Facility Strategic Planning 2021

Facility Strategic Planning 2021

Strategy for Facility Maintenance in 2021 with IoT Powered CAFM

We hope the facility managers have started planning for the year 2021 in regards to embarking on the latest Facility Management(FM) approaches that shall work in the last phase of the pandemic & post corona world as the previous calendar year exposed the lacuna in tradition approaches centered around maintaining heaps of paper, couple of excel sheets that failed to work as expected and could not tackle the challenges posed by the new normal triggered by the pandemic.

New Normal for Facilities

The first supply of Vaccines might have come to the rescue of the people in our community. But the impact and aftermath effects of the pandemic on economy and businesses shall continue to reverberate at least for the next few years. Here is where Facility managers need to rise to the occasion and establish the significance of their role in the facility.

Digitized Maintenance Operations

Do you wish to add true value to the facilities you manage by achieving operational consistency and thereby imparting stability and balance to them, more conveniently? The core of many of the FM issues that have surfaced is the complexity of the operations that have to be executed on a continual basis including lockdown phases. So simplifying maintenance operations in a smart fashion holds the key to open the complicated knots of maintenance in the novel coronavirus era !

Intelligent Covid-19 Monitoring Solution

Secure Your workplace, streamline business operations and enhance safety using intelligent Covid-19 Monitoring Solution integrated with CMMS software that can interact with assets, infrared sensors and perform automatic detection of mask, screen temperature of visitors using thermal imaging cameras such as HIKVision. These innovations are incomparable to manual processes which steal much of your precious time. All these at reduced costs and greater ability to cut down on high maintenance costs in the form of proactive maintenance.

Gain momentum to your facility operations with InnoMaint that leads the innovation during the covid-19 times by introducing brand new features to the market.

IoT Integration Solution

We offer energy monitoring solutions that lets you go deeper into identifying energy consumption patterns instantly and turn off high consumption units automatically.

Remote Service App

Not just this. We offer a smart walkie talkie mobile app for team collaboration which is faster, reliable and more secure than traditional mobile calls. Go truly mobile carrying your CMMS while on the go and catch up with your technicians for the latest updates along with offline working capabilities.

There are upcoming features, in the pipeline, that are sure to make you excited further.

Multi Awarded CMMS Software for 2021 to turn the tables on maintenance management !

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

Tips for Maintenance Management Strategy on Healthcare Facilities

In the simplest terms, maintenance management can be defined as the process through which an organization attempts to manage its assets and resources while controlling the overall cost and time. When it comes to maintenance management, the main goal of the organization is to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the organization.

From this definition, it must be quite clear that every organization needs to have effective maintenance management strategies in place to ensure the benefit of both the organization and the people who deal or come in contact with that organization. This is especially true in the case of healthcare facilities.

It’s easy to understand that maintenance management strategies are important for healthcare facilities. But it raises the question of what exactly those maintenance strategies are and how can one employ those strategies? In this article, we’ll be attempting to answer both of these questions by discussing a list of tips for a maintenance management strategy for healthcare facilities. That list is mentioned below.

Form a List of All the Assets that the Team is Responsible for Maintaining

If you don’t have a maintenance management strategy in place in your organization, then the first thing that you need to do is to come up with an exhaustive list of all the assets that your management team is responsible for. This list can include anything from the medical billing software system to the HVAC system, vehicles, buildings, medical equipment, and the property. All these can be managed using Medical Equipment Maintenance Management Software.

After you have made the list, the next step for you is to arrange the entire list in the form of a hierarchy. Make sure that you mention the assets that are highly important at the top and move in a descending manner. This list will help you in maintaining the entire health facility in the time of any crisis.

Engage in an Overall Assessment

Once you have your list and an emergency plan of attack in place, then the next step that you need to take is to assess the condition of all your assets. This means that you should have information regarding the condition of all equipment, the repair history, total hours of operation, current condition, downtime, and estimated life efficiency.

This step will help you in deciding which equipment or part of the healthcare facility requires your current focus and which parts you can afford to delay to a later date.

Adapt to the Changing Needs and Take Input from Your Team Members

In the perfect world, the maintenance management strategy plan that you come up with once should suffice or work for your healthcare facility for a long time to come. But that is not true in the real world. The demands and needs of the healthcare industry are always changing, and further, healthcare facilities also have to keep up with the latest technological developments.

This is why it is important for the management supervisor to keep all the employees or team members in the loop and get regular updates from them regarding any change that might be required in their specific departments.

Develop Proper Standards for Measuring Performance

Once you have figured out exactly what your maintenance strategy is going to be and how you are going to properly keep up with the times, then the next step is to evaluate whether everything is working efficiently or not. This can be done with the help of a thorough maintenance report.

This report should mention where the healthcare facility currently stands and the benchmark that you would want the facility to achieve. The report should also consist of a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that were used to make the decisions.

Do Not Compromise with Safety and Health of Patients

While it is important for the healthcare facility to maintain efficiency in its maintenance management, at the same time, it is also important that the healthcare facility should never compromise with the safety and health of the patients. It is always paramount to put the health and safety of all patients first.

Uplift the Entire Team

No organization can become successful without the support and hard work of its employees. And this is also true for a healthcare facility. And this is why the final tip that any organization should follow when it wants to maintain high efficiency is that it should continue to inspire and motivate all its employees to work harder and smarter than ever before.


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