7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

Can CAFM bring a new paradigm shift to the management and operation of healthcare industries? Is it viable in reducing the compliance burden? The relevance of CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is evident in maximizing health and safety practices. The adoption of this software is on a surge in pharmaceutical companies due to the persistent benefits it provides to the users.

How is CAFM Beneficial in Healthcare Sector?

Handling day-to-day activities and managing system operating responsibilities get simpler when you adhere to CAFM software resources. Since healthcare companies need to deal with an array of intricate tasks, this software simplifies everything to ensure a smoother progression. For complying with all the safety regulations and accentuating the advancement in the healthcare sector, an adaptation of the CAFM system is the best way out.

Right from asset tracking with the BLE/RFID/RTL to visitor management, a host of critical problems can get managed with efficient CAFM software. Tedious paper records are subject to human error, and there can be discrepancies unless you ensure a very high precision level. With adoption to the CAFM system, you can prevail better and advanced records related to policies, manuals, details, and procedures.

7 Key Reasons to Include CAFM in Healthcare Industries

  1. Minimal Physical Documentation– Using CAFM drastically cuts down the time and resources wasted in the physical setup of documents. Now you do not have to carry along the physical manuals to retain data, and the tasks can get accomplished at a single tap. Automation can also minimize the potential errors and mishaps that frequently occur during data prevention and restoration. Better data management is the biggest perk that aids in work order creation.
  2. Get Instant Updates– Pharma companies have many employees working for them, and there are high chances of mishaps due to unrecognized working conditions. With an integrated CAFM solution, team leaders can get immediate alerts on day-to-day operations. If any unforeseen situation arises, nearby colleagues can head up to assist. Whether the threat is on-site or off-site, the company can receive an instant alert, thus preventing the worker from severe damages or accidents.
  3. Inventory Management and Scheduling– Healthcare is one sector where loads of equipment, accessories, medicines, and surgical items regularly move in and out. Scheduling of inventory and managing the reports through an automated system ensures that the movement of physical goods is in sync with the checklists and timelines. Thorough scrutiny is thus possible in that case. Company officials can also intend their engineers regarding the accuracy of reports and a comprehensive audit to avoid the risk of non-compliance in any case.
  4. Fix Up PPM Schedules and Tasks– If the work ecosystem has minor loopholes wherein there is a probability of non-compliance of tasks, the CAFM solution could lock the tasks and ensure their completion. The system would show up live tasks, and the employees need to complete them or rectify errors before they sign off for the day. It ensures elongated safety measures that engineers might miss out on sometimes. Thus, there won’t be any scope for omissions or errors.
  5. Compliance-Centric Data Management– CAFM software is a one-stop solution if you maintain the updates and conduct inspections based on automated directions. With a central dashboard for every single activity or operation within the entity, a central operating system could be surprisingly beneficial for everyone. It straight away means that there won’t be any missing out on imperative obligations related to safety and health.
  6. Management of COSHH Product DataPharmaceutical companies have to deal with the inventory that consists of harmful substances if exposed, which can wrongly affect health drastically. Storage, purchase, and disposal of such inventory are trivial as only trained professionals can handle it. The CAFM solution can help in data management and required certification that can aid in handling specific materials to avoid any safety breach or accidents.
  7. Employee training and visitor management– Lastly, CAFM is an all-inclusive package that comprehends multiple accreditations and certifications under a single system accessible with a few clicks. Ranging from employee induction to traces of visitors at your company in the last few years is quite possible with this software. Assigning tasks and creating alerts to the employees can be quite possible with the software adaption entirely. After all, it’s the most crucial part of the company working.

Wrapping Up

CAFM untangles the intricacy of regulations and management of tasks, thereby ensuring a flawless work culture. Its proper use and compliance can surely raise the standards of the healthcare industry massively. Besides, avoiding accidents and preventing fines can also be substantially possible. Right and mindful use of this software can curtail the consequences of faulty management and enhance the day-to-day routines in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

InnoMaint Version 3.3.10

We’re glad to unveil Release Notes V3.3.10 of InnoMaint with features fine tuned for enhancing your financial security and better control over AMC, ease of use of the application and meticulous reports for an even better user experience.

1. A new user role namely Security has been provided for Visitor Management System workflow intended to provide a seamless and professional best first impression to visitors to the host by just scanning a QR code generated uniquely for a visit after completion of pre-registration process.

2. The details for generic ticket are now shown in Transactional reports, in addition to routine PPM tasks and breakdown tickets. So facility managers can have a closer scrutiny on progress of generic tickets too !

To ensure key stakeholders are included in all forms of notifications we have made a provision for E-mail notification for Operation Manager now in addition to other high profile roles.

3. As you may be aware, apart from Technicians few other user roles will be permitted to work on Breakdown Tickets & the users can also decline the tasks by citing valid reasons. Facility Manager can now view the reason stated by the user for rejecting the task, in addition to user who did so.

4. A Scheduler has been provided with a 52 week PPM calendar. It complements the usage of calendar.

You can find the unassigned tasks for the day and conveniently assign it from this centralized location.

5. The Customer or Maintenance Head are now vested with powers to renew the AMC which has just been completed or stop the progression of AMC which is live. Till now, fresh AMC’s were created.

The renewal can be done with or without changes. In both cases the renewed AMC will be treated as a fresh one from customer point of view.

