Ensure Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

Ensure Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

Ensure Food Quality Standards Using Innomaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production

The agri-food industry(AFI) manifests everywhere and is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. It is not to be confused with agro-industry, which transforms agricultural, fishing, or domestic animals and birds raised for profit into non-food products. The AFI integrates all the industrial activities that process raw materials from the above sources in an industrial setting to produce edible foodstuffs. These activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Preservation of fruit and vegetables
  • Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products
  • Manufacture and processing of dairy products
  • Meat processing and preservation
  • Processing of fish, crabs, and chicken
  • Semi processing of foods to be supplied to hotels·
  • Beverage manufacturing
Ever stricter laws for Food safety
The Food Processing & Manufacturing Industry is a sector associated with health and safety concerns. Governments have laid down stringent regulations and food safety standards (for slaughterhouses too) as humans are the end-users. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) conducts many such surprise checks and revokes the licenses or slaps fine on the non-compliant eateries, canteens, etc. Central Government has been writing to State Food Commissioners to be vigilant and take prompt action on complaints. With the advent of social media, a WhatsApp message is sufficient to alert the food safety officials on deficiencies in the quality and hygiene of the food served. The slightest carelessness can turn out to be dangerous for the health of the consumer. Brands cannot afford to compromise their responsibility and reputation in the long term.
How CMMS scores over traditional approaches
Relying 100 % on paper-based approaches is not wise due to traceability, scalability & active monitoring issues. The industrial leaders have realized this as they increasingly adopt a CMMS solution to connect people, processes, tools, spares, sensors in a unified digital pipeline. Such connectivity ensures no service request or Planned Preventive Maintenance Task falls through the cracks and is followed up effectively till completion. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP) are monitored at regular intervals via automation. Corrective action can be triggered automatically via mobile. The sector is increasingly reliant on computerized maintenance management solutions(CMMS) to render stability and safety to its production lines, optimize production and distribution chains and step up food safety. CMMS plays a key role in running a food manufacturing plant successfully.
Clarity in Communication
With a CMMS, you receive alerts on nearing renewal dates for certifications. It helps food processing and manufacturing facilities to gain the confidence of customers. Periodical checking of equipment becomes easy and routine. You can describe a problem statement clearly with multimedia illustrations which reduce the time taken for routing breakdown requests into the system. The technicians can also run the asset through its complete operational cycle and update it in the same ticket as proof for the fix provided. CMMS system covers all communication gaps, eliminates language proficiency issues, and simplifies the interpretation of work instructions. It permits the reuse of the knowledge of seniors for minimal downtime.
Reduced Food Wastage
Define the acceptable levels for Food wastage by routine checks in terms of volume or mass during production and implement corrective actions in the form of easy checklists. In general, experts believe that a food manufacturing facility is careful and diligent in production if wastage is less than 10% of gross production. With a Food industry CMMS, you can
  • Standardize food hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Describe the protocols for delivery of the food
  • Store monitoring records and registers & accesses 24×7
  • Manage multiple food processing and manufacturing facilities
  • Conduct a hazard analysis and critical control point((HACCP) check
  • Trigger corrective actions automatically
  • Record every operation for quicker & easier audits
Comply with Food Safety Regulations
With InnoMaint Food Safety Management Software, you can easily meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the ISO 22000 family of International Standards, etc. Conducting inspections and audits is much easier. You can easily establish asset hierarchies and attach safety manuals, standard operating procedures, and important records related to equipment and assets. You can access any data(with proper authorization) needed in a few clicks from the centralized cloud storage.
Maximize Equipment Reliability
Food manufacturers can maximize equipment reliability with routine PPM and predictive maintenance. Any hurdle in the process can have a telling impact on production and profit margins. The CMMS also has provisions to keep unnecessary service expenditure under control by providing a workflow for predictive maintenance performing maintenance based on usage and conditions. Thus you can operate your machinery in peak operating conditions. You can check this live via Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring – i.e., the availability, quality and performance at any time using the Internet of Things – the concept advocated by modern Industrial Revolution 4.0 standards for a glorious future.
Make Smarter Asset Management Decisions
With complete access to service history available instantly upon a mobile scan of a QR code pasted on assets, provide best fixes and arrive at sound decisions on moving the asset across production lines and disposal. You can do this with deep visibility into asset movements within the facility(precise asset tracking) and move management without any disturbance to ongoing maintenance schedules. Imagine this with conventional excel sheet-based approaches. Everything would have become chaos, wouldn’t it? How about the reliability and accuracy of manual reports? With a CMMS, You need not rely on any individual for data collection, reliability of data, and collating them to understand the maintenance progress. Hence turn to trustworthy reports and Dashboard metrics accepted worldwide. Subject matter experts in Food Processing & Manufacturing Industry would very well be aware of the significance of performance metrics and comprehensive reports in planning for a meeting.  Hence utilize the services of a CMMS/EAM solution in your favor. Best allocate budgets and plan training needs based on the dynamic data available using IoT integration.
Kickstart the digital revolution
It is glad to note that the agri-food industry is now open-minded to adopt new-age techniques and technologies to address present-day maintenance challenges. Build an ecosystem of connected Factories and groom your industry for the inevitable digitization of maintenance operations characterized by mass production and automation. It will reduce human intervention for burden-free maintenance management. InnoMaint has offered proven solutions to several food manufacturing facilities with an unparalleled user experience. Try InnoMaint for free. Discover its capabilities in organizing maintenance for a quicker Return on Investment(ROI).
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/40-of-slaughter-houses-fail-to-meet-hygiene-norms/articleshow/70528169.cms

