7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

7 Crucial Reasons Why Healthcare Industries Must Adopt CAFM Software Solution

Can CAFM bring a new paradigm shift to the management and operation of healthcare industries? Is it viable in reducing the compliance burden? The relevance of CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is evident in maximizing health and safety practices. The adoption of this software is on a surge in pharmaceutical companies due to the persistent benefits it provides to the users.

How is CAFM Beneficial in Healthcare Sector?

Handling day-to-day activities and managing system operating responsibilities get simpler when you adhere to CAFM software resources. Since healthcare companies need to deal with an array of intricate tasks, this software simplifies everything to ensure a smoother progression. For complying with all the safety regulations and accentuating the advancement in the healthcare sector, an adaptation of the CAFM system is the best way out.

Right from asset tracking with the BLE/RFID/RTL to visitor management, a host of critical problems can get managed with efficient CAFM software. Tedious paper records are subject to human error, and there can be discrepancies unless you ensure a very high precision level. With adoption to the CAFM system, you can prevail better and advanced records related to policies, manuals, details, and procedures.

7 Key Reasons to Include CAFM in Healthcare Industries

  1. Minimal Physical Documentation– Using CAFM drastically cuts down the time and resources wasted in the physical setup of documents. Now you do not have to carry along the physical manuals to retain data, and the tasks can get accomplished at a single tap. Automation can also minimize the potential errors and mishaps that frequently occur during data prevention and restoration. Better data management is the biggest perk that aids in work order creation.
  2. Get Instant Updates– Pharma companies have many employees working for them, and there are high chances of mishaps due to unrecognized working conditions. With an integrated CAFM solution, team leaders can get immediate alerts on day-to-day operations. If any unforeseen situation arises, nearby colleagues can head up to assist. Whether the threat is on-site or off-site, the company can receive an instant alert, thus preventing the worker from severe damages or accidents.
  3. Inventory Management and Scheduling– Healthcare is one sector where loads of equipment, accessories, medicines, and surgical items regularly move in and out. Scheduling of inventory and managing the reports through an automated system ensures that the movement of physical goods is in sync with the checklists and timelines. Thorough scrutiny is thus possible in that case. Company officials can also intend their engineers regarding the accuracy of reports and a comprehensive audit to avoid the risk of non-compliance in any case.
  4. Fix Up PPM Schedules and Tasks– If the work ecosystem has minor loopholes wherein there is a probability of non-compliance of tasks, the CAFM solution could lock the tasks and ensure their completion. The system would show up live tasks, and the employees need to complete them or rectify errors before they sign off for the day. It ensures elongated safety measures that engineers might miss out on sometimes. Thus, there won’t be any scope for omissions or errors.
  5. Compliance-Centric Data Management– CAFM software is a one-stop solution if you maintain the updates and conduct inspections based on automated directions. With a central dashboard for every single activity or operation within the entity, a central operating system could be surprisingly beneficial for everyone. It straight away means that there won’t be any missing out on imperative obligations related to safety and health.
  6. Management of COSHH Product DataPharmaceutical companies have to deal with the inventory that consists of harmful substances if exposed, which can wrongly affect health drastically. Storage, purchase, and disposal of such inventory are trivial as only trained professionals can handle it. The CAFM solution can help in data management and required certification that can aid in handling specific materials to avoid any safety breach or accidents.
  7. Employee training and visitor management– Lastly, CAFM is an all-inclusive package that comprehends multiple accreditations and certifications under a single system accessible with a few clicks. Ranging from employee induction to traces of visitors at your company in the last few years is quite possible with this software. Assigning tasks and creating alerts to the employees can be quite possible with the software adaption entirely. After all, it’s the most crucial part of the company working.

Wrapping Up

CAFM untangles the intricacy of regulations and management of tasks, thereby ensuring a flawless work culture. Its proper use and compliance can surely raise the standards of the healthcare industry massively. Besides, avoiding accidents and preventing fines can also be substantially possible. Right and mindful use of this software can curtail the consequences of faulty management and enhance the day-to-day routines in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Automate To Simplify Facility Management Process

Embrace Digital transformation




Distinguished ranking

StartUs Insights, headquartered in Austria, is a reputed and well-known data science company with global footprints. They carry out exhaustive and deep research covering startups & scaleups to enable businesses to identify relevant solutions and technologies swiftly. Now it is easy for Health Care Facilities by just referring to the Top 5 Digital Solutions for Maintenance in Health Care Industry. InnoMaint is one of the hand-picked companies out of 280 service providers in the market.

Moments of crisis

By the time you read this blog post, you would have heard the devastating news of a powerful earthquake striking hard the North American island country Haiti for the second time within 11 years. The quake caused the hospitals to be overwhelmed by thousands of patients in a deplorable state battling for life.

Saves Human Lives

The health care facilities in the country were already struggling to deal with the surge in covid-19 cases. The normal functioning of assets in Health Care facilities is so crucial as the industry deals with human lives and not products, unlike other industries. Moreover, many assets are moved constantly within the facility and the equipments run round the clock.

