Automated Maintenance Management Software for Textile Manufacturing Industry from Spinning to Garment

Our CMMS software for textile industries can help you save as much as 12% to 20% on the costs owing to sudden breakdowns.

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Industry 4.0 Automation

Be in tune with forward thinking textile manufacturing companies that use automation for maintenance of textile machinery for spinning, weaving, knitting & processing garment.

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52 Week PPM Calendar

Conveniently manage and oversee all maintenance schedules in the form of a 52-week PPM calendar in our textile maintenance system.

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Internal Audit Report

Enhance the traceability, planning with the power of textile industry preventive maintenance software by pulling out data instantly from cloud servers for easier internal audit.

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Asset Movement

Move machineries between different textile mills, other buildings & departments smoothly with our textile asset maintenance software.

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According to Forbes report, the textile industry is currently valued at $3 trillion and also the second biggest polluting industry. So, it is in dire need of a maintenance software for textile industry to handle regulatory & compliance issues.

Textile Industries must follow international standards to get rid of the deep-rooted problems for addressing deep fall in exports to other nations.



Eliminate hidden failures

Machineries that process cotton, silk & man-made fiber etc. can be freed from nearing failures by automated routine planned preventive maintenance for uninterrupted production cycles.


Quality assurance

Your schedules on corrective actions are automatically triggered upon defects with due reminders and escalations failing which the production cycles go on carrying defects.


Extract the best

Routine PPM schedules makes sure that you are able to extract the best value from machines that work 24x7 with 97 % utilization for consistency in quality of products.


Textile Automation maintenance software

Get real time visibility of operation and you can measure MTTR, MTBF, for calculating the probability of availability of machines, spare parts, labor, maintenance and energy costs.


Calibration of equipment

The calibration workflow for measuring equipment's can be used to provide reliable measurements when done periodically.


Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring of key parameters can be done via condition monitoring workflow to get alerts on deviation from expected values.


Easy work instructions

The work instructions can be laid in detail in the form of predefined checklists & multimedia in an easy way to understand & follow.


Environment & health safety

Recycle water, heat and chemicals in a closed-loop system with work reminders via mobile app for environment health & safety.


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Instant report generation

Reports are comprehensive covering all the aspects of textile unit maintenance and can be generated instantly based on several search filters.

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Data consolidation

You can import the information on assets, spares & location in bulk into the system and also compare the performance with other branches of the factory for continuous improvement.

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Quick inspection

SLA can be defined for each stage of the maintenance cycle, QR codes can be used to quickly scan the assets for knowing service history and automation of inspection for woven goods can be initiated for swift operations.

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Routine preventive maintenance

Perform utility operations such as manual inspection, cleaning by operators of each shift on the textile machine so that malfunctions can be noticed at the first place in a schedule that repeats on a calendar basis.

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Reusable knowledge

You can instantly help technical person by providing the historical data of the problem faced, route cause & the solution given by seniors for improvement in machine down time & availability of asset.

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Instant visibility on workload

The managers can gain real time dynamic visibility into the current workload of technicians and machine owners for even distribution of work without overloading & under utilization.

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System integration

The easier integration with your existing systems like ERP, CRM, Accounting Software can facilitate effective interactions between various maintenance departments gathering useful information on smooth work handover and quick allocation of funds.

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Progressive self diagnosis

You can empower machine owners to spot quality issues themselves to reduce the wastage of garment following step-by-step instructions for solutions.

Additional Features

People Count Management

Visitor analytics for real time actionable data guiding potential buyers.


Team Collaboration Tool

Empower teams to work together with the power of Walkie Talkie in a mobile


Covid-19 Screening

Automate covid-19 screening in bulk with AI based face mask detection.


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The Power of Cloud

The cloud is a whiff of fresh air to those sick using outdated, tedious and expensive maintenance software. You aren’t bound with compulsions to buy, install or self-manage any hardware. Just launch the browser, log in, and start using your textile manufacturing CMMS. It is as simple as that. We provide free upgrades at periodic intervals without you needing to do anything from your end. So move to cloud, if you’re still sticking to those obsolete paper or excel sheet based approaches.

Use Case

Textile manufacturers are able to reduce avoidable redundancies in business process and re-design. They were able to evenly distribute workload among their staff preventing fatigue and derived the best from their machineries with quicker service, optimal working conditions. The service history of machineries were embedded in the form of QR codes, RFID tags & barcodes and hence premature disposal of asset was prevented.

They were able to define dangerous values for parameters governing oil, steam, pressure outlet etc and get real time alerts on the breach of values using cmms software in textile industry safeguarding both human lives, garment and machinery which posed risks earlier. The size and quality of the cut by knives which played a key role in shape of the garment were accurate when subjected to calibration workflow at periodic intervals. Staff started realizing that achieving zero breakdown in production is within reach and possible.

Periodic review of workflow via maintenance automation helped in labour cost reduction. Staff at all levels were able to easily access predefined and approved checklists wiping out chances of any missed out tasks. The knowledge gap in Total Productive Maintenance(TPM) was eliminated with access to knowledge bases contributed by experienced seniors so that in-house employees were willing to take initiatives.


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