How Daifuku, a long-standing material handling equipment manufacturing giant, tracked technicians on-site for best engagement

How Daifuku, a long-standing material handling equipment manufacturing giant, tracked technicians on-site for best engagement

Daifuku is a a long-standing giant in business world with inception as early as 1937. It has witnessed a very long spell of solid, organic growth over the past eight decades and continues to dominate the global business arena. It is listed, at present, in the First section of Tokyo Stock Exchange which is a great pride and honour for any organization. The employee headcount has gone past 11,000. The firm was bestowed with METI Minister’s Award for Corporate Governance of the Year recently.
Daifuku is versatile in business offering Consulting, engineering, design, manufacture, installation, and after-sales services for logistics systems and material handling equipment. It has enormous experience in manufacturing and integration of automated systems. To list a few,
Industry Material-handling equipment company
Location Japan
Founded 1991
    • Conveying system
    • Transport system
    • Storage system
    • Sorting/Picking system
    • Control system
    • Material handling tools
    • Electronics/Car wash machines
Its material handling systems find applications in Food & Beverage industry, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics industry, Paper & Printing industry, Metal & wood industry, Transport Industry etc. Its solutions are capable of meeting the manufacturing automation and labour saving needs in any organization. With automation of maintenance operations the renowned organization has scaled the next higher level in business. Here, it is remarkable to mention Mr. Hiroshi Geshiro, President and CEO of Daifuku has recently mentioned in an interview that the company has launched a three year business plan taking into account the ever increasing need for automation with a strong emphasis to accelerate digitization.

Problem Statement

Carrying out Preventive maintenance using conventional methods just created a mess with no effective mechanisms to trace service requests and these approaches did not fail to expose their inadequacies when the volume of maintenance work piled up. Managing spares was not easy as an organized approach was not in place to segregate spares, labeling them for unique identification, pull out immediately upon need for quick fixes etc. They lacked a proper solution for Attendance Management, Warranty management, and On site technicians management which resulted in a setback in progress of maintenance management.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

InnoMaint provided comprehensive maintenance solutions. It provided the ability to track the current location and the path of travel of a technician besides the information on total kilometer travelled along with an Estimated Time of Arrival. They were required to punch -in while entering a new premises and punch-out at the end of the day. This was especially useful as the technicians may work on different locations each day.
QR codes were associated with spares and assets for unique identification and instant retrieval of all data on the item, in a single simple mobile scan. The CMMS provided a provision for storing spare parts at customer location for faster dispatch.
Digitization of maintenance operations enabled recording of all data pertaining to maintenance on a centralized cloud server and quickly retrieve them on need. This enabled them to perform quick and easier audits, measure & improve the performance of technicians, drive quality & reliability throughout the organization etc. They were able to dispatch technicians after taking into account the current dynamic work load, skills of the technician & proximity to the facility.


   Technician location tracking & travel history for quick task allocation
   Attendance Tracking for ensuring prompt visit of technician to the premises.
   Able to track effective working hours with 5 star ratings.
   Made the best use of warranty of assets and spares.
   Line supervisors can assign tasks for onsite technicians from anywhere.
✔   Improved customer and technician based inventory management

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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive Maintenance Checklist


Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance tries to maintain the facility and the assets in the facility in a timely, orderly and well functioning manner to ensure the facility as a whole is fit for the intended use to the maximum possible extent. This is done by scheduling the maintenance tasks well in advance at regular intervals.

Here are a few checklists applicable to different spheres of facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Building Interior, Building Exterior, Branded machinery etc.

PM Checklist for ELECTRICAL


As per the statistics of U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunction constitutes around eight percent of residential fires which ended up in fatalities.

A routine electric maintenance service apart from prolonging the life of your important electrical systems helps you avoid expensive repairs.

PM Checklist for HVAC

HVAC preventive Maintenance checklist





The checklists can be defined & easily tracked based on all types of assets belonging to every industry verticals:












The above lists are just excerpts from a whole lot of activities. A centralized view of the entire set of work orders and a well-organized way to effectively track the work orders is necessary for a facility manager. It is the order of the day. Computer-aided Facility Management System(CAFM) such as Innomaint is quite competent to be considered for this purpose. It can be used to automate the preventive maintenance checklist for facilities, ad hoc scheduling of maintenance for any industry vertical. Give a try and feel an amazing difference !!


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