covered by any particular AMC and the demographics in few seconds. He analyzes the same and prepares a list of customers to be persuaded to bring the uncovered services and devices under the jurisdiction of AMC thus sowing the seeds for financial security.

Rashid is able to measure the performance of each service technician for any defined time period on the basis of completion time, First to Fix rate, Reassignment of tickets, Contribution to solution bank, etc. He measures performance once in every three months and gets a clear indication of improvement and lags and recommends incentives or additional training conveniently based on this knowledge, on hand.

His manual follow up got reduced significantly as he is able to get instant access to information on the customer, payment transaction, breakdown service, Planned Preventive Maintenance. He devotes the precious time saved to other business activities such as meetings with the Board Of Directors, Coordination of work with peers like Marketing Manager.

He is able to gain visibility & exercise complete control over work orders throughout its progress from arrival till end. Technicians are unable to give him & customers any false statements on their current location. This upholds transparency in the process by leveraging features like Geo-Location Tracking, QR Code scanning, etc.

The technicians who were earlier lying to the customers who called out for service that they were far from the customer premises are now unable to give false reasons for the delay in commuting as both customer & Rashid are able to track the current location of the technicians on the way.

Rashid is able to pass on instructions to his sub-ordinators – the supervisors of individual teams to define the safety precautions to be followed while working on planned preventive maintenance tasks and able to convince the technicians that he cares for them.

Technicians assigned with tickets who were earlier reluctant to approach Rashid due to any lack of knowledge or personal reasons are now able to decline the assignment stating valid reasons.

Rashid is able to utilize the calibration workflow in the application to his favour by ensuring the consistency inaccuracy of measuring instruments thereby undeviating from the reliability of the services provided.

Rashid has the information on inventory levels at his fingertips. To sum up, he is empowered with a complete overview of the maintenance activities and can govern the workflow from anywhere and at any time via mobile app.

Click here to have a glance at the benefits of FMS, at length.


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How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC  Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business

Obviously Flight…

Because flight is a comfortable and fastest mode of travel….

Similarly everyone will like to have faster method to reach goals. As a customer you look for a faster service in any organizations, especially in HVAC service Industry. The difference between organizations lies between one thing – having loyal customer and those who struggle to retain customers.

Lot of surveys portray that faster delivery of service is as important as the quality of service. The faster service will enhance customer satisfaction , The customers will associate their good customer service experience with the quick resolution of their issue.The customer satisfaction will increase reputation of the company. Companies that are able to produce their products on a reliable schedule or offer reliable services find themselves acquiring very good reputations. Businesses live and die based on their reputations and anything HVAC service companies can do to enhance their reputations is something they should at least consider. While not all reputation boosting moves are worth taking, complete automated cloud CMMS software yields so many benefits in so many areas at so little cost that it is clearly an intelligent strategy for HVAC service companies to adopt.

Companies that neglect their equipment and ignore their reputations may temporarily prosper in the short run, but ultimately they will be displaced by reliable companies with excellent reputations.

Only companies that work on cultivating long-term positive relationships with customers have a good chance of surviving in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Although television and newspaper advertisements certainly have their place, nothing advertises a company better than word of mouth. Building up loyal customers willing to engage in word of mouth advertising is an essential move if companies are to have any chance of achieving long-term success.

Innomaint CMMS software will enhance your company reputation with unique and added advantages.

  • It helps to avoid human error and have effective customer handling.

For instance, the customer can raise the service request with the picture of the equipment to the company. HVAC technician can access the problem immediately and will attend the issue with spare part. The admin of the company can monitor the entire work flow. With this unique feature Turn around time for the problem is minimized.

Workflow image

Geo Location


Innomaint software has Geo location benefit. The Geo location will enhance faster service in two ways. It helps the HVAC engineer to find the location of the customer and it will help him reach out to the customer easily. In another way admin can able to track the HVAC service technician GEO location and assign the nearest customer location. This will aid faster service and enhance customer satisfaction. It helps in better tracking and monitoring.


Mobile Application

CMMS Mobile App is another greatest tool in Innomaint software. The customer can take the photo or video of the problem and send across to the admin. This will enable HVAC service engineer/technician to understand the problem and attend the issue with proper preparation. For instance they can plan the estimated spare parts before attending the issue. This will result in faster service and the issue will be attended in one single visit.

Reminders and Escalation

This facility will remind the task to be completed and in case of non completion it will escalate the next level authority. It helps to monitor the customer service , and tracks whether the task is completed in stipulated time. Thus on time customer service is maintained.

Reminders are set to notify responsible users for any upcoming planned activities like PM, spare parts replacements, contract renewal and so on to ensure the compliance and maintenance process are adhered.

Escalations are defined to alert the decision makers or responsible users for dates that are past due; generally, you can setup escalation for SLA violations, expiration of any contracts or compliances.


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