We have provided provision for Credit / Debit adjustments during AMC renewal. This feature comes handy especially when there are arrears in payment

In the Contract status report now customers can view the list of AMC’s for which the contract period has elapsed and renewed, in addition to those AMC’s in progress.

6. Customer Head can send a mail to Maintenance Head requesting renewal of current AMC which is about to expire. Upon receiving such mail the Maintenance Head who was receiving In-app notifications so far will now receive Email notification too!

7. For PPM schedule we can map the Responsible User for an instance of asset model(Asset id). The responsible person can appoint a user to manages schedule and Contract mapping in the Schedule Initiation screen.

8. In the Breakdown tickets report the user who raised the ticket is included.

9. The Maintenance Manager is now capable of viewing the history of move requests, including rejected move requests to corner & identify the asset in demand.

10. For a user who is mapped to a single location, the location field shall auto popup by default.

11. We can map multiple locations to the same user via Add mapping button without the difficulty of moving to another tab.

12. We have provided an option for reminder and escalation for partial payments in system settings for Customer and Maintenance Heads. , Given the option to configure the Partial payment reminder and its escalation if not need this option we can disable its from settings

13. Once the warranty period elapses, the warranty status changes from Active to Expired for better warranty management.

14. Bulk deletion, of data, for Assets and Parts, is now possible.

In case you try to delete an asset associated with any transaction appropriate error message will be shown.

15. The asset documents usually uploaded in the model level can now be attached to task level for the engineer to view during the PPM task execution.

16. OTP acknowledgement feature is now applicable for both corrective maintenance(breakdown) and PPM schedules. The Service technician should receive the OTP from customer head for completion formalities which would serve a proof of visit to customer premises. The Product Admin settings has to be modified accordingly.

17. Spare bulk upload
Map the spares directly to customers and service technician manually. The application also provides an option to upload spare parts, in bulk, and map to the customers.

The mapped spare details can be checked out in a asset details screen itself.

18. The Transaction report has been enriched with the below details

  • Assigned On
  • Assigned date and time
  • Response Hours,- Raised vs assigned
  • Technician Response: Assigned vs Check In time.
  • Closure time
  • Check in vs Completed time to be displayed

All the above fields are important to gauge the performance of the technician.

19. Detailed Transactional reports with more than 5000 records can be sent to respective users through email for quicker reach.

20. Contract status report shall list AMC renewal status

In-App & Email notification will be received for AMC renewal request & AMC Renewal / Stop action

21. Reminder and Escalation screens have been spruced up.

22. In case of multiple business locations of customers, the customer and Location screen has an option to add Department for easier identification of the asset.

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5 Reasons Why to Invest in a CMMS during Economic Downturn?

5 Reasons Why to Invest in a CMMS during Economic Downturn?

5 Reasons Why to Invest in a CMMS during Economic Downturn?

A CMMS software is used by an organization for planning, tracking, measuring and optimizing stuff for better maintenance practices proving the value of maintenance. Let us have a look at some of the reasons for investing in a CMMS software.

1. Keep track of what’s happening in your business

Think of a place where you can pull up a specific asset and know all the information you need to know. That’s exactly the reality of today’s maintenance and asset management software.

You need not waste your time sifting through file cabinets or scouring through clipboards. The CMMS also help when the customer’s preventive maintenance procedures are under objections during a lawsuit filed by a guest. With all the detailed records, you can protect your business from serious matters as and when they arise.

2. Increased productivity

Just like a good billing software streamlines your business, having a good CMMS software like Innomaint will not only help you with preventive maintenance but also allows you to see instructions for a specific job, and whether you have the parts on hand to complete the job.

It also shows information such as service histories, warranties, etc. needed for your business. Some packages also come with additional features to manage reports and key performance indicators for presentation purposes. The cloud based CMMS solution Innomaint also allows you to connect to the cloud for faster and easier sharing for enhanced flexibility.

3. Foster teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork is often one of the most efficient ways to get things done in a company. When individuals work in a team, they can bounce ideas off each other and come up with a better solution. Innomaint helps promote behaviors that lead to better teamwork by providing a central location for users to collaborate.

For instance, a junior tech looking for a solution can use the CMMS to see how team members solved similar issues in the past. They can also take help from a senior technician to get suggestions for their task.

It also helps the organizations that work in rotational shifts to stay connected by transferring knowledge through Innomaint. It also makes sure that there are maximum transparency and alignment by offering the team better visibility of the activities of each member of the team.

4. Less downtime

Whenever a system breaks down, the downtime occurs while the machine is waiting to be fixed. It can be even longer if all the parts needed to fix the system are not available on hand. If you use Innomaint, you will be alerted when you need to order parts before a machine breaks down so as to reduce the downtime.

You can easily schedule and plan the maintenance to make it simple for the maintenance team. With achieving lesser downtime and increased productivity, Innomaint can be a great investment for organizations to become more cost-efficient.

5. Asset location

Do you often forget where a certain system or item is located? Large companies often fight with this issue constantly. Having a large business is great, but it’s difficult when you start forgetting where things are kept. Using Innomaint can be helpful in finding your assets effectively. The assets may comprise your machines, computers, products, employees as well as all the items needed to effectively do your business.

Bottom line

The CMMS software offers a helping hand for your business that you have needed for long. From taking care of the maintenance part to improving your productivity and keeping your employees trained, these systems come packed with many other benefits. And the best part about Innomaint is that it can be implemented with just a little tech knowledge.


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