Established and incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, PMV Maltings Pvt Ltd. is one of the largest Malting companies in India. The company has a long experience in the field. It is a closely held family owned company by Jains, a business family from the past seven generations. PMV Maltings is an ISO certified organization.

Manufacturing Facilities

Pataudi Plant

The unit is designed and constructed as per state of the art practices and technologies. It is semi-automatic plant fully made of stainless steel. The plant has a capacity to produce 30,000 tons of Barley Malt per annum. As a part of fully automating the operations PMV Maltings subscribed to InnoMaint

PMV Maltings Pvt. Ltd.
Industry Food Industry
Location India
Founded 2004

Kashipur Plant

The second unit is a state of the art, fully- automatic, stainless steel Malting plant located in Uttarakhand. The site has capacity to produce 150,000 tons of Barley Malt per annum.

The company also supplies Roasted Barley / Wheat Malt which can be used by brewers and food companies to impart colour & flavour to their products. The entire malting process – steeping, germination and kiln can be operated in the same boxes, controlled by computer automatically.

The company has a full-fledged laboratory to carry out various testing and product developments by its technically qualified experts in the field of food processing.

Problem Statement

Production cycles were affected during night shifts as monitoring the progress during odd hours was practically very difficult. Generation of reports robbed much of the precious time of Management and those reports were not fully reliable as well. The Management were desperately seeking a ticketing system to standardize and regularize routine maintenance activities. Procuring spares well in advance was not done and Inventory management staff needed to be aware of the closing stock on each transaction and an intimation mechanism on reaching a minimal count so that they can strike a balance between instant availability of spares and unnecessary storage in excess.

Solutions Provided by InnoMaint

With automation of maintenance operations the plant became fully automatic which is the current trend in maintenance management. InnoMaint fully automated their Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules and addressed the corrective maintenance, as well, in an effective and amicable way.

The management leveraged the Solution Bank feature of InnoMaint available to the service technicians via easy to use & user friendly mobile app which are usually created by senior technicians and approved by Facility Manager. Fixes to common and frequently occurring issues was delivered when the technicians required it providing instant help, on the field.

While keying in the defect statement for posting service requests the CMMS software listed out similar types of defects raised for the asset in the form of autocomplete entries.

All stakeholders were promptly notified for deviations in Service Level Agreements with multiple and multi level remainders and escalation so that the management were able to speed up maintenance work at each and every stage.

They used calibration workflow provided by InnoMaint to calibrate all the measuring instruments in their lab for ensuring the accuracy in measurements.


  The downtime of assets was reduced greatly by 30% even during night shifts.
   InnoMaint brought about an improvement in production of barley by 20 percent by effective maintenance handling and periodic system audit
  The technicians duly attended to auto assigned tasks during all shifts & provided a complete & best fix predominantly in the first attempt.
   The plant derived utmost benefit from their assets by improving Mean Time Between Failures(MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair(MTTR).
   InnoMaint helped in achieving optimum level of spares in the inventories with intimation on reaching minimum re-order levels.
✔   Genuine spares were dispatched quickly so that normal working condition was restored at the earliest.
✔   As key stakeholders were brought in the loop of challenging maintenance issues the number of tickets in backlog were greatly reduced
✔   InnoMaint helped them in generating around 30 + customizable reports in few clicks for quick review meetings.

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