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Food Quality Standards using InnoMaint’s Food Safety Management Software and Improve Overall Production
7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

Can CAFM bring a new paradigm shift to the management and operation of healthcare industries? Is it viable in reducing the compliance burden? The relevance of CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is evident in maximizing health and safety practices. The adoption of this software is on a surge in pharmaceutical companies due to the persistent benefits it provides to the users.

How is CAFM Beneficial in Healthcare Sector?

Handling day-to-day activities and managing system operating responsibilities get simpler when you adhere to CAFM software resources. Since healthcare companies need to deal with an array of intricate tasks, this software simplifies everything to ensure a smoother progression. For complying with all the safety regulations and accentuating the advancement in the healthcare sector, an adaptation of the CAFM system is the best way out.

Right from asset tracking with the BLE/RFID/RTL to visitor management, a host of critical problems can get managed with efficient CAFM software. Tedious paper records are subject to human error, and there can be discrepancies unless you ensure a very high precision level. With adoption to the CAFM system, you can prevail better and advanced records related to policies, manuals, details, and procedures.

7 Key Reasons to Include CAFM in Healthcare Industries

  1. Minimal Physical Documentation– Using CAFM drastically cuts down the time and resources wasted in the physical setup of documents. Now you do not have to carry along the physical manuals to retain data, and the tasks can get accomplished at a single tap. Automation can also minimize the potential errors and mishaps that frequently occur during data prevention and restoration. Better data management is the biggest perk that aids in work order creation.
  2. Get Instant Updates– Pharma companies have many employees working for them, and there are high chances of mishaps due to unrecognized working conditions. With an integrated CAFM solution, team leaders can get immediate alerts on day-to-day operations. If any unforeseen situation arises, nearby colleagues can head up to assist. Whether the threat is on-site or off-site, the company can receive an instant alert, thus preventing the worker from severe damages or accidents.
  3. Inventory Management and Scheduling– Healthcare is one sector where loads of equipment, accessories, medicines, and surgical items regularly move in and out. Scheduling of inventory and managing the reports through an automated system ensures that the movement of physical goods is in sync with the checklists and timelines. Thorough scrutiny is thus possible in that case. Company officials can also intend their engineers regarding the accuracy of reports and a comprehensive audit to avoid the risk of non-compliance in any case.
  4. Fix Up PPM Schedules and Tasks– If the work ecosystem has minor loopholes wherein there is a probability of non-compliance of tasks, the CAFM solution could lock the tasks and ensure their completion. The system would show up live tasks, and the employees need to complete them or rectify errors before they sign off for the day. It ensures elongated safety measures that engineers might miss out on sometimes. Thus, there won’t be any scope for omissions or errors.
  5. Compliance-Centric Data Management– CAFM software is a one-stop solution if you maintain the updates and conduct inspections based on automated directions. With a central dashboard for every single activity or operation within the entity, a central operating system could be surprisingly beneficial for everyone. It straight away means that there won’t be any missing out on imperative obligations related to safety and health.
  6. Management of COSHH Product DataPharmaceutical companies have to deal with the inventory that consists of harmful substances if exposed, which can wrongly affect health drastically. Storage, purchase, and disposal of such inventory are trivial as only trained professionals can handle it. The CAFM solution can help in data management and required certification that can aid in handling specific materials to avoid any safety breach or accidents.
  7. Employee training and visitor management– Lastly, CAFM is an all-inclusive package that comprehends multiple accreditations and certifications under a single system accessible with a few clicks. Ranging from employee induction to traces of visitors at your company in the last few years is quite possible with this software. Assigning tasks and creating alerts to the employees can be quite possible with the software adaption entirely. After all, it’s the most crucial part of the company working.

Wrapping Up

CAFM untangles the intricacy of regulations and management of tasks, thereby ensuring a flawless work culture. Its proper use and compliance can surely raise the standards of the healthcare industry massively. Besides, avoiding accidents and preventing fines can also be substantially possible. Right and mindful use of this software can curtail the consequences of faulty management and enhance the day-to-day routines in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation

Keep the Workplace Safe with Modern Touchless Visitor Management System in 2021

Keep the Workplace Safe with Modern Touchless Visitor Management System in 2021

Keep the Workplace Safe with Modern Touchless Visitor Management System in 2021


Various departments, cutting across industry verticals, in organizations are turning to Digital Transformation to automate their routine business operations daily. In line with such a trend, the alarming waves of the covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the trend. As businesses are keen to shield their employees from contracting the highly contagious viral infection are shifting their focus from traditional Visitor Management System using registers to modern, touchless visitor management systems(VMS).

The importance of a VMS at the workplace.

Visitors such as vendors, business partners, auditors, key stakeholders, branch heads may visit the Management of any facility frequently. Traditional paper systems are always prone to human errors in the entry of information and require a frantic search for tracking previous visits of the visitor when the information is asked for.

The current covid situation demands the screening of body temperature of visitors in a touchless operation using the integration of IoT with thermal sensing cameras & CMMS. As well known, the disease is highly contagious and one infected person can spread it to many at a time. Making several visitors wait at the entry points would not be fair.

Several companies, mainly MNC’s and Small to Medium Enterprises(SME) continue to manage work from remote locations and employees have also got accustomed to the new working environment balancing the work and personal life. The answer to the question “When will the workforce return to their usual workplaces” remains elusive. But the pandemic situation has started easing with several relaxations in lockdowns. So companies need to be prepared for returning to normalcy.

Track entire visitor journey

If you’re the proprietor of a business, you surely know how critical it is to put off your operations on hold for an unusually long time. Fortunately, there’s some hope amid some of the uncertainties of the pandemic. As a simple solution, you can manage the entire visitor journey right from pre-registration until they leave the premises using physical contactless operation with a professional touch. Moreover, the kind of impact you leave in the minds of genuine visitors using digital VMS is a first good impression which could be the best. 

Improved Workplace Safety 

With the quick and simple check-in and check-out features of InnoMaint VMS, you can also check if the visitor wears a mask properly. If not, Facility Managers and key stakeholders are immediately notified in their mobile

As the coronavirus constantly mutates itself with the fear of even a third wave in many countries this is going to be the way forward in many of the facilities – be it school, college, workplace, or any public facility. The traditional check-in and check-out sheets are prone to theft.

A Visitor Management System is capable of providing you with an easily traceable, searchable database of every single visitor who has entered your facility.

Easier tracking of Visitors inside premises 

The VMS of InnoMaint CMMS is flexible in that visitor meetings can be easily rescheduled by the host with prompt communication to visitors in a seamless process so that you can avoid overlapping of visitor meetings with internal call conferences, interviews, and other events that demand your immediate attention.

In addition, any uninvited visitor can be evaluated and screened on the spot for safety before being allowed to step in. The details need not be entered in again and again for the subsequent visits.

Maintains a record of visitors

Innomaint’s VMS stores the details of every visitor in safe and secure premium servers with very high rates of uptime and quick access facilities. A modern VMS is a software that every business owner can pin their hopes on for enhanced security and the best way to manage visitors.

Apart from visitors, the software is useful for your employees as well as it also screens them for body temperature. So gone are the days of using fingerprint scanner/biometric attendance which were considered to be an advanced attendance system till now. Management can view the real-time visitor status – i.e., how many visitors are currently inside the facility, how many scheduled appointments are planned for the day along with the details of rejected visit requests from a unique Dashboard for VMS.

 A recent survey on VMS

The recent market survey on VMS has indicated that businesses are investing in visitor and employee management systems in 2021-2022 for eliminating safety risks by adopting reliable visitor management systems. The report on this survey also forecasts that the demand for VMS is likely to scale up by a minimum of 13% per year until 2025. With a liking for an increasingly tech-savvy culture, people are expected to be impressed by the usage of technology in new and innovative ways.

Role of VMS in boosting productivity

Let’s set out to understand the kind of impression a visitor management system leaves on boosting organizational productivity. As a security system powered by AI and cloud a VMS removes the burden off your security personnel so that employees need not wait and queue up for entering or leaving their workplace which translates into higher engagement time at work. The real-time data reports on visitor management which are available at a distance of few clicks assist in making data-backed for driving productivity.

Warns You During Emergencies 

Visitor management systems are bundled with SOS features, which alert the enterprise admin in the event of a fire or other natural disasters. Artificial Intelligence is powerful enough to plan an evacuation of a room or facility, as a whole. It can be integrated with various tools and platforms, such as Azure, Gmail, etc which makes data reporting and making out of data convenient.

To Automate Entire Visitor Check-in & Check-out Process

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Necessary Features for Maintenance Software to Overcome Challenges posed by COVID-19

Necessary Features for Maintenance Software to Overcome Challenges posed by COVID-19

Necessary Features for Maintenance Software to Overcome Challenges posed by COVID-19

The changes that this COVID-19 blockade will set in motion in every sector are going to be so intense that at this point it’s impossible to even predict them. Especially the industrial sector will see industrialists persevering in the name of getting more productivity on their plate every day.

Exploring new options for facilities management is something every name in the game will do in order to get a headstart from the competitors. As the gears will start to turn again, we’ll see more facility managers adopting facility maintenance software even if it comes at the price of taking another hit at the balance sheet which already has suffered enough.

For ensuring that the resources are used as efficiently as they could be, facility maintenance software must have some key features:

1. Properly Detailed Work Orders:

Another feature that is critical to have in your facility maintenance software is the ability to include more information in work orders. In primitive management systems, work orders used to carry less information which led to communication gaps and hence diminished efficiency.

But now, CMMS software packages have the ability to include minute details like detailed instructions, step-to-step checklists, manuals and schematics, tools required, site patterns, and work order histories.

Due to this standardization of instruction, dealing with a specific problem will be the same throughout the facility and not differ like before. Also, newer members will get to learn more swiftly. This learning will be a requirement for technicians once all the facilities start to function again after lockdowns due to COVID-19 end.

Also with slowed and strained supply chains, inventory management becomes more crucial than ever. Through efficient CMMS software, you can manage your inventory and make the best out of it even during these hard times of impeded supply chains.

2. Preventing Problems Preventive Maintenance:

It’s not a new idea that preventing a problem always takes less than fixing it. A CMMS software will be considered incomplete without the feature of preventive maintenance programs.

It makes the life of the facility manager easier by slashing unpredictability of having to maintain the facility when it fails any time by its choice. It makes operations predictable and orderly.

Due to being less problem-prone than the traditional maintenance preventive maintenance offers improved productivity and longer asset life. Apart from this, it decreases downtime and lets you manage your inventory better.

With the pandemic staring in our faces, the cost-cutting will happen first from maintenance departments before other departments are even touched. So, with fewer resources a CMMS software with a reliable preventive maintenance program will save the day.

3. Accessible Threat Request Portals:

The traditional methods of threat reporting are either the way that facilities keep deteriorating until the problems are too big to handle or have a periodic demand of risk-check technicians that engrosses more time and money than it should.

Instead, your maintenance software should have a threat reporting request portal that is accessible to everyone in the facility. This makes the constant demand of technicians go away which saves money and increases uptime. But, extreme care must be taken in the implementation by giving CMMS software training to everyone in the facility.

These portals should also have some necessary data fields while issuing requests for threats so that the data is received correctly and proper work orders can be created to deal with it.

These features must be used in a way that you can identify which request is a priority and which is not. With COVID-19, not only machine and tool damage will be prioritized but health issues and safety tools will also become a priority.

The struggles after COVID-19 won’t be pieces of cake. But, with the right tools and software like a worthwhile CMMS software at your disposal, it will be slightly easier to survive through it.


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About the Author

Nitin is a voracious reader and a passionate writer. Having worked with numerous HR mobile app companies and MNCs across the world, he really has very to the point and enthralling insights about the industry and the people working in them. Nitin writes about technology and how it impacts various industries such as pharma, hospitality, travel, and many others as well.

Innomaint CMMS Acknowledged as Outstanding Online Maintenance Management Software by B2B Review Platform

Innomaint CMMS Acknowledged as Outstanding Online Maintenance Management Software by B2B Review Platform

Innomaint CMMS Acknowledged as Outstanding Online Maintenance Management Software by B2B Review Platform

Innomaint CMMS is welcoming 2020 with two awards from CompareCamp: the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. The two awards were given to acknowledge how efficient and popular Innomaint CMMS is among online maintenance management programs currently available in the market.

The B2B review platform that gave the awards is CompareCamp. CompareCamp is the trusted source of SaaS reviews authored by industry experts that provide solutions and recommendations to every modern business needs.

Innomaint CMMS was given the Great User Experience Award for having smoothly reconciled varying workflow needs through its robust features that speed up and simplify maintenance management. Its tools for asset management, safety compliance, maintenance management, and contract compliance greatly impressed experts. Its solution bank feature is a favorite among users.

Innomaint CMMS also received the Rising Star of 2019 Award from CompareCamp. This award is given to the most popular and highly recommended software among different industries. Innomaint CMMS is currently the no. 1 fan favorite and well-received online maintenance management software in CompareCamp.

The comprehensive review of Innomaint CMMS tools and features is available at CompareCamp.

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