Keep critical equipments running 24×7

Critical pieces of equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines, etc call for immediate attention. InnoMaint Health Care CMMS helps you to rise above all maintenance concerns. So proper planning, prioritizing, scheduling, and automation of maintenance tasks is the need of the hour to shield the critical assets from power outages to save precious human lives & prevent unplanned downtime.

Advantage of cloud

Our one-stop modernized maintenance simplifies, standardizes & speeds up service by pulling out the entire service history embedded as QR code or barcode with a simple mobile scan.

InnoMaint provides a premium Cloud-based Maintenance Management solution. Every transaction on maintenance is recorded on servers with very high uptime rates possible to ensure minimum disruption to operations through regular planned preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance increasing their lifespan wiping out any hidden failures beforehand.

In line with anti-covid norms

The CMMS also helps Hospitals by maintaining regulatory compliance and attaining NABH accreditation and ISO certification. This is made possible through an easier audit. World Health Organization (WHO) has formally recommended the usage of CMMS in Hospitals. All anti-covid-19 measures formulated by WHO can be followed & tracked easily using InnoMaint. It is a close fit for Health Care Industries. Useful features such as identification of the current location of assets accurately using RFID tags & reader, Bluetooth reader is underway.

Track asset movement

InnoMaint CMMS is a tight fit for Health Care Facilities & Hospital Biomedical Equipment Management. You can also easily track the movement of assets between various locations of your business upon need. Share resources without any deadlock or disturbance to maintenance cycles. You can view asset swapping history at any time. Your CMMS is your loyal follower as you can carry it wherever you go assigning tickets while on the move and view heat maps as a part of business intelligence.

Touchless scanning with AI enabled mask detection

Maintain the ideal environment in laboratories and scan every visitor to the in-patients who may enter in bulk through various entry points in a fully automated touch-free operation using a thermal sensing camera with higher accuracy levels to keep a check on mask violations as well. Crystal clear photos of potential covid-19 candidates and those who wear masks improperly or do not use one are instantly sent to key stakeholders banning their entry to contain the spread of infection to patients. InnoMaint CMMS also keeps Facility Managers informed of the occupancy status of any ward or room in the facility with intelligent PCM cameras to better enforce social distancing as a part of adherence with Government protocols.

Every service request is responded promptly

Our Multimedia ticketing system apart from simplifying communication helps in a clear and exact portrayal of an issue and maintenance personnel can also use it to their benefit by power cycling the device to its normal mode of functioning and attaching it as a video file for evidence of complete fixes. Manage your inventories smartly by handling all spare requests, dispatch of spares & automate the re-order process upon reaching a minimum so that the facilities never run short of required genuine spares or anti-covid19 kits.

Biomedical Maintenance & Calibration

The accuracy of BioMedical instruments is of immense importance. Maintain the accuracy in measurements of bio-medical types of equipment consistently using exclusive calibration workflow as the importance of accuracy in readings and lab results is well known to the medical fraternity. Prepare emergency maintenance schedules(Ad-Hoc) on the spot for surgeries fixed suddenly or for handling emergency cases arriving at casualty wards with auto-assignment of technicians with due priority level, reminders & escalations, etc.

Embrace Digital Revolution for Maintenance

The Health Care Management System has started realizing the need for a Cloud-based software that can also go deep and proactive into closely examining the highest utility costs such as consumption of electricity and correct any erratic consumption patterns. More and more hospitals have already started using it to streamline maintenance operations, reducing utility costs in a clinic & hospital setting. Keep pace with your competitors by empowering yourself with digital tools that would serve as a savior during critical situations.

Solution To Workplace Preparedness for Anti-Covid19 Measures and Effective Remote Work Collaboration

Solution To Workplace Preparedness for Anti-Covid19 Measures and Effective Remote Work Collaboration

Solution To Workplace Preparedness for Anti-Covid19 Measures and Effective Remote Work Collaboration

Remote Work Program

The present times are the best to give a serious thought on Covid-19 safety, sanitizing, cleaning, workplace preventive actions, and the rest of anti-COVID-19 measures unarguably impacting the safety of equipment and people.

The Coronavirus pandemic has apparently changed the lifestyle of the society topsy-turvy within a short span of time. It has, in fact, expanded the horizons of the remote work programs. It has, indeed, proved the flexible nature of workplace policies could stretch backed by good productivity. As a good change amid adverse situations of Covid-19 even organizations with a traditional workplace culture have turned to encourage their staff to work remotely in a bid to uphold the good health of employees and check the spread of the malicious virus.

New workplace norms

New Workplace Norms

The remote work program has taught us to tackle unexpected emergencies that may arise all of a sudden while balancing personal life with professional commitments. As well known, the lockdowns imposed by Federal & State Governments have failed to contain the spread of the virus. So we need to familiarize ourselves with effective digital collaboration tools that can closely substitute the usual face to face workplace communication between teams, prepare workplaces for functioning with limited staff strength & facilitate long periods of remote work during the COVID-19 era.

Why to invest on maintenance?

