Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

Innomaint 2.4.2

Innomaint Asset Maintenance & Field Service Management Software Release of Version 2.4.2

To upgrade the user experience we have made the following useful feature additions or modifications to Asset Maintenance Software(AMS) &  Field Service Software(FSM) 2.4.1. The two variants of your Innomaint application shall update by itself without any action from your side.

1. As a value addition, QR Code Generation feature has been provided. QR codes can be generated & printed for all instances of asset models, at once.

2.Tentative time of arrival of the service engineers shall be provided to the customer. This time can be viewed by Admin & customer under the Service Technician tab.

3. In addition to the existing set of task status of Service Engineer (for Breakdown tickets), Request for support has been added.

This filter indicates the cases where the cause of asset breakdown has been fixed but some other issue or deviation from an expected functioning has been detected by the technician which has to be attended by a technician of some other department. 

4. In the asset performance report, we’ve provided a summary report for the selected criteria for a quick glance. 

5. Location head can now assign service tasks to himself (Applicable only for AMS)

6.  Feedback Report – The comments given by Service Technicians for the tickets are now included in Feedback Report section(Applicable only for FSM).

The comments can also be viewed under Service Engineer tab of view mode of the ticket.

7.  You can make the service technicians to check in with QR Codes. All the task details can be embedded in the QR Code…

8. Autocomplete entries appear while customer creates a new ticket. These entries are based on similar defects raised for the asset model. Upon customer choosing the available defect, the solution for it will be available for the service engineer as illustrated in the screenshot below:

9. For an individual asset, we can obtain a history with information on ticket, schedule and the spare change in a single page and it is exportable as excel, pdf.

10.  Now you can easily view spare parts usage report filtered by date.

11. Now Admin can have a glance and monitor the spare parts stock via Mobile App.

12. The label Working With Problem in Create Ticket pop-up has been changed to Complaint

13. To Prevent duplicate ticket creation for an asset, the asset status is set as ‘Stopped’

Service Contractor Head shall henceforth be able to login to the application only via Mobile app. Service Contractors will be able to attend to Breakdown tickets and Preventive maintenance tasks.

14. While creating a Service Contractor user, a Service Contractor Head is also created and mapped with the Service Contractor

The user role gets mapped by default under service contractor user.

15. Operation Manager role has been created. This user shares similar privileges with Super admin. For FSM users belonging to this role type can be created.

16. Now tickets shall be created automatically for partially completed PPM tasks which needs to be assigned to some other service engineer. Prior to the latest release this was manual.

Once the status is chosen as partially completed, instantly you can view the corresponding task ID & newly generated ticket ID.

17. Scheduled PPM task reports and Breakdown ticket reports shall automatically be mailed to the customer as ‘Pdf’ files adhering to ISO 32000-2 standards, based on the Admin preferences.

In addition, customer needs to enable email notifications in his login session.

18. The location hierarchy is now provided for FSM customers which helps service engineers to easily identify the asset mentioned in the ticket. Location now comprises of Building, Floor, Department.

Prior to the latest release Location was a single field that could be mapped against user & asset


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How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC  Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business?

How Do Faster Service Improve HVAC Business

Obviously Flight…

Because flight is a comfortable and fastest mode of travel….

Similarly everyone will like to have faster method to reach goals. As a customer you look for a faster service in any organizations, especially in HVAC service Industry. The difference between organizations lies between one thing – having loyal customer and those who struggle to retain customers.

Lot of surveys portray that faster delivery of service is as important as the quality of service. The faster service will enhance customer satisfaction , The customers will associate their good customer service experience with the quick resolution of their issue.The customer satisfaction will increase reputation of the company. Companies that are able to produce their products on a reliable schedule or offer reliable services find themselves acquiring very good reputations. Businesses live and die based on their reputations and anything HVAC service companies can do to enhance their reputations is something they should at least consider. While not all reputation boosting moves are worth taking, complete automated cloud CMMS software yields so many benefits in so many areas at so little cost that it is clearly an intelligent strategy for HVAC service companies to adopt.

Companies that neglect their equipment and ignore their reputations may temporarily prosper in the short run, but ultimately they will be displaced by reliable companies with excellent reputations.

Only companies that work on cultivating long-term positive relationships with customers have a good chance of surviving in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Although television and newspaper advertisements certainly have their place, nothing advertises a company better than word of mouth. Building up loyal customers willing to engage in word of mouth advertising is an essential move if companies are to have any chance of achieving long-term success.

Innomaint CMMS software will enhance your company reputation with unique and added advantages.

  • It helps to avoid human error and have effective customer handling.

For instance, the customer can raise the service request with the picture of the equipment to the company. HVAC technician can access the problem immediately and will attend the issue with spare part. The admin of the company can monitor the entire work flow. With this unique feature Turn around time for the problem is minimized.

Workflow image

Geo Location


Innomaint software has Geo location benefit. The Geo location will enhance faster service in two ways. It helps the HVAC engineer to find the location of the customer and it will help him reach out to the customer easily. In another way admin can able to track the HVAC service technician GEO location and assign the nearest customer location. This will aid faster service and enhance customer satisfaction. It helps in better tracking and monitoring.


Mobile Application

CMMS Mobile App is another greatest tool in Innomaint software. The customer can take the photo or video of the problem and send across to the admin. This will enable HVAC service engineer/technician to understand the problem and attend the issue with proper preparation. For instance they can plan the estimated spare parts before attending the issue. This will result in faster service and the issue will be attended in one single visit.

Reminders and Escalation

This facility will remind the task to be completed and in case of non completion it will escalate the next level authority. It helps to monitor the customer service , and tracks whether the task is completed in stipulated time. Thus on time customer service is maintained.

Reminders are set to notify responsible users for any upcoming planned activities like PM, spare parts replacements, contract renewal and so on to ensure the compliance and maintenance process are adhered.

Escalations are defined to alert the decision makers or responsible users for dates that are past due; generally, you can setup escalation for SLA violations, expiration of any contracts or compliances.


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