It is a wrong notion that maintenance activities can be deferred to a later stage. This belief is capable of positioning your company to chaos and unexpected failures to harm production cycles. Minimizing operational costs is absolutely necessary now so as to avoid difficult decisions regarding workforce, retain the right talent at each level by minimizing pay cuts, consider the human effort required to scale up the operations once the crisis abates,  providing significance to the workplace safety. The current situation of the pandemic has sown the seeds for employees operating in shifts to meet and maintain the standards of social distance enforced by Governments over a long time. Keep legal compliances, EHS issues out of your primary focus by warranty maintenance, and regular inspections. The use of intelligent sensors attached to assets can provide you the key to best practices on maintenance.

Challenges posed by Covid-19

Challenges posed by Covid-19

Regardless of the geographic locations and industry verticals, organizations will witness workplace disruptions. The organizations which effectively overcome those disruptions will be poised to maintain business operations throughout the period of the social health crisis and can better handle any future crises, too. As employees may work from either authorized devices as well as personal devices whose configuration and credibility are unknown securing the corporate networks and expediting the progress of work can prove to be challenging.

Engage and align employees

With the passage of months, a clear work plan can be established as employees get accustomed to the new work style and shall work in line with the plan. The role of leaders is especially important at this stage in helping out the employees by providing the resources required such as reference materials, directing the individual efforts to be in unison with the team efforts & towards the mission of the organization. Employees shouldn’t feel isolated and be included in relevant meetings to better understand what is expected from them and leaders can point to channels of help whenever required. It might be required to engage and align the employees with workplace culture if need be in the form of team building activities online sharing a lighter moment and better bonding between workforce.

Covid-19 and The New Normal

Industry 4.0

The new normal regarding enhanced social distance measures and Covid-19 precautions will continue to be around at least till the end of the current calendar year. Hence it is wise for organizations to plan for streamlining their maintenance operations than ever before. It is not an exaggeration to say such activities are critical to business continuity. To get a handle on maintenance you need to embrace the Industry 4.0 standards of the digital transformation of business.

Bring all maintenance activities under your scope

Digital transformation of your maintenance department with our InnoMaint cloud-based CMMS application makes it possible to achieve zero breakdown expenses through effective ppm and system audits.  Technicians can perform full cycles of maintenance without returning to the office for several days. Managers can allocate tasks to technicians anytime from anywhere via a mobile app. The management can ensure continuous production cycles to make for the losses during the period when Covid-19 spread was at its peak. You can bring all the measures you plan to undertake for battling Covid-19 spread under the scope of our smart CMMS application thereby saving up to 30% of operational costs.

Drive productivity with increased visibility of maintenance

CEO’s and Directors can manage multiple business locations via a single application as all the stakeholders are unified in one integrated digital process.

Managing auto-generation of bills based on tax configurations is easier. They are well-positioned to establish a benchmark for performance. With increased visibility on the workload of technicians dynamically facility managers can prioritize the tasks based on the severity and availability of technicians. The reporting becomes easier for service engineers. The procurement team can strike a balance in maintaining the right inventory levels on sanitizers & disinfectant materials for electronic devices, floors, and staircase railings so that the facility management team does not run into a shortage of materials and purchase in optimal quantities.

Powerful KPI Metrics for measuring performance

Powerful KPI Metrics for measuring performance

Managing your workforce scattered in remote locations with metrics such as on-time arrival, First-time fix rate, etc, improving stakeholder communication, standardizing workflow using a well-defined process which has a record of each single service activity available in a moment, improving engagement of the workforce, enforcing environment and health safety with pre-defined and verified checklists, automated multiple and multilevel reminders & escalations to keep the management in the loop of deviations from well-established Service Level Agreements – all these are possible using InnoMaint.

Simplify communication & make it effective

It is needless to mention that the collaboration between maintenance teams is of paramount importance in the present times. InnoMaint facilitates easier and effective communication by a multimedia ticketing system as we firmly believe actions speak louder than words. So InnoMaint provides no room for miscommunication and tracks all the maintenance operations from a centralized database hosted in AWS with very high uptime. The solution can be set up for business very quickly and service engineers, maintenance staff can adapt to it in a very short span of time.

Help your field technicians when they need it the most

For service companies, a variety of appropriate channels for communication & the availability of help for technicians working on the field is essential to keep up the good work in the current and post corona era. InnoMaint makes this possible by proving progressive Q & A, the solutions to commonly occurring problems on specific devices in the form of knowledge base easily available to technicians in the form of the mobile app. Transparency in fieldwork is achieved through provisions for a five-star rating of the service, customers knowing the tentative time of arrival of engineers by GEO Location tracking, and a two-way feedback system for middle management to get to know the true picture of any complaints.

Integration of CMMS with other applications

InnoMaint application can easily scale up and connect with a variety of third-party applications such as video conferencing applications, accounting software, etc. as a part of making for improved and regular communication between stakeholders of the fieldwork or facility management.

To sum up, you can combat the challenges posed by COVID_19 despite the duration it will continue to prevail in the nation and mitigate its impacts by making a wise decision on maintenance